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Gravity Rush has been ported to PS4…

Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

It’s official, the PS Vita has been deprived of every good exclusive it had! Now you have absolutely zero reason to get one! You can spend that money elsewhere now!

“Discover astonishing gravity defying powers in an epic PS4 adventure set in the mystical city of Hekseville.”

Source: Gravity Rush™ Remastered | Games | PlayStation

Why I think games have gone down the gutter!

Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

Source: Bungie to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money

“Grinding for purple ammo packs will soon become a thing of the past, if VG247 sources are to be believed. Update: Bungie has denied it’s to allow players to buy ammo packs, telling Game Informer, “We’re not doing that.” Original st…”

Source: Source: Bungie to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money

Okay, this kind of news doesn’t surprise me at this point. We live in an industry where people just eat this up because they think they’re robbing the publishers out of their money. Don’t worry about the developers, by the way, the publishers are the ones screwing them over!

Okay, I might seem to be going off topic for a little bit, but bear with me, there’s a reason for this:

I’ve been really involved with political stuff for the past couple of years, what with the Scottish Independence Referendum and all. I’ve noticed that the current governments are basically sucking up the the super rich and banksters, telling us that if we gave their money to them, it will trinkle down to us, making our society and way of living much better… it hasn’t… at all…

What has really happened is that the money has stayed with them, and combined with the fact that these guys dodge their taxes and pay just about nothing back into the country, we are left far worse off!

I found a picture on Facebook some time back that sums it all up perfectly. I cannot find who original done this picture, Tineye returned nothing and Google Images only showed a bunch of Twitter Tweets, none of which suggested that it was the original and not just a share. So I apologise in advance for not giving the author credit, because I don’t know who the author is! I digress though, here it is:


Does any of this ring a bell? Have you ever been told “The developers need their money!” or “You buy your games used/borrowed it/Had it given to you, and screwed the publishers out of their money?!”, I certainly have! Maybe there’s a connection here!

I agree that developer should get money for their work, but there’s a fine line between supporting developers, and outright sucking their dicks and eating out of their arseholes kneeling before them and kissing the ground they walk on!

Let’s take a pre-Steam/Origin/Uplay/- You know what, let’s face facts, Steam/Valve have a monopoly on PC gaming, so a pre-Steam game as an example: Resident Evil 4. It’s widely considered as one of the worse PC ports of all time. It had no mouse control, it was capped at 30fps, the textures were god-awful, and the cutscenes were just pre-recorded videos! However, the game worked out of the box! No patches were necessary to play through the game! I had never encountered any errors or crashes, and no game-breaking glitches! What’s more, the DRM was just simple disc-checks, and I has no issue with that!

Let’s go back to the present day with an example from a game from these days: Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition. Kind of an appropriate title if you ask me! I’m just going to leave this here! Read as much as you like! I has this issue out of the box, and it seems everyone has had it since launch, since like 2012, yet there has still yet to be a proper fix for it!

What about Batman: Arkham Knight, a port so bad, that they had to recall all copies sold, all digital ones anyway, to “fix” it?

What about the War-Z? Anyone remember that?

What about every Assassins Creed game past the first? Or Watch Dogs? Or Ridge Racer Unbounded?

Okay, I’m running out of examples of PC ports, as I thought they were more out there, I’ll be honest. Most PC games seem to actually perfect ports of games that were outright broken and glitch-y to begin with!

Actually, going onto games on all platforms, there’s more to be found there, games in general seem to constantly cut corners and are released buggy as anything, and need massive patches to fix them! Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 and the WWE 2k games are good examples of this!

Sure, back in the day, you had things like Starforce and SecuROM, but at least games that had that were called out, and both DRMs died, and moreover, once you got past those DRMs, the games I played that had these (such as Ed, Edd an Eddy Mis Ed-Ventures and the Tony Hawk games), I had no issues with. It seemed rare to see patches back then, to be honest, because most games didn’t really need them, they functioned well enough and were stable. Some games did have small patches to fix the little that was needed to be fixed.

Playing most of these games may yield the same results as the games above, but at least that’s just compatibility issue, they weren’t made to work on today’s PCs, so that’s to be expected, and is understandable! Now, though, with games that are supposed to work for today’s PC, that still fail to run correctly, that’s inexcusable in my eyes!

I honestly think is the issue is that we just keep sucking their dicks kissing their feet regardless and telling them how important and special they are to us!

We need to cut it out! I think that because we’re forgiving them for everything bad they do, they think it’s perfectly okay to keep doing it, and what do you know? They do!

The reason the likes of SecuROM and Stareforce are no longer around is because we gave the publishers shit a very hard time for using them, so they stopped, but now with an (in my opinion) even worse DRM combined with games that are unplayable out of the box, we’re suddenly praising them? For fuck sake!

If your bank took half of your money out of your account and said it was because they needed the money to keep going, would you go “Oh, that’s okay, I understand, keep the money!”? No, of course you wouldn’t! So why is this any different? Because it isn’t money being taking directly out of your wallets/banks? Well, we ARE paying a lot for games that are broken, so yeah, we kind of are losing money to blood-suckers and not getting value for that money! Also, there’s Steam sales, which bankrupts everybody who takes part in them, and never play half of their games, if they even can!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think anyone will listen to me, I mean this article is long enough as it is. I think the Games Industry is soon going to collapse into itself or people are soon going to fork money over for text files where the game should be and it will read “A game will be here soon, I promise!”, and still say it is justified because the developers need supporting!

If you are still reading, thank you! I hope you at least take what I said into consideration.

If it means anything, if I ever get to the stage if releasing commercial games or enhanced-commercial editions of games I make, I promise to be different! If I do something bad, I’ll be honest about it and admit to my mistakes if I make any! I treat games like a work of art, and the work of Yu Suzuki and David Cage show me that games can truly be art, a way to express oneself. In other words, I won’t be making games for the sole purpose of squeezing money out of people, if I make a game, I really want to make something, I mean I guess I see no harm in making a bit of money on the side, just as long as you get the value for your money. Which is why my first projects will be free, well, one of them is a little more complicated than that, but maybe it’s best to leave that untill another time. It’s not like I’ll ever get that far, though! I’ll try, though, mark my words! You are free to hold me to account for what I just said here!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for one day! I’m glad that’s off of my chest! Again, thank you for wasting your time to read this! I hope added some things for you to think about! You are also free to disagree and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well, as comments or whatever! I don’t want to be living in an echo-chamber if you know what I mean…

Installing Quake 1 on Ubuntu

Mon, Jan 25th, 2016


Uh oh… guys, I’m running out of space! What do I do?! 😛

Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

“Sonic: Lost World will be among many “past Sega titles” launching for PC platforms via Steam in the coming months, publisher Sega announced this week.”

Source: Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

I know that I keep sharing old articles like this, but I just found out about Sonic Lost World is now on Steam…

You can totally trust Sega to stay loyal to your console and totally not port them to other platforms, almost as trustworthy as Ubisoft(!)

This annoys me, I can’t trust any publisher when they make a “3rd party exclusive” anymore! It’s an absolute guarantee that in a few years following, if that, you’ll see it ported to other platforms.

Publishers, it seems, have absolutely no issue breaking promises they make and lost their trustworthyness, and screwing over and dashing the hope they gave to other companies. Nintendo’s Wii U seems to be struggling for exclusives, or 3rd party ones at least, and left, right and centre, every publisher that said they’d make Wii U exclusives have since backed out of that promise. Look at Zombi U (or simply “Zombi” now), Rayman Legends and now this!

Say what you want about Activision, but at least Activision’s exclusives have stayed that way… well, Black Ops Declassified has stay exclusive to the PC Vita, and Capcom have supposedly said that Street Fighter V will stay a PS4 and PC “exclusive”, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

I can imagine once this console generation has come and gone, none of the consoles will have any worthwhile exclusives! Even now, with the last gen, the Xbox 360 has pretty much nothing and the PS3 has… wipEout HD… that’s about it… There’s also Haze, I guess, but nobody except me seemed to like that.

Sure, for now, there’s Uncharted and the David Cage games, but those are coming to PS4 really soon, and the Last of Us has already gotten that treatment… I mean I can maybe understand Sony doing this, because many Xbox 360 owners have got a PS4 and missed out on the PS3 games. It’s a smart thing to do, I’ll admit, but in my mind, it’s not a right thing to do, but I’m sure I’m alone on that…

The Worst Feminist Comic Ever

Sat, Jan 23rd, 2016

I agree with most of this video, although with the fat-thing, I don’t think I’d be quite that blunt, but maybe I’d suggest them to do what I do and that simply count calories, that has done wonders to me! It’s slow progress, but it works!

‘Red Dwarf’ to return for two new seasons in 2016 and 2017 – CultBox

Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

I think I read this before, but I guess here it is for conformation! So yeah, new Red Dwarf for the next 2 years!

Battlebots, Robot Wars, Red Dwarf, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? What year is this?! 😀

Source: ‘Red Dwarf’ to return for two new seasons in 2016 and 2017 – CultBox

I’m making some small(ish) changes to this blog

Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

Before anyone gets annoyed, if anyone will, keep reading until the end! Okay, I’ve decided to changes some stuff about how I do this blog. I decided to make this my personal blog in general, and occasionally post stuff in other languages I know and would feel like posting in.

For those who want to keep this as a gaming blog, or those who see me as a hypocrite because I hold the opinion that companies/products should stick to just what they were designed for, I have parented all of my current categories to a general gaming stuff, so if you like, you can just subscribe to that category if you like, I’m sure that’s possible, it is through RSS at least.

The name and theme of this blog won’t change, so you can do what I said above and pretend nothing happened!

The reason I’m doing this is because there are a heck of a lot of stuff I would love to blog and/or rant about, and because of the recent stuff that’s been happening to games, I’m starting to lose interest in them, combine that with Robot Wars returning and Battlebots coming back for another series, I am starting to get back into Robotics and the sport of Robot Combat! I found out about this open-source hardware development thing called Genuino, and I found books about building robots with it, so that’s something I’d love to try out!

So yeah, I hope I didn’t piss off too many people by doing this! 😛

2016 is looking to be an awesome year!

Sun, Jan 17th, 2016

With Robot Wars Making a comeback and the Battlebots reboot returning for a second series, 2016 is looking to be an awesome year! I’m actually really excited!

BattleBots is coming back for a second season on ABC

Sun, Jan 17th, 2016

Source: BattleBots is coming back for a second season on ABC

This is good news! Although I really hope they will do something about the cluster bots this time around, because in my opinion, the 1st reboot series (video of episode 1 below), was almost if not ruined by the clusterbots! Gemini from Robot Wars was one thing (or should I say, two things?), because Robot Wars had the rule where if one robot was counted out or immobile, the entire team is eliminated, which seemed fair, especially after seeing some of the battles in Battlebots 2015… Okay, it turns out that they did have something in place, each multi-bot designs have a main bot, and if that bot gets eliminated, then the rest are as well, so okay, something is in place… (SPOILER ALERT) but I didn’t find out until episode 2…

Either way, the show is entertaining, so definitely give it a watch! Episode 1 is shown below! (Copyright, obviously, to ABC and/or whoever is behind the show)

BBC’s Robot Wars reboot to bring in more high-tech fighting machines

Wed, Jan 13th, 2016

Tech gameshow to return in ‘bulletproof’ arena for a six-part series – 13 years after its last appearance

Source: BBC’s Robot Wars reboot to bring in more high-tech fighting machines

My reaction:

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