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Retro Diary – 28/11/11 – "Are you ready to press a button? Then let’s go!!"

Mon, Nov 28th, 2011

Dear Diary,

Sorry I was late, I didn’t have any time to write this weeks entry yesterday, I had to get up early the next day, personal reason, I’d rather not mention.

I had a fairly busy week this week, but I need to write notes down from now on, because I forgot the order these events happened.

Throughout the week, I have been revisiting old games that I had in my ‘collection’ which I completed ages ago, but was tempted to do again, Timesplitters 2, the Tony Hawk’s Underground, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.

I’ve still to play the latter of the list as I’m in the middle of Underground 2, I and if you must know, I’m playing the Gamecube version, I’ve never played that one, I completed the first Underground on PS2, and after playing the Xbox version before… wow, I have to say, the PS2 version looks kind of rubbish, as for the Gamecube version, I’ve never played that, so I can’t comment on it.

I was playing Timesplitters 2 on PS2, but while I was on that, I went to my cousins house, and we played through the Xbox version it there, so I didn’t see the point in completing it on PS2 if I’ve more-a-less seen everything. Alright, I lie, we only went through a couple of levels, but you get the idea.

While I was at my cousin’s house, we played some games, mostly on N64.

I brought a few games with me in case we got bored, just as well we did I guess, but we had a problem with the N64, it wasn’t able to save or load data from cartridges, so when I put in Ridge Racer 64, it said the memory had gone corrupt, and the data in Perfect Dark was gone too, but when I went back home, and tried them on my N64, the data was still there.

Anyway, that didn’t stop us from playing a race or two on Ridge Racer 64, although I was moody the whole way through.

First, we played Tony Hawks Skateboarding on N64, my cousin told me he never played the original Tony Hawk game, I was surprised, he loves Pro Skater 3 and Underground, but never played the first game!? Alright, fair enough, I was like that at first, but eventually I got the whole collection up to Tony Hawks Proving Ground on PS2.

Anyway, we played a few games on Graffiti, and I more-a-less annihilated him, with scored like 12-4!

Then, we had a few games on Hockey on Monster Truck Madness 64, and he got me back, he kept beating me with scores like 6-0! I think I an safely say, I’ve lost my touch…

Then we had a game of Ridge Racer 64 and tried to play Perfect Dark, but like I said before, the N64 had problems reading the data.

Then we played Timesplitters 2, and like I said, we played through a couple of levels until I had to leave to go back home.

    Here are the games I think we played, in the order I think we played them:

  • Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding [N64]
  • Monster Truck Madness 64 [N64]
  • Ridge Racer 64 [N64]
  • Perfect Dark* [N64]
  • Timesplitters 2 [Xbox]

Speaking of Perfect Dark, I was also playing games I haven’t completed before throughout the week, such as Matrix: Path of Neo [Xbox], Driver 2 [PS1], Burnout [PS2] and Perfect Dark [N64].

Perfect Dark was the only games out of those games I actually completed, I’ll go back to the others and complete them eventually, but man did Perfect Dark feel rewarding for one reason, I was given a bonus mission that’s mostly about shooting anything that moves! That was alot of fun!

On Sunday, at grans, it was Sega Saturn week, we restarted due a confusion, I’d rather not mention why.

I played a match with my little brothers on Fighters Megamix, of course with a handicap for balance, and they were having an absolute blast, they kept bugging me to play more.

Eventually, I convinced them to try out Sega Rally, they didn’t like that too much, racing games, as I’ve discovered, aren’t my little brothers’ strong points.

Then they wanted to play the Sonic games I had on the Saturn, so we had a game of Sonic 2 on Sonic Jam, and then we had a couple of races in Sonic R. I actually convinced my uncle to play a game of Sonic Jam with me at Sonic 2, we had fun, although we didn’t get far.

Then my cousin arrived, and we had a game of Virtua Fighter 2, then he wanted to watch the Fifth Element, which was coming up on Channel 5. I wanted to play him in a couple of fights every time an ad break starts for 3 reasons:

  1. I wanted some time spent towards playing the Saturn, we didn’t spend much time playing for it.
  2. To make the ad breaks seam shorter.
  3. To give the Saturn rests, to keep the Disc Tray and Cartridge slot working, so then we could load my Virtua Fighter 2 data from the Backup Cart, so we can play Virtua Fighter 2.1!

Believe or not, this did all 3 jobs perfectly, it made the ad breaks seam much shorter, we had a blast every time, and the Saturn for the most part, kept working perfectly.

We even gave ourselves a name by the last ad breaks, we called ourselves the “Rapid Virtua Fighter Response Unit”, or the RVFRU, because the second the ad breaks came on, we literally rushed to the TV, turned the Saturn on, switched the channel and played a few games! I think we were overall equal in the record, I won alot of the matched, but he won alot as well.

As for the film itself, It was brilliant! I had no interest to watch it before and never pictured myself actually liking it that much, but wow, were my expectations blown out of the water, (get it?) it had a little of everything I wanted, it had alot of funny moments, it had an all star cast, I loved the environments, it had a great atmosphere to it, and the story, although it seamed a bit ridiculous in my opinion, was very good and kept you watching until the end. I’ll definitely be getting myself the DVD soon…

During the film, We recognised the actor that played as Ruby Rhod, or at least he was familiar, but we couldn’t figure out where we seen him, then I said “He looks and sounds just like that guy from Rush Hour.”, then my cousin looked it up on his smartphone (or ‘daft-phone’ as I like to call it.), and it turns out I was right, he was played by Chris Tucker, who played James Carter in the Rush Hour Films, so that was where we’d seen him!

In a nutshell, Here’s what we played:

    In the Order I think we Played Them

  • Fighters Megamix
  • Sega Rally
  • Sonic Jam
  • Sonic R
  • Virtua Fighter 2/2.1

Afterwards, I went to my other cousin’s house… again, and we were playing FIFA 11 on the Xbox 360.
My brother was playing with my cousin in a match, I forgot the result of that.
Then we had a match, I lost.
Then he a match with my brother again, and my brother lost, with a 8-1 score no less!
After that, we left, we didn’t stay very long.

The following day, we were at my old flat, literally, everyone in the family were there, even close friends and old neighbours were there, again, I don’t want to mention why.

Good thing I started to keep notes, there are thing here I never would’ve remembered!

Me, my brother and my cousins got kind of bored eventually, so I decided to go to my house and bring a console, but by the time I went there and back by bus, as I have no driving license, they would’ve gone, so my uncle said he’d drive me there and back, I always feel bad when I get other to do stuff for me like this, but he said he didn’t mind, so we agreed that I’d do that.

I asked my cousins what console I should bring, at first, they said “Whatever you want.” like they didn’t care, then I said, or at least I practically said, “I meant should I bring the Saturn, so we can play Virtua Fighter 2.1 again, or bring the Playstation, as that’s next on the list.”, then they said, “Bring the Dreamcast!”, of course, I happily obliged, I brought the Dreamcast.

When I did, one of my older cousins was intrigued by the fact that I bought the Dreamcast, he lived through that era, (Lucky b*stard, I was too young back then!) and remembers it, and so we played a few 4-player games.

Before that, though, we were talking about games in general, and because I was a retro gamer (Who knew?), we were talking mostly about old games, and I found out that my Mega Drive that I have now, I bought from my cousin: Giancarlo, it was actually his Mega Drive originally (The older cousin, not the one who sold me it.), and he gave it to him before selling it to me, however, he apparently had the Mega CD attachment for it, but I didn’t find out what happened to it, I would’ve loved to have that though!

We were talking about a game on the Mega CD called “Night Trap”, which was meant to be a cult classic, but is supposed to be one of those games that’s so bad, it’s good. After that, we were making fun of how enthusiastic the old FMV videos were, they were over the top, saying that they said stuff like we were going on adventures, when in reality, we were just pressing buttons in a sequence, I made fun of them by saying “Are you ready to press buttons? Then let’s go!”!

We have this partial in-joke, I say partial, because I’m p*ssed off at the reason that I made it, basically, when someone mentions the Xbox, I, for a joke, assume that they mean the original Xbox,
let’s say for argument someone says, “I’m getting Modern Warfare 3 for the Xbox!”,
I say “There’s an Xbox version!?”,
The conversation would probably go on like:
“Yeah, it’s on Xbox and PS3.”
“Isn’t there also an Xbox 360 version?”
“Yeah, that was what I meant.”
“Then why did you say you were getting it for the Xbox?”
“Shut Up! You knew what I meant!”

It does p*ss me off how people just call the Xbox 360, just the Xbox, because I have an original Xbox and still play it today, and I’m probably the only one, but nevertheless it still really annoyed me, so I created the in-joke.

Why am I telling you this Dear Diary? Well, because the cousin who lived through the Dreamcast era. (I need to give these guy nicknames, I don’t want to give away their real names.) was talking about something for the Xbox 360, I forgot what it was, but he referred the Xbox 360 as just the Xbox, so I done that In-joke on him, he was confused at first, but then my other cousin explained the in-joke, and then for a joke, he called me a “Retro pedant!”.

We played a couple of games of Ready 2 Rumble boxing, a Dreamcast night just isn’t a Dreamcast night without that! I was facing Giancarlo at first, I won, then I faced my older cousin (nickname pending), and he won, but he was button bashing, even my youngest brother gave him advice by telling him to keep pressing the Y button, and it worked…

Then we played Chu Chu Rocket, 4-player! It was madness, just as I expected!

Then we played WWF Royal Rumble, just to try it, I didn’t expect much out of it, but surprisingly, we had an absolute blast playing it, we played a good few matches of that!

Then me and Steve (Nickname from 007 Nightfire a few weeks back) had a game of Tony Hawks Skateboarding, he said he’d be better than me in the Dreamcast version, I didn’t believe him, but then he actually beat me in a game of graffiti, I beat him the next game, then we tied, so it was neck and neck, next time we play will be a decider. I have a feeling though he used an N64 emulator to practice the N64 version… Then we played a game of horse, unfortunetly, you couldn’t change the name, so we were stuck with ‘horse’. So we played a game, and I lost… wow.

Then we played Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, we played a game of Graffiti, that I won, then we had a game of horse, but this time, we could change the name, so what did we do, we both moved the d-pad in random directions and kept tapping A, and then came the final result:

I’ll be introducing a new feature, perhaps outside the Retro diary as I think it deserves it’s own articles, we call it, the “Insult of the Week”.

So, without further adieu, we present to you, the Insult of the week is… DCCJJIBCSS!

Hopefully, I’ll document the highlights of the matches we will have and make it a new full feature of the Blog, but the score will be backdated.

So the match winner was… Me! That’s 3-0 to me! Steve is the DCCJJIBCSS!

Afterwards we played WWF Royal Rumble again, but this time, we did a Royal Rumble Match match, it never seamed to end! It turns out that we needed to eliminate the computer opponents, (Because this game supported up to 9 wrestlers at the screen at one, which is very impressive considering that the newer Smackdown vs. Raw games can only handle 6! So we did that, and all we had to do, was eliminate each other, but once you were eliminated, you can go right back in by pressing start after you’ve been eliminated, so theoretically, in a 4-player game, it can be never ending! Just as well it didn’t but it take half an hour of our lives!

We then had a game of ECW Hardcore Revolution, because it was so much fun to play, because it’s so bad, so yeah, we played 3 matched, we had a good laugh out of it.

After that, I had to go, and then wrote the blog entry.

Note to Self: Take notes from now on.



Retro Diary – 20/11/11 – I’m going to keep this one short… sort of.

Sun, Nov 20th, 2011

I’d rather keep this weeks Retro Diary short this week, personal reasons, I really don’t want to talk about it. Although I’m sure everyone who has me on Facebook know exactly what the reason is.

Dear Diary,

On Wednesday, I got myself Earthwork Jim for PC for 50p, mainly because the place I bought it from thought it was just an Audio CD. It was built to run on Windows 95, so obviously, I would have problems running it on Vista, and I’d be right, the game itself works just fine, however, there are no sound effects, even when it’s set to full blast in the options. Still, the game is fun, as people say it was, but I think I’ll just get the Mega Drive version, because the absence of sound effects really bug me.

The next day, I got the Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “By the Way” for the same price, because it actually WAS an Audio CD. With the exception of “Californication”, it has every song I liked from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so that’s good.

The day after that, I got myself Actua Soccer 2 for PS1 for £1, the game is good for short blasts, but as a serious football game, it’s not very good.

On Saturday, my cousins came over to my house, I’d rather not mention why. I’ll say this in advance, I’ve almost totally forgot the order we played them, so bear with me.

We played Timesplitters first, there’s not much to say about that, all we did, was take something, and bring it back, that was always the objective.

We had a game of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PS2, I was FC Barcelona, I forgot who he went as, but I was beating him 3-0, then, for the last 10 minutes of the game, my cousin gave his controller to his brother, and he told me “I’m going to annihilate you!”, then he scored an own goal… yeah… so the score ended at 4-0 to me, and he said “Not quite the annihilation I hoped…”. In case it wasn’t obvious, he was joking about when he said he’d annihilate me.

Then we had a game of FIFA 12 on PS2, the game ended 4-2 I think. Then I asked him what he thought was the better game, he said he though PES was better, because the controls were smoother.

Then we played Tony Hawks Underground for the Xbox, we played a game of graffiti then we played a game of horse, and like we did with Pro Skater 3, we but put in random characters to make a word, this week, it was ‘BTHABBBBBBBD4’.

During the game, we discovered that shouting “LET’S DO THIS!” curses that turn and makes you bail, and funnily enough, it worked every time! Even when we said it in the others player’s turn.

In the end, it was my cousin who was the BTHABBBBBBBD4!

We played Half Life: Decay, which is a PS2 exclusive game, it’s a co-op exclusive as well, you can play it in single player, but it totally sucks on one player, because you have to control BOTH of them, you press select to switch between them, and you have to constantly move them to progress through the game, it’s just a pain.

It’s fun when there’s 2 players though, we played through a couple of levels.

Then we played a couple of games of Gran Turismo 2, we initially put Car and tyre damage on, and it sucked, it only took one bump and we struggled turning left, eventually not at all. So we turned them off, and we enjoyed it then.

We then played Resurrection: Rise 2 for the Saturn, even when the handicap was set so that he had tonnes of health, and I had practically none, I still thrashed him, although he DID win a couple of matches.

Afterwards, we played a game of 1080 Snowboarding, or rather, TEN EEEEIGHTEYYY!!! We played a few matched of that.

We played Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for a while then he had to leave.

In a nutshell, here’s what we played:

    In the order I think we played them:

  • Timesplitters [PS2]
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [PS2]
  • FIFA 12 [PS2]
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground [Xbox]
  • Half Life [PS2]
  • Gran Turismo 2 [PS1]
  • Ressuection: Rise 2 [Sat]
  • 1080 Snowboarding [N64]
  • Star Wars Episode 1: Racer [N64]

Today, I actually found one of my old Robot Wars VHS recording at my grans today, it’d be collecting dust in a copboard for years, and surprisingly, the quality is pretty good considering what it’s gone through.

Well, I said it was going to be short, and I still got kind of carried away, although it’s shorter than my usual entries…

Retro Diary – 13/11/11 – Prepare to cry, FIFA fanboys…

Sun, Nov 13th, 2011

Dear Diary, and yes, I am going to be adding this every week for authentic-ness, I guess.

On Monday, we sent off the CD32 back to the seller to get it fixed or replaced, because the disc tray wasn’t closing properly, we just received an email from the seller saying he got it on Friday and he replaced the top bit of the console and will be sending it back on Monday.

When we played FIFA 11 on PS3 my brother said, for a joke, “Imagine FIFA 13 being released for the Jaguar! Or even the Saturn!”, and then I added, “Or, more importantly, the N-Gage!”, you know, having a laugh. Why am I telling you this? I don’t know, I guess to just create conversation. Besides, it was unusual for my brother to make a joke like that, that’s usually the type of joke I would make.

I’ve been playing both FIFA 12 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 over the week because I had nothing else to do, and also, to decide which is better, because from the little I’ve played from both, my opinions were more-a-less the same, but I’ve played enough from both to decide which I think is better.

Believe it or not, contrary to public belief, I actually think Pro Evolution Soccer is better, the controls aren’t as stiff as in FIFA, especially when sprinting, and overall just feel better, and the game also has a far better atmosphere than FIFA. Don’t get me wrong, FIFA is still very good, but PES is better in my opinion.

As you may already know I went to that charity shop again, and got 6 VHS tapes for £1 and the Matrix Soundtrack for 50p.

What I didn’t tell youse, mainly because there was no point, is that on Friday, I got 2 more CDs for £1, the first one is the soundtrack from the Rocky Horror Picture show, I’ve never seen the film before, but the reason I got the soundtrack is for the Time Warp song! I absolutely love that song! The other CD I got was the Darkness Album “Permission to land”, which contained the song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, which was the song that introduced me to The Darkness, so that was why I bought that.

They both work and I’ve been listening to both soundtracks.

On Sunday, we went back to Gamecube week.

I played a little bit of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 until my cousins came, nothing else to say about that except I was still playing for a little bit even after my cousins arrived, I was talking about what I said back up there, and it turns out one of them agreed with me and that he always thought the same, and that people only preferred FIFA just because they have more licensed teams, even though PES has the better gameplay. (In our opinion)

We were playing that game throughout the day where we pretended it was a past year, and we act like anything that appeared after that doesn’t exist, or that we just haven’t heard of it. This week we pretended it was 2004.

After that, we had a few games of Mario Kart Double Dash and when I say a few, I mean, roughly about 20 races, it felt like it.

After that, we played Mario Party 6, which is always a blast to play! Unfortunately, we didn’t expect for it to last as long as we did, we set it for 20 turns, big mistake there, the game lasted I think 2-3 hours or something, after we finished, he turned off and were rushed to get back home because it was late. Despite how long it lasted, it was on hell of a game, we had great fun!

In a nutshell, here’re the games we played:

    As usual, in the order we played them:

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4
  • Mario Kart Double Dash
  • Mario Party 6

So yeah, in theory, since it was Xbox 360 last week, due to one of cousins being absent that week, and now it’s back to the usual order, it should be PS3 week next week, but my brother, the one with the PS3 wants to save PS3 for after Christmas. So we’re skipping to Wii week, and as we all know, the Wii can play Gamecube games…

One last thing, I was getting sick of my little brother always asking me questions about what happened in Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, spoiling himself, I know he’s young, but he should be playing through the game himself to find out these, it’s more rewarding, so I told him to play the game himself, then he said he doesn’t have it, so I let him play though my copy of Pokémon Red. At the same time, my younger brother asked me if he could play Mario Bros. Deluxe on my Game Boy Color.

Fancy that, I’ve got my 6 and 8 year old brothers hooked to Game Boy Color games! I don’t know if I should feel happy that they’re playing proper games, or guilty, because they should be playing games from their time.

That’s it for this weeks entry, again, next week is Wii week see how that turns out.


Retro Pick-Ups: 6 VHSes, and a CD Album for a total of £1.50!

Thu, Nov 10th, 2011

Remember a week or so ago, I got a US Longbox version of PGA Tour ’96 from that charity shop near my college? Well, I went there again yesterday to see if I could find any more games. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any of my interest, but I found something else, something I’ve always wanted but never came around to getting from Amazon.

I found a copy of Lilo & Stitch on VHS, I used to love that film as a kid! I thought I wouldn’t have enough money, because all I had as a pound. When I asked how much it was, and he said “It’s 6 for £1”, which meant not only did I have enough to get it, but also 5 other films! Assuming they were on VHS.

So I picked out Lady and the Tramp 1 & 2, 101 Dalmatians (Cartoon), Tarzan and Anastasia. Apart from the first 2, wasn’t very keen on those films, but hey, they were a pound for 6, why not?

So far, as I’m writing this, I’ve only tested 3 of them, the first 3 I mentioned, and they work perfect, I watched Lilo & Stitch last night, it wasn’t as great as I remember it to be, but it was still great!

Here’re a few photos of them all:

I went there again today, just because I had time on my hands before our next class started, I was searching through the CDs, just in case they mistaken a 3DO or even a CD32 game, as they usually come in the thin jewel cases, the latter usualy in a big box, but they’re rare and I don’t fancy the chances of anyone still having them, let alone give it to a charity shop.

I didn’t find any, but I found a couple of PC games, most notable Earthworm Jim, and also, the Matrix Soundtrack, I am a huge fa of the Matrix, I have the ultimate collection, and both Enter the Matrix and Path of Neo for Xbox, just so the Xbox’s Black and Green colour scheme matched the Matrix’s theme. So I thought I’d get it, I asked how much it was, just 50p, bargain! So I got it.

The disc had pretty much no scratches on it, or even any marks for that matter! I’ve got the songs imported, and I’m actually listening to the songs as I’m typing this.

I found out though that they were actually 2 soundtracks for the first film, the one I have is the first, so, obviously, it doesn’t have all of the tracks from the films, however, all the tracks I liked and wanted from the films are on it, so I don’t have any reason to get the 2nd one, except maybe for collectors sake and that I’m a huge fan of the Matrix.

Here’s the soundtrack itself:

Now that I think of it, I should’ve got Earthworm Jim as well, I mean, even if I doesn’t work on Windows PCs, it probably would’ve been 50p because they probably think it’s just a CD album, gutted! Ah well, I could just get it tomorrow…


Retro Diary – 6/11/11 – Am I turning… normal?

Sun, Nov 6th, 2011

This week has been crazy!

On Wednesday, my Amiga CD32 arrived, like the 3DO, I’ve not to actually get it until Christmas, but I had a shot of it to test it, and I have alot things to say about it before playing any of the games…
I thought the Xbox 360’s power brick was heavy, I wasn’t ready for this, believe it or not, it’s even heavier! Honestly, you could probably do reps with it!

The console has the most awkward design ever, the controller ports are on the side, and the power switch is on the back!

The disk tray is massive too, almost the whole left side of the console lifts up, or rather, springs up, you could use it as a catapult!

However, the controller, contrary to what I’ve heard, actually doesn’t feel cheap or plasticy at all, it feels rather well built, actually, and you may not think this from seeing pictures, but the controller is actually pretty big, but fits pretty snug into your hands.

One of the games that came out was the infamous Rise of the Robots, so I decided to try that out, but it wouldn’t load, and I kept hearing noises from the disk tray, then I realised that the left side of the tray was a little bit up, it wouldn’t go down, when I held it down, it loaded the game, so that was the problem, I use blu-tack to hold it down, if I do that, it works fine, so I was hoping that the seller would give a partial refund, ad it does work, just not properly, but he said if I sent that one back, he’ll send us a replacement, so we did that.

Rise of the Robots was pretty much the only game I tried, as I wanted to keep all of the others for Christmas, it was just to test if the console worked anyway.

And Wow, if you thought the SNES and Mega Drive versions of the game were bad, play this, or rather, don’t! However, it seams so bad, that it’d be awesome on multi-player!

Overall, although the console has an awkward design, and it isn’t very powerful, it can’t even do textured 3D graphics like the other consoles of it’s generation can, or so I’ve heard, the console looks so cool, it has some better-than-the-original type ports of classic Amiga games, such as Darkseed and the Lotus Trilogy, and that why I bought one, it was like a best-of package.

Throughout the week, I’ve been playing FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and Call of Duty: Black Ops with my brother, and you’ll never believe this dear diary, I actually started… enjoying them…

…Yeah, I thought I’d never picture myself enjoying a Call of Duty game, at least not one that came out since 4, but I was introduced to the game modes, Sharpshooter, One in the Barrel, Sticks and Stones and Gun Game… gee, how original(!) Don’t be fooled by the names though, they actually add a touch of, get this… unrealism, to the game!

I won’t be going into detail about these modes, because I want this to stay as a retro diary, and talking about Call of Duty: Black ops isn’t exactly sticking to the title, besides, anyone reading this will probably know anyway.

At grans today, we had a change of plan because the cousin who makes Gamecube week as we know it had to do something for his charity group, so instead, we skipped to Xbox 360 week, and then back to Gamecube week when that cousin returns.

The only Xbox 360 we played was Portal 2, and that was to play the new DLC… but then it turned out you needed to complete the original Co-Op Test Chambers to play in the additional DLC ones.
I brought up some original Xbox game in case we got bored, and I have to say, that was good call, that was exactly what happened, we had a game of Tony Hawks Pro skater 3 first, we had 2 games of graffiti, where you have to trick on objects, and they’ll turn into your colour (Blue or Red), and is yours unless your opponent steals it by scoring a higher score on it, I lost both games.

We played a game of King of the Hill afterwards, you have to get a crown and keep it for the time set, in this case, 5 minutes, but your opponents can take it off you by bumping into you or skating past you when you’re down, I won that game.

We then played a game called “Horse”, where you take turns to beat each others high score, failing to do so, you’ll get a letter and whoever gets all the letters first, loses. You can change the name to whatever you want, we just typed random character, from recall, it was “cpccpQQcOz”! It was alot of fun, this round, my cousin, as he was the first player, started off, he bailed it, so I had to set the score, my brother said “Just do a Kickflip.”, so I did, but I bailed from doing that, talk about humiliation… In a funny way of course! For a while afterwards, we just played like normal, then one round, I cracked my knuckles, like a piano player and was like “Let’s do this!” like I was really determined, then I bailed the first move, and to think, I’ve played every Tony Hawk game up to Proving Ground, that’s how rusty I’ve become at these games! In the end, I won it, make my cousin, the cpccpQQcOz!

We then tried to play Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, but the game was too awesome to play on the Xbox 360’s emulator, it seams, bummer.

We tried Raw 2 next, and it worked! We played a match, and well, yeah, it was kind of like WWE All Stars, except the gameplay was much better, we just a laugh the whole way through, then we tried season mode, in 2-player, and it was the same there, just a laugh the whole way through! I asked my cousin, the other guy who was playing what he thought was better, he said that for a laugh, WWE All Stars is better, because of the exaggerated moves, but Raw 2 had much better controls and the graphics were better on it, I have to agree, actually.

After that, we went home. In a nutshell, here’s what we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • Portal 2 [Xbox 360]
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 [Xbox]
  • Robot Wars Extreme Destruction [Xbox] (Well, we TRIED to play it.)
  • WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Agression [Xbox]

Hopefully, our cousin will be back, so we can have Gamecube week!


Retro(ish) Arrivals: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [PS2]

Tue, Nov 1st, 2011

Finally! After 4 days after the game’s release, my copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PS2 has finally arrived.

That’s the last time I pre-order anything off Amazon, we originally pre-ordered it off Zavvi, which was not only cheaper, but they would’ve dispatched it earlier, but my dad thought he couldn’t pay for it due to the f*cked up payment system they have, but after cancelling it, it turns out he could’ve just used Paypal, that sucks!

I shouldn’t be complaining, it’s arrived, and I’m going to do what I didn’t with FIFA 12, take photos of it still sealed, and so I did, here you go:

The last picture was supposed to show the PS2 logo repeating through the box, remember them? The first thing you had to do with rip that off and the rest was easy. Well, you either did that or you did what I done, get something sharp, and put it at the handle, the bit that opens, and rip it off with that.

As you can see, the camera couldn’t focus on it to save it’s life, so this is the best I can do.

I’ve still to open it as I’m writing, this, once I’m done, I’m going to open it, and try it. This will probably be the last PS2 game, let’s hope it got something decent…


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