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Retro Pick-Ups: Call of Duty 4… on MAC DVD?

Sun, Oct 20th, 2019

So the other day, I went into CEX while I was out in the town, and stumbled across this oddity. A Mac DVD version of Call of Duty 4.


I figured that I have an old MacBook Pro, I might as well see if it works on it!

You don’t see many physical games made exclusively for Mac, do you? It’s so odd to see that I knew I had to own it in my collection!

Here’s the game case side by side with the PC version:

So it looks mostly the same minus the GOTY stuff from my PC copy. The biggest difference is the big Mac DVD banner on top of the Mac version.

The Mac version has an actual manual, and it’s short and to the point, I like it.

So I fired up my MacBook and put the disc in.

I was a little concerned that it might not work. I’ve had bad experiences with getting old Linux games to work on Ubuntu in the past, so I figured Mac, also being Unix based, might have similar problems.

So the game has no installer, it’s a typical dmg file where you have a folder to drag to your hard drive, and that’s all you need to do to play it. Pretty simple, and very future proof!

Screenshot at Oct 13 19-14-03

It’s still pretty big, though!

Screenshot at Oct 13 19-17-47

So the game’s executable wasn’t crossed off, that’s a good sign. Clicking it revealed on-disc DRM. Fine by me.
Edit: It turns out it uses Safedisc. Some people might want to know that.

Screenshot at Oct 13 19-38-43

Then the game asked for the code in the case, which got accepted.

Screenshot at Oct 13 19-40-55

Censoring the code, just in case

and… it worked! (Excuse the gorilla style photo taking, but trying to screenshot these resulted in my MacBook locking up!)

The game ran great, a solid 60fps with no drops! Looks great, too!

So it’s the perfect game for when I’m out, right? Not quite.

The game *really* eats your battery, playing the game for 5 minutes drained 20% of my battery! I can try to lower the graphics settings and see if it improves anything, but I can’t imagine it making a huge difference.

Still, glad it works at all, and am glad to have this game in my collection!

I can’t imagine this selling many copies. PC games struggled to sell as it was, and that was with the most popular OS! I can imagine Mac games being really obscure, and perhaps the low price I paid for this was down to lack of demand. Like the Nuon and most of it’s games, they’re past the point of obscurity where it’s so rare, even knowledge of them is, making demand and prices low!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this quick post sharing this uncommin experience with with all of you. I’ll be on the lookout for more Mac games, and hope the experience goes just as smoothly!

Until next week, A’m oot!

Retro Arrivals: Undertale!!!

Fri, Feb 2nd, 2018

Finally, after 2 months of waiting, my physical copy of Undertale has arrived!


That is all!

Retro Pick-Ups: The Sims… Life Stories?

Fri, Jan 26th, 2018

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday, and we decided to browse CEX, and I found this particular game that sparked my interest:


The Sims… Life Stories? What the heck is that? Well, from what I gathered from the back, it’s basically the Sims 2 with a Story mode… that actually sounds pretty awesome! So I bought it! …so yeah…

Retro Pick-Ups – Christmas 2017 edition

Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

Today, for Christmas, I got 3 games, and a Polaroid camera to take photos with!

2 games I expected, because I asked for them, but the 3rd, Sonic Forces, was a pleasant surprise!

I absolutely loved Sonic Generations, so seeing as this is a sequel, this troo should be a treat!

The middle game, AER, is surprisingly DRM-free, no Steam or anything required! Yas!

Dishonored 2, I only got because it was on sale at GAME. I don’t expect much from this, the disc itself supposedly only contains 5GB of data, and you need to download like 30GB to play it! Gaming is so screwed up these days…

My brother got Destiny 2 a download code for a Pac-Man game on PS4, and my other brother got WWE 2k18, also on the PS4. So not the worst Christmas ever! =)

I also got the special edition Titanfall 2 strategy guide… yay.


UPDATE: I got back from a visit to my gran’s to meet with my cousins to do our yearly Secret Santa, and my cousin got me as a Secret Santa and got me some games!


My first impressions on Superman 64…

Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

So I was at the Scotland Comic-con today, and found a copy of Superman 64 for sale.

So I thought, what the heck? I’ve enjoyed some “shitty” games in the past, so maybe this will be the same. It’s a late 90s polygonal game, it’s right up my alley! I don’t mind going through rings so long as the rest is okay.

So I went home, set up my Nintendo 64 and stuck the game in.


I expected the game to either be not as bad as people say, or so bad, it’s awesome! Every bad game I’ve played has fallen into one these categories.

This game, however, is neither… it is dreadful! One of the very few games I actually hate! Everything they say about the game… it’s true… very true…

The controls are fucking atrocious, it is too sensitive, you cannot change them, and there’s a lot of lag in them!

And every time you conplete the rings and fail the challenge, guess what? You have to go through the fucking rings all over again!

I’ve enjoyed some “awful” games in the past: Virtual Hydlyde, Diakatana, WWE All Stars on the PS2, WCW Backstage Assault, Robot Arena 1, Rise of the Robots, Bubsy 3D… BUBSY! FUCKING! THREE DEE! I ENJOYED BUBSY FUCKING 3D!

but this…. THIS! This is truly garbage! This deserves every crticism it recieves!

Although… it isn’t entirely Titus’ fault that this happened, WB were kind of dicks to them, being unecessarily strict with what Superman can and can’t do, and Titus even went as far as to reference Superman comics to prove them wrong on some occasions, such as the idea that Superman won’t fight or kill people in the real Metropolis, “requiring” a virtual one be made, or something. I would link to the video I heard this from, but my site blocker has blocked my sites for the night… damn offline commitment!

Titus aren’t entirely in the clear, after all, they have lied about their own game prior to release on a few occasions, but I guess this teaches us one important lesson… WB were horrible back then… and they’re horrible now! (See: Batman Arkham Origins, Batman Arkham Knight, Mad Max, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and more…) Why do people, myself included, keep buying their products?

If they hadn’t had such massive IPs such as Looney Tunes, Anamaniacs and all the DC heroes they acquired when buying DC comics, they would have gone bankrupt long ago… long ago!

I never thought that I would ever say this… but please… don’t buy this game… save your money! Do something more useful with your money… like burn it… or flush it down the toilet… or buy shit on Amazon, I don’t know…

Will this stop me from attempting to play through the game? Probably not. I am kind of machochist when it comes to things like this, I guess, and also my conscience deminds I finish what I start, and I have started something I shouldn’t have… playing this game, that is… in case it wasn’t obvious…

Retro Pickups: My haul from Italy

Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

We had a holiday in Italy for a week, and there was a shopping centre within driving distance which has a GameStop. We went to this mall for a day and we’re given spending money.

So I got some games that you can’t get physically in Scotland (Much to my dissatisfaction), including Titanfall 2 and Superhot! 

I also got Mighty No 9, which I heard a lot of negative things about, but it was only 5 Euros, so I thought why not…

I got Pokken today!

Fri, Mar 18th, 2016


Yay! I’m probably going to spend all day playing this! I’m loving what I’ve played so far!

Modern Pick-Ups: I got a new Console!

Sun, Apr 5th, 2015

I got a new console today:

Yes! ...This thing!

Yes! …This thing!

If youse haven’t heard of it, the Playstation TV is a console-ised version of the Playstation Vita, I’ve been looking to get one for a while because of it, while at home, I would love to play my Vita games on my TV, but I always thought the £80-90+ was a little much for something like that, but then I heard they reduced it to £45, which I thought was a good price, so I decided to order one on Amazon… right before going into Tesco and find one for the same price… So I got that, and cancelled my Amazon order! That, I tried to do while at the shop, but the mobile Amazon site had no option for it, so I had to download the app, which took ages (and only finished when I got home!), and I was keeping my mum and so waiting, so I decided to impulse buy it, and so I did, and here we are!

So inside the box is... another box!

So inside the box is… another box!


Admittedly, the photos your seeing here aren’t the first time I opened it, I opened it in the car on the way home to be sure if it had a Vita card slot, which was why I bought the thing! I didn’t notice it at first, and got pissed off, thinking I splashed my money on a digital only console, fantastic(!)

…but then I noticed the slot was on the side, not the back…



So I took it out, and the thing was tiny!

Here's a PS4 controller for a side-by-side comparison

Here’s a PS4 controller for a side-by-side comparison

So I hooked it up and got it set up (and I can also confirm no internet is needed to set it up and play Vita Card games!), and played some FIFA and Dead or Alive 5, the only 2 vita games I own and have opened up, that work with the thing, and the games look pretty nice on a HDTV, they look a little stretched and pixelated, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, it sure as hell a lang way better than the PSP’s TV cables! (You get the full screen for starters!)
Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate works with it, and I plan to play that once I complete the first 2 modern Batman games, and also I’m getting FIFA 12/Football 15, which also works with it, so yeah!

So I’m glad I bought it now, and I’m proud to own one!

I got an XBone!

Sat, Nov 8th, 2014

Who’d have thunk it, eh? In the space of 2 months, I got 3 consoles! I’m spoiled, aren’t I? I fell guilty now…

Anyway, I was waiting to get one for weeks from Tesco, who kept posting a deal about an Xbox One plus a certain items (a few deals came to shore) for a good price, we kept going in and asking if we can get the deal that was currently on, and every time, they said they were out, they advertised these deals for weeks, and we came in the first day one became available, and they were still out of Xbox Ones!

So I decided “F*ck it!”, and just got an Xbox One from Game. Not only that, I got that awesome looking Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare edition! Just look and admire it’s beauty!

Ain't it a beauty?

Ain’t it a beauty?

I got 2 games with it, or rather were bought at around the same time, because what good is a console without games? I bought the game I bought the XBone for, Sunset Overdrive, the Day One Edition! Including it’s Season Pass! I also got Zoo Tycoon, becuase it was on sale, for £15!

It took me a while to finally install everythign right, but it was worth it, Sunset Overdrive is amazing! It’s like Jet Set Radio, with a Tony Hawk soundtrack, with a brilliant 3rd person shooter all beautifully blended together! I can’t reccomend the game enough, it’s amazing! It’s better than any original PS4 game, I might even go as far as to say I prefer the XBone because of this game, because I feel like I already got my money’s worth from the XBone, but still need my money’s worth from my PS4.
I haven’t tried Zoo Tycoon yet, but it’s installed on the console, so I’ll try it soon, and get back to youse when I do.

So yeah, I’m very happy with my purchase! and yes, I’m aware of the COD:AW code, but I sold that for £10, so there.

I got a PS3!

Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

Yep, after a mere few days after getting a PS4, I went one back, and got a PS3 as well! Looks like things went full circle…

I managed to get a super slim model (with the cool top-loading sliding tray) for £90! To put that in perspective, they go for £160 at game!

Super Slim PS3

Lookin’ good!

“Hold on! Did you used to say you hated the PS3?” I hear youse moan, and alright, I’ll say it, I’m a hypocrite, but some PS3 games have shown that the console is in fact, quite powerful, it’s just hard to program for 3rd party developers, the PS2 was as well compared to the Dreamcast, meaning theoretically, if any games were on both consoles, the DC version might’ve been better.

Anyway, back on topic, another complaint I had with the PS3 was it’s excessive features, well, the super slim seems far more focused on games than it’s big brothers, there’s still a bit of it-does-everything-you-don’t-want-to-do kind of vibe to it, but not as much as the original one.

Also, I really wanted to play No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, Wipeout HD and Haze on it, so I had to get one anyway.

Anyway, speaking of, I got Haze, plus Motorstorm, Resistance 1 & 2.
Haze, Motorstorm, Resistance 1 & 2  for PS3.

“Wasn’t Haze supposed to be a terrible game?”, well, that’s what the critics and band-wagon-jumpers all say, but as time and time again, I’ve played games everyone seems to hate, but I end up really enjoying, such as Enter the Matrix, Rambo: The Video Game, Soldier of Fortune: Payback, everything made by Acclaim, anything the original Xbox, even the Atari Jaguar!
I was hoping Haze would be another one of those games, after all, it was made by Free Radical, everything they’ve ever touched turned into pure platinum, there’s no way it can suck… Read the rest of this entry »

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