Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

“Sonic: Lost World will be among many “past Sega titles” launching for PC platforms via Steam in the coming months, publisher Sega announced this week.”

Source: Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

I know that I keep sharing old articles like this, but I just found out about Sonic Lost World is now on Steam…

You can totally trust Sega to stay loyal to your console and totally not port them to other platforms, almost as trustworthy as Ubisoft(!)

This annoys me, I can’t trust any publisher when they make a “3rd party exclusive” anymore! It’s an absolute guarantee that in a few years following, if that, you’ll see it ported to other platforms.

Publishers, it seems, have absolutely no issue breaking promises they make and lost their trustworthyness, and screwing over and dashing the hope they gave to other companies. Nintendo’s Wii U seems to be struggling for exclusives, or 3rd party ones at least, and left, right and centre, every publisher that said they’d make Wii U exclusives have since backed out of that promise. Look at Zombi U (or simply “Zombi” now), Rayman Legends and now this!

Say what you want about Activision, but at least Activision’s exclusives have stayed that way… well, Black Ops Declassified has stay exclusive to the PC Vita, and Capcom have supposedly said that Street Fighter V will stay a PS4 and PC “exclusive”, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

I can imagine once this console generation has come and gone, none of the consoles will have any worthwhile exclusives! Even now, with the last gen, the Xbox 360 has pretty much nothing and the PS3 has… wipEout HD… that’s about it… There’s also Haze, I guess, but nobody except me seemed to like that.

Sure, for now, there’s Uncharted and the David Cage games, but those are coming to PS4 really soon, and the Last of Us has already gotten that treatment… I mean I can maybe understand Sony doing this, because many Xbox 360 owners have got a PS4 and missed out on the PS3 games. It’s a smart thing to do, I’ll admit, but in my mind, it’s not a right thing to do, but I’m sure I’m alone on that…


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