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Retro Diary #69 – Tony Hawk’s Racist Wasteland

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

On Monday, me, my sister and littlest brother went to M&Ds, which is a theme park in Scotland. (and the only one…)

There, they had plenty of arcade machines, from Pacman to Flappy Bird.

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“N64 isn’t dead yet! THPS 3 is coming out”

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

I stumbled across something midly interesting.

This is an old thread on IGN forums from 2002 discussing the announcement of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on the Nintendo 64, which would then turn out to be the final game on that console!

I feel like an architect discovering ancient ruins or like I stepped into a time machine!

This is amazing! It’s interesting to see how people thought about it when they came out.

The majority of people were saying that it was just a rumour, and that it would never happen, other have said it never came out.

Well, it did come out, but only in the US, and had a limited release. According to Guiness Book of Records Gamer’s Edition in 2008, it only had a release of 300-400 copies, another source says 500, and VG-Charts says it only had 80,000. So I don’t know what the exact figure is, but it isn’t much, that’s for sure.

I’ve also learned from this that a Powerpuff Girls game was the 2nd last to be released for the console, and this is a very good source, since it’s primary and from the time.

The situation with the console at this time, according to this forum, was that stores stopped selling N64 games, and one person on the forums had trouble finding the send game when that came out, and for the most part, N64 games were only available online!

I learned a heck of a lot from this, and I haven’t even finished reading it!

Source: N64 isn’t dead yet! THPS 3 is coming out


Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Okay, I had found out that some guys were making end labels for N64 cartridges, for cartridges of all regions, which sounded awesome, so I decided to have a look, and when I got on the page, well, just take a look yourself…


…They’re charging ~£11 to send a bunch of stickers?! No thanks!

…and no, you can’t change the postage type, either. I’ve imported consoles from the US that costed this much, but those are justified because they are big things you’re sending overseas, in big boxes! You could probably fit these end labels in an envelope!

Whatever, I’m voting with my wallet, and not getting these, thanks guys(!)

Smash Bros 64 (N64) Jontron, Mike Matei and James Rolfe!

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

This is funny! I would’ve never expected Jontron to have met AVGN or Motherfucker Mike. I obviously didn’t make nor do I own this, I just shared this here so I can share it on Facebook, etc. (Yeah, I know, I’m lazy!)


New feature – 5 Word Impressions

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

First thing’s first: Yes, I’m still alive! I just haven’t had anything to post in a long time…

Okay, anyway, I’ve been to a retro gaming cafe known as “Megabytes”, which is a great place, everyone should visit if they’re ever in Glasgow.

So I decided to do this thing where you get to try out and play consoles for £1 an hour, so I decided to try out a bunch of N64 racers I’ve been dying to try out, from Cruisin’ USA to F-zero X!

So I’ve decided to try out this new feature I wanted to do called “5 word impressions”, where, as the title says, I give my impression of a game in exactly 5 words! In the end, I’ll give a rating of my experience out of 10, which won’t count towards the word count.
I might end up changing the name later, though, since I don’t like the title as it is, so it’s a placeholder.
The idea was inspired by a radio station I used to listen to (that sadly isn’t around anymore) called “Rock Radio”, where they gave the weather forecast in 5 words, called “5 Word Weather”. (See what I mean? That’s a better title!)

Anyway, without further delay, let’s start on the games I tried out! Bear in mind, though, I only got to try these for 5-10 minutes each, so I didn’t get time to try them out in full.


Cruisin’ USA!



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Retro Diary – 10/02/2014 – All about the PS2!

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Monday 3rd February 2014
I was at college, during break in the morning, my lecturer noticed my ZX Spectrum bag, and we started talking about the ZX Spectrum, he showed my his ZX Spectrum Emulator on his Iphone, and even showed me some games he bought for that emulator, and he showed me a game on it, I believe it was called “Attic Attack” or something. He then showed me a HTML5 browser emulator, and I thought that was awesome! Since then, during breaks, when I had done all I can with my games, I opened the emulator, and played some Spectrum games, I’ve been playing Manic Miner and Batter!
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Cobra!’s Retro Diary – 22/9/2013

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, but then again, it’s also been a long time since I was able to bring a console to my grans house and play some golden oldies with my cousins!

I have been on a shopping spree with CEX and GeForce, it’s kind of like Steams summer sale, only with physical games…. and it’s cheaper! Most games sold there are really old, so don’t give me that rubbish about cheating publishers out of their money!

The most notable game I got was Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX on the PC, it was only £2, I though it wasn’t a bad price, even considering it’s an Acclaim game.

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Retro Diary – 31/12/12 – Last Retro Diary of the Year

Monday, December 31st, 2012

I’ve been thinking of redoing the blog for a while, I kind of missed it, to be honest.

I will do them again, however, I won’t be as active as before, 2013 is going to be a busy year for me, for starters, College is starting to take up a lot of my free time, having to do all sorts of assessments and test at home, (At least I can’t say I have too much free time, I won’t be looked down on as much, but not sure if that’s a good or bad things, though.), and I’m working on my new game: Rossies 3D, which will be made using the Unity engine, so it will be easier (but it’s just as genuine) to make games, so I hope I won’t give up on this one…

Anyway, next year, you might be lucky to get more than 1 post in a month, but hey, being not very active is better than being inactive, right?

So without further delay, let’s begin:

To sum up what happened between my last post and now, PC games, lots and lots of PC games! Most notably the Tony hawk games, which all have insane modding communities, making the PC a great platform for the Tony Hawk games.

I’ll tell youse what I got for Christmas:

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland [PC]
The Orange Box [PC]
Train Simulator 2013 [PC]
Skateboard Tycoon 2003 [PC]
Snowboards Tycoon [PC]
Sonic 4: Episode 1 & 2 [PCDL]
Sonic Adventure 2 + Battle [PCDL]
StarFox Adventures [GC]
The Legend of Zelda: Ocerina of Time [N64]
Incredible Crisis [PS1]

A new PS2
and a bunch of Blu-Rays

May seem like a lot, but most of them didn’t cost that much, so that kind of balances it out.

Train Simulator 2013 was easily the best game I got, it’s brilliant, although it didn’t come with any Scottish trains or routes, I had to pay about £50 worth of DLC to get them, and this them on a sale with 50% off, so usually, it would cost me about £100! The game is still fun though, speeding trains, derailing them, making them crash into things, it’s good fun!

Sonic 4 is pretty good, but I can’t help but think it’s just a shoddy attempt to recreate the original games using 3D graphics, Generations is far better! in my opinion at least.

Sonic Adventure 2… It doesn’t work, if Sega are going to be putting out 10+ year old games, they could at least make them work, they are lucky I didn’t buy myself and that a Steam sale was on…

I only got Orange Box for the unlikely event that Valve goes bankrupt and you can’t download their games anymore…

I’ve yet to try out the console games, but I look forward to once I get around to it.

As for the PS2, the one I had broke, it stopped reading discs, so I had to get a new one.

Did you know that the PS2 went through another redesign? Yeah, it did! They even made a new box for it, take a look:

I love how it’s the same blue theme as the PS Vita and new PS3 and PSP boxes! It’s clear Sony haven’t forgotten about their good old PS2!

The PS2 itself went through a redesign as well, now the left of it is entirely piano black, and caught dust and fingerprints after 5 minutes! The only problems I had were that the power and eject buttons are now very small and hard to reach, and that it only came with an EU plug, it didn’t even come with a converter! Luckily, I had one myself:

Looks alright, doesn’t it? It works great, so all is good!

That same day, we were going to our grans for a Christmas dinner, so I brought the new PS2 along, seems only fitting, right?

We played a bit of Timesplitters, and that was about it… We spend most of the time chatting and watching Doctor Who, hopefully, we can have a proper week next year…

Well, that’s all I have to say, see youse…. in my 2012 year review!

Retro Diary – 23/9/12 – "HA! Beat THAT!"

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Monday 17th September 2012

I’ve completed Sleeping Dogs today! It was an epic game! I really hope they make a sequel!

I got a 6-pack of AA Batteries because my TV remote needed new batteries as it wasn’t working, or so I thought, they don’t work, so that means the remote is broken, so I can’t play any console games until either the TV gets fixed, or I get a new one. The batteries I got came with a free download of the London 2012 game for the PC, well, a demo of the game, but you can only get it through getting the batteries, so I did that, gave it a shot, and I have to say, I wasn’t entirely impressed, the game seemed average.

Wednesday 19th September 2012

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is now on PC!!!
Sure, it’s only a download game, sure, it’s a remix of an old game, and sure, the reviews aren’t brilliant, but it’s the first time in years a new Tony Hawk game has come on a platform that I have!
It’s been years since I’ve had that feeling of getting that new Tony Hawk game near Christmas time! Just to get that feeling again, I might just get it!

Friday 21st September 2012

Before I write anything, Happy 5th Birthday Gamerstorm!

I’ve been trying out this thing called “Game Gain”, which is supposed to improve performance for your games, I’ve tried this before, on Stranglehold, but didn’t see any difference, but that was a bad game to test it on, as it ran on 60+fps normally. Since I have a lot more games that can’t run 60fps on high settings, I thought I’d try it out again, and I actually noticed a slight increase in performance, nothing major, but it’s impressive how they improved performance at all with the same specs as before.

My Copy of Space Station Silicon Valley for N64 has arrived, too bad I don’t have a working TV to use to play it, I ordered the game before I found that my TV is broken…

I’ve tried out the F1 2012 demo, because I found that along with FIFA and PES 2013, people were buying F1 2012, so I thought if there’s a demo, I’d try it out, I really enjoy Codemasters’ racing games, not just because you can select Scotland as your country, they’re genuinely fun games, and also I like F1, not the sport itself, as it more for the money, at least these days, but I have a lot of F1 games so I thought combing the two, it should be good.
Initially, at the country selection for your profile, it was at “United Kingdom”, I thought, “That sucks!”, but then I found you can still select the countries in the UK, so that’s good, but why anyone from the British Isles would choose the UK, which isn’t a country, over their actual country, is beyond me.
I’ve only tried the tutorial stages of the game so far, and first impressions are good, like all Codemasters games I’ve played on PC, it’s very well optimised, it can run 1080p on high settings on my PC easily, and the game itself is quite fun from what I’ve played.

As if by a miracle, my TV started working again! So I had a shot of Space Station Silicon Valley, and it’s great fun, but after seeing the first cutscenes, I had to make this!:

Saturday 22nd September 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer for PC has arrived today!

I’ve just opened up the box, and the manual and disc look really cool!:

The manual is also in full colour! Which I haven’t seen in years! It feels so good to not be reading in black and white:

I’ve played the game itself, and it’s the same fun game as last year only… the same, it controls and plays the exact same! Oh well, Hopefully next year’s game will be different/better with their new Fox Engine

Sunday 23rd September 2012

It’s PS2 week this week.

I played a couple of levels of Transformers until Giancarlo and/or Steven came in.

Then I played a couple of games with Giancarlo.

Then we played Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam.

Then we played a few fights of Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Then we and Steven played a few games on Timesplitters 2, then me and Steven played two levels (Wild West & Atom Smasher) in Co-Op Mode.

Then we played 4, (yes, 4!) games of Horse in Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, The first two Steven had won, then we decided to change the handicaps around (usually I’m set to lowest and he’s set to highest) and I won that time, so in the final match, we set both of our handicaps to +5, and it was good fun, we were both equally matched, I say that, I mean he still annihilated me… Although the horse name then was “YASSS”, making me a YASSS, YASSS!
It’s 17-8 to me, he’s catching up, I see this as good, I love a balanced battle.

After that, we had to go.

Next week is Xbox week.

Article By: Cobra!
Help Provided by: Steven (CobrbDB)

Retry Diary – 2/9/12 – "CobrbDB! My arch nemises!"

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Monday 27th August 2012

YES!!!! For years, I wanted this handheld system called the “Wonderswan”, or more specifically, the “Swan Crystal”, because that’s the last in the line of Wonderswans, so I can play all wonderswan games, that and it has the clearest and best screen.

I ordered (Kaze no) Klonoa: Moonlight Museum for the Wonderswan a few days ago, I forgot exactly when, because I am a huge fan of Klonoa, and this game was rarely comes by, but I found an item on eBay, and got it, despite not having a Wonderswan, that is until now.
I saw a Swan Crystal in eBay yesterday, in that “Crystal Blue” colour I wanted, it was £50, so I made an offer yesterday of £40, and they accepted!

Like I said, I wanted a Swan Crystal for years, but never found one until now, I guess it’s true when they say good things come to those who wait…

Wednesday 29th August 2012

Nothing of note really happened on Tuesday, so I’m skipping to Wednesday.

My and my brother played a few games (or “Duels” as the game calls it) of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, 4 games to be exact, and I lost all 4, 2 of the games my brother went on medium while I went on easy, he still beat me…

I tried out both the Driver and Dri3r demos on PC, Driver 1 ran great, even on high settings, although coming from a 13 year old game (Jeez! Is it that old!?), I didn’t expect any less!

Before I get to the Driv3r PC demo, I have and played the PS2 version, and also played the Xbox version, the PS2 version had a choppy framerate it ran awful! The Xbox version ran more-a-less the same from recollection, maybe a bit better.

I was worried that perhaps this was one of those games that ran at this same framerate regardless of the hardware you’re using or what your settings are, like Reservoir Dogs or 007 Quantum of Solace.

Luckily, it wasn’t, and it ran beautifully on PC, bye bye Choppiness!

Friday 31st August 2012

I think I have become addicted to GTA IV, because I’ve noticed that that’s all I’ve been playing, and according to Raptr, when I play it, every time it’s for at least 2 hours straight! Who cares, though, it’s a great game!

I am officially done with Nightfire for the PC, not because I’ve completed it, but because for some reason, at this one level (Elevator Action), it’s become so buggy and laggy, that’s it’s unplayable, seriously! I don’t even know how they managed that, since it’s all the same engine, it should stay the same for the whole game, but apparently not.

Before this level, it was functional, maybe boring at some parts, and the levels drag on, but it was fine.
However, once I reached this level, it was full of bugs!

For starters, it didn’t auto-save once the level started, like the other levels, which was strange, but that’s only the icing on the cake. Sometimes I couldn’t move, the mouse lags, the aiming sometimes lags, and what I mean by that is that it constantly switched from zoomed in to normal, the camera does a similar thing, for one frame or so aims the opposite direction, some enemies at some times are you can’t kill, even if they’re in a wide open space, not behind anything, and you’re pumping mountains of bullets into them.
Worst of all, and I know this for a fact that’s it’s unbeatable, there was a part I was stuck at for ages, I consulted the trusty Strategy Guide, and it said I was to use the grappling hook, but guess what… you have no grappling hook! I read back to see if I missed a part where I was to get it, but nope, it didn’t mention it until that point…

That’s f*cked up! Did EA even play test this level!? Probably not, because hiring play testers would’ve involved EA spending money…

There are even several patches to the game, but none of them bothered to fix this problem!

Like I said, the rest of the game is fine, so why suddenly now does it glitch out on me.

Saturday 1st September 2012

My Klonoa: Moonlight Museum game arrived today!

Since it was from America, it came in one of those US parcels, I thought it looked cool, since we obviously don’t get them here in Scotland. So I took a photo, here it is:

One thing I have to say about the game, or rather the box itself is…. it’s tiny! I expected the box to be a taller version of the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour boxes! Here’s a size comparison:

See what I mean?

Unfortunately, I still haven’t got my Wonderswan (otherwise I would’ve mentioned.), so I can’t try it out…

Sunday 2nd September 2012

I decided to bring the N64 over the Dreamcast (I was struggling to choose between the two) to gran’s this week.

I was going to show my cousins my Wonderswan, but it hadn’t arrived, but as mentioned earlier, a game I ordered alongside it did, so I just brought that and showed them that.

I mentioned also about the US parcel, and me and Gaincarlo had a little interesting conversation about, you could say, Exotic parcels? Well, he mentioned he ordered a Zelda: Minish cap off of eBay, and the seller was from Hong Kong, so his parcel was has a lot of Cantonese writing. I kind of hope my Wonderswan will come in a parcel that’s got Japanese writing on it, being that it’s from Japan, it probably will.

I played a mission on Mission Impossible.

Then me and Steven played WWF Attitude, had a few games, funny to play as always.

Then we played Goldenwhy! (Goldeneye), we had 2 games of that, I won 1, and he won the other.

Then Giancarlo joined in to play Perfect Dark with us, we had a few games of this, I was played a guard with Shigeru Miyamoto’s head! Steven took the alias as “CobrbDB” referencing a typo I once made in a game, although I forgot which, maybe Steven could tell me… Throughout the time we were playing, he got the most kills, so I declared CobrbDB as my nemesis!

Then me and Steven played Riiiiiidge Racer 64, then after a few races, Giancarlo joined in.

Then me and Steven played Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding for the N64, we had a game of horse! Instead of horse, though, it was “EQUSFEZAA”! I won the match, but he did manage to get a letter or two out of me, and he said that was enough for him! Fair enough, it also made the game look less one sided. Even at that, it’s 14-5 to me now, the whole thing looks one-sided, and I’ll be honest, I don’t like that, I hope Steven steps up his game and gets himself a few wins, maybe we’ll play the games he’s good at…

Then finally, we played the Pokémon Stadium mini games, it was first to 5 wins, and he won…

That’s it for this week, next week we’re back on schedule, it’s PS2 week!

Article By: Cobra!
Help Provided by: Steven (CobrbDB)
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