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How Do You Fuck Up Tetris? (The Jimquisition)

Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

Okay, so after a while of taking a hiatus from keeping up with the games industry, I decided to watch all of the previously unreleased episodes of a Youtube show I watch called The Jimquision, and he made this episode about Tetris, which for the most part is fascinating, as are all of his shows, but there was one line in the video that has been bothering me.

6:38 “…and proprietary software that claim to be services, but really just get in the f***ing way between players and their games”

Now I hear things like that being said about software like Origin and Uplay, and I can assume that’s what Jim is referring to here, seeing that he’s talking about EA and Ubisoft, but what bothers me is that, Steam also fits that description perfectly, but Jim would probably include that in the list of intrusive programs. Yet when I mention stuff like that, I get a lot of hate for it, like somehow it’s okay if Valve does it, but not EA or Ubisoft. It’s like they love to suck Valves package and praise Steam to no end (With the exception of a couple of things recently, like paid workshop items), gamers like kick the balls of one greedy corporation, but suck the dick of another! All for doing the same things!

I mean don’t get me wrong, Valve do make amazing games, but it’s by no means an excuse to do what they do! As developers, Valve are amazing, but as publishers, they are corrupt! Perhaps more so than the likes of EA or Microsoft!

I mean if you looked at the file names for Steam in it’s folder, one of the exe is called “SteamService.exe”, so to me, it seems like a peice of evidence that shows that Valve are trying make Steam look like a service.

As for getting in the way? Try running a game you recently got in a store or digitally bought in a store other than GOG or Steam, and try running it without Steam running, chances are, it’ll start up Steam. If that’s not getting in the way between a player and the game, than I don’t know what is! Just because one uses a program so much, it doesn’t make it less intrusive!

Anyway, a later Jimquision episode I watched mentioned this kind of double standard way of thinking when Overwatch uses microtransactions, like people hate when EA does it, but don’t mind it when a company like Blizzard does it.

It seems like a majority of gamers sadly don’t actually care about DRM or shady business practices, I think all of the hate companies get are just because gamers want an excuse to hate those companies, regardless of whether their favourite brand does the exact same thing!

It’s very depressing, really, and I can see why I have been distancing myself from modern gaming, because you have people like that. Whether it’s a vocal minority or not, it doesn’t look like things aren’t going to change, meaning either everyone is fooled into thinking Steam is good, or the silent majority can’t be arsed to do anything about it… Huh, I guess that’s true to life in general, huh?


Why I think games have gone down the gutter!

Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

Source: Bungie to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money

“Grinding for purple ammo packs will soon become a thing of the past, if VG247 sources are to be believed. Update: Bungie has denied it’s to allow players to buy ammo packs, telling Game Informer, “We’re not doing that.” Original st…”

Source: Source: Bungie to sell Destiny ammo packs for real money

Okay, this kind of news doesn’t surprise me at this point. We live in an industry where people just eat this up because they think they’re robbing the publishers out of their money. Don’t worry about the developers, by the way, the publishers are the ones screwing them over!

Okay, I might seem to be going off topic for a little bit, but bear with me, there’s a reason for this:

I’ve been really involved with political stuff for the past couple of years, what with the Scottish Independence Referendum and all. I’ve noticed that the current governments are basically sucking up the the super rich and banksters, telling us that if we gave their money to them, it will trinkle down to us, making our society and way of living much better… it hasn’t… at all…

What has really happened is that the money has stayed with them, and combined with the fact that these guys dodge their taxes and pay just about nothing back into the country, we are left far worse off!

I found a picture on Facebook some time back that sums it all up perfectly. I cannot find who original done this picture, Tineye returned nothing and Google Images only showed a bunch of Twitter Tweets, none of which suggested that it was the original and not just a share. So I apologise in advance for not giving the author credit, because I don’t know who the author is! I digress though, here it is:


Does any of this ring a bell? Have you ever been told “The developers need their money!” or “You buy your games used/borrowed it/Had it given to you, and screwed the publishers out of their money?!”, I certainly have! Maybe there’s a connection here!

I agree that developer should get money for their work, but there’s a fine line between supporting developers, and outright sucking their dicks and eating out of their arseholes kneeling before them and kissing the ground they walk on!

Let’s take a pre-Steam/Origin/Uplay/- You know what, let’s face facts, Steam/Valve have a monopoly on PC gaming, so a pre-Steam game as an example: Resident Evil 4. It’s widely considered as one of the worse PC ports of all time. It had no mouse control, it was capped at 30fps, the textures were god-awful, and the cutscenes were just pre-recorded videos! However, the game worked out of the box! No patches were necessary to play through the game! I had never encountered any errors or crashes, and no game-breaking glitches! What’s more, the DRM was just simple disc-checks, and I has no issue with that!

Let’s go back to the present day with an example from a game from these days: Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition. Kind of an appropriate title if you ask me! I’m just going to leave this here! Read as much as you like! I has this issue out of the box, and it seems everyone has had it since launch, since like 2012, yet there has still yet to be a proper fix for it!

What about Batman: Arkham Knight, a port so bad, that they had to recall all copies sold, all digital ones anyway, to “fix” it?

What about the War-Z? Anyone remember that?

What about every Assassins Creed game past the first? Or Watch Dogs? Or Ridge Racer Unbounded?

Okay, I’m running out of examples of PC ports, as I thought they were more out there, I’ll be honest. Most PC games seem to actually perfect ports of games that were outright broken and glitch-y to begin with!

Actually, going onto games on all platforms, there’s more to be found there, games in general seem to constantly cut corners and are released buggy as anything, and need massive patches to fix them! Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 and the WWE 2k games are good examples of this!

Sure, back in the day, you had things like Starforce and SecuROM, but at least games that had that were called out, and both DRMs died, and moreover, once you got past those DRMs, the games I played that had these (such as Ed, Edd an Eddy Mis Ed-Ventures and the Tony Hawk games), I had no issues with. It seemed rare to see patches back then, to be honest, because most games didn’t really need them, they functioned well enough and were stable. Some games did have small patches to fix the little that was needed to be fixed.

Playing most of these games may yield the same results as the games above, but at least that’s just compatibility issue, they weren’t made to work on today’s PCs, so that’s to be expected, and is understandable! Now, though, with games that are supposed to work for today’s PC, that still fail to run correctly, that’s inexcusable in my eyes!

I honestly think is the issue is that we just keep sucking their dicks kissing their feet regardless and telling them how important and special they are to us!

We need to cut it out! I think that because we’re forgiving them for everything bad they do, they think it’s perfectly okay to keep doing it, and what do you know? They do!

The reason the likes of SecuROM and Stareforce are no longer around is because we gave the publishers shit a very hard time for using them, so they stopped, but now with an (in my opinion) even worse DRM combined with games that are unplayable out of the box, we’re suddenly praising them? For fuck sake!

If your bank took half of your money out of your account and said it was because they needed the money to keep going, would you go “Oh, that’s okay, I understand, keep the money!”? No, of course you wouldn’t! So why is this any different? Because it isn’t money being taking directly out of your wallets/banks? Well, we ARE paying a lot for games that are broken, so yeah, we kind of are losing money to blood-suckers and not getting value for that money! Also, there’s Steam sales, which bankrupts everybody who takes part in them, and never play half of their games, if they even can!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think anyone will listen to me, I mean this article is long enough as it is. I think the Games Industry is soon going to collapse into itself or people are soon going to fork money over for text files where the game should be and it will read “A game will be here soon, I promise!”, and still say it is justified because the developers need supporting!

If you are still reading, thank you! I hope you at least take what I said into consideration.

If it means anything, if I ever get to the stage if releasing commercial games or enhanced-commercial editions of games I make, I promise to be different! If I do something bad, I’ll be honest about it and admit to my mistakes if I make any! I treat games like a work of art, and the work of Yu Suzuki and David Cage show me that games can truly be art, a way to express oneself. In other words, I won’t be making games for the sole purpose of squeezing money out of people, if I make a game, I really want to make something, I mean I guess I see no harm in making a bit of money on the side, just as long as you get the value for your money. Which is why my first projects will be free, well, one of them is a little more complicated than that, but maybe it’s best to leave that untill another time. It’s not like I’ll ever get that far, though! I’ll try, though, mark my words! You are free to hold me to account for what I just said here!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting for one day! I’m glad that’s off of my chest! Again, thank you for wasting your time to read this! I hope added some things for you to think about! You are also free to disagree and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well, as comments or whatever! I don’t want to be living in an echo-chamber if you know what I mean…

Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

“Sonic: Lost World will be among many “past Sega titles” launching for PC platforms via Steam in the coming months, publisher Sega announced this week.”

Source: Sonic: Lost World, Other ‘Past Sega Titles’ Head to Steam | Digital Trends

I know that I keep sharing old articles like this, but I just found out about Sonic Lost World is now on Steam…

You can totally trust Sega to stay loyal to your console and totally not port them to other platforms, almost as trustworthy as Ubisoft(!)

This annoys me, I can’t trust any publisher when they make a “3rd party exclusive” anymore! It’s an absolute guarantee that in a few years following, if that, you’ll see it ported to other platforms.

Publishers, it seems, have absolutely no issue breaking promises they make and lost their trustworthyness, and screwing over and dashing the hope they gave to other companies. Nintendo’s Wii U seems to be struggling for exclusives, or 3rd party ones at least, and left, right and centre, every publisher that said they’d make Wii U exclusives have since backed out of that promise. Look at Zombi U (or simply “Zombi” now), Rayman Legends and now this!

Say what you want about Activision, but at least Activision’s exclusives have stayed that way… well, Black Ops Declassified has stay exclusive to the PC Vita, and Capcom have supposedly said that Street Fighter V will stay a PS4 and PC “exclusive”, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

I can imagine once this console generation has come and gone, none of the consoles will have any worthwhile exclusives! Even now, with the last gen, the Xbox 360 has pretty much nothing and the PS3 has… wipEout HD… that’s about it… There’s also Haze, I guess, but nobody except me seemed to like that.

Sure, for now, there’s Uncharted and the David Cage games, but those are coming to PS4 really soon, and the Last of Us has already gotten that treatment… I mean I can maybe understand Sony doing this, because many Xbox 360 owners have got a PS4 and missed out on the PS3 games. It’s a smart thing to do, I’ll admit, but in my mind, it’s not a right thing to do, but I’m sure I’m alone on that…

Rambo: The Video Game [PC] – Review

Sun, Mar 9th, 2014

Rambo PC_0003
Developers: Teyon
Publishers: Reef Entertainment
Release Dates: 21st February 2014 (EU/AU), 25th March 2014 (NA)
Platforms: PC (Version Reviewed), Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Steam

Rambo: The Video Game is an on rails shooter released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Steam. The game was developed by Teyon and was published by Reef Entertainment. The game was released on the 21st February 2014 here in Europe, and is due for release on the 25th March in North America, according to Amazon US. The version being reviewed is the PC version.

Since this game got released, it’s been getting hate around every corner, the game has been getting terrible reviews, but I don’t think the reviews are justified, most of the reviews I’ve read or watched consisted of a man moaning and crying about the fact it’s a rail shooter and that you can’t move your character, it’s a rail shooter, you’re not supposed to move your character.

There was actually an arcade Rambo game released by Sega in 2009, you would assume it’d make sense to compare the new with that, right? Well, nobody did!

Although I guess I can understand everyone’s reactions, I blame the marketing, they tried to hide the fact it was a rail shooter in the trailers and gameplay videos, and even on the back of the box! Did they try to make it appeal to Call of Duty and Battlefield fans?
They should have been honest, showed the game in all of it’s arcade-y glory, advertised it as an on rails, fast paced shooter, bringing an arcade style experience to consoles, it might have worked, because there still exists fans of rail shooters…

Rambo: The Video Game [PC] - Back Cover - It shows no signs that it's a rail shooter

Would you have guessed that it was a rail shooter from looking at that?

I hope to give this game a bit more of a justifiable review, or at least look at the game from another perspective, I am a huge fan of rail shooter games, and to me, it’s a huge breath of fresh air to see a company trying to make one in an industry currently infested with call of duty clones. I’m also a big Rambo fan, so this game seemed right up my alley.
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Oh no…

Sat, Aug 17th, 2013

Remember that article I put up last month about my theory of the new Mortal Kombat on PC being DRM Free?

Well, I have a bit of bad news, I found a photo of the EU version of the game, look at the top right corner of the box…

“Requires Internet Connection to Activate”? This only means one thing… it uses Steam…

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(Yet another) Rant: Steam, and similar DRM/Corporate schemes

Wed, Jul 10th, 2013

If this post gets at least one reader (which it probably won’t, let’s be honest), controversy might follow, Steam fanboys will keep nagging and trolling me, throwing at me insults and complaints without taking 1 look in the mirror. (a.k.a. Steam) They all seem to do. I’m not trying to create a spark or trying to get an angry mob after me, I just want this off my chest, I am only laying out the facts for you, you can choose what you think of it after. As the Oracle from the Matrix once said: “You have already made the choice, now, you’re beginning to understand that choice.”.

I ranted here previously, about digital download games. Well, since then, my opinions have changed ever so slightly, I’m okay with services like GOG, not as a replacement to physical, but as a companion, for indie games and such! On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll want to buy any physical game that uses Steam, Origin or UPlay DRM ever again!

I’m not going to complain about Origin and Uplay, it’s pointless, as, let’s be honest, Steam inspired them, they’re just copies, Steam is the real culprit! It’s not just Steam either, it’s it’s fanboys, I’m sure there exist Steam users who are smart, and know what they’re talking about, I have a few freinds who are hardcore Steam users, and they’re okay.
Most Steam users I’ve seen online, are a bunch of stupid, hypocritical, inconsistent ar*eholes! I’ll get to them later…

Steam and similar DRM don’t accept used sales. Now, I’ve seen a lot of PC gamers complain about the Origin, Uplay and the Xbox One (the latter not anymore) for doing this, when Steam has the exact same restrictions!

Steam requires an online verification to install games, Steam requires an online check-in every week or so (not as bad as Xbox One, but it still means you’re screwed if you lacked internet), it blocks used games, and companies have full and total control over what you can and can’t do with your games. They can even just take the game away from you, without reason, and you can’t have a say in the matter, and you can’t sue them either, because Steam have made it so you can’t do that!

I am willing to bet that this the main, if not the only reason more publishers have become interested in the PC, it’s a publishers wet dream to have full control over the consumer! Steam, and similar “services”, makes that dream come true!

When buying a physical game that uses Steam DRM, as my friend once said to me, and he makes a good point, the code inside is more valuable than the disc, the disc is useless, you don’t even need it to install the game, you can enter the code without the disc inserted, Steam will register it, and download the game. Once the code is used, you’re just as well burning the game, it’s that useful!

Worst of all, people want their physical games DRMed, which makes no sense whatsoever! Do these people want their physical games to become useless after the code is used!?

Steam also does nothing to stop piracy, it’s very easy to obtain a cracked .exe of a game, and a cracked client, even Gabe Newell apparently said that pirates are a “non-issue” (but used sales are!?), so all the Steam DRM does is forbid buyers from sharing their games, and it eliminates used sales. In other words, it punishes the good paying consumer!

You see, my point about the physical/digital debate is game ownership, where you own your games on physical, but not digital, it turns out, you don’t even own the game when buying physical, at least not if it has Steam, Origin or Uplay DRM. They’re licensed to you, and you know a fascinating fact about Licenses? They Expire! They are not permanent things, they can expire over-time, or it can be revoked from you for any reason. So esentially, when you buy a game from Steam or Origin, you’re only renting it, because you can’t keep it forever, can you?

Don’t believe me? You can read the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
Like probably the majority of youse, I breezed through it thinking it wouldn’t concern me, and accepted, but give it an actual read, you’ll be shocked at it’s contents! More specifically, read sections 2.A and 2.F.
Actually, Don’t bother! I’ve done it for you! I’ve even highlighted the important parts, because I’m nice!


A. General Software License

Steam and your Subscription(s) require the automatic download and installation of Software onto your computer. Valve hereby grants, and you accept, a limited, terminable, non-exclusive license and right to use the Software for your personal, non-commercial use (except where commercial use is expressly allowed herein or in the applicable Subscription Terms) in accordance with this Agreement, including the Subscription Terms. The Software is licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Software. To make use of the Software, you must have a Steam Account and you may be required to be running the Steam client and maintaining a connection to the Internet.

…and here’s section 2.F:

F. Ownership of Software

All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Software and any and all copies thereof, are owned by Valve US and/or its or its affiliates’ licensors. All rights are reserved, except as expressly stated herein. The Software is protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and conventions and other laws. The Software contains certain licensed materials and Valve’s and its affiliates’ licensors may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this Agreement.

You can say what you want about Microsoft, and I’m not a fan of them either, but at least their Games for Windows games doesn’t require an online activation, you only need it to play the game online (You can create an offline profile), and even then, the key is tied to the physical copy, not on any account. By the way, I’ve tried this with Street Fighter X Tekken, I turned off the internet, and installed it, and right enough, I had no problems installing and playing the game! (Where as Steam, which is clearly superior, reuqires online verification just to install it and you can’t do anything with your Steam games)

If you don’t believe me read this!

They even reversed the Xbox One’s DRM policies after complaints. What has Valve done when people complained to them? Absoluletly nothing!

It’s ironic as well, Microsoft are bad guys and Valve are gods!? Sure, Microsoft have their slip ups, but at least they make up for it later on, Valve just bury their problems and pretend they don’t exist, fooling the unsuspecting consumer, and it seems to have worked!

I’ve seen Steam users complain that the Xbox One stops the ability to share your software, the fact you are screwed without internet, and that it restricts it’s audiences to the very rich! When Steam has the same restrictions, when I see someone complain about Steam for the exact same problems, they seem to always put the blame on the user, and defends their precious Steam!

For example, when someone complains that they can’t share their games with another user, or use the game on another machine/account, here’s a comparison of what the average steam user says:

Xbox One: “Microsoft are a bunch of cheap, greedy b*stards! They just want more money, by treating us like criminals, taking away out freedom, and kills game ownership!”

Response to someone saying the exact same thing about Steam: “Fuck you! Do you want to give the game to another person and cheat the developers out of their money!?”

How many times have we heard both of those kind of comments from “PC gamers”? I see them a lot! They can’t have it both ways! Are used games good or bad? Make up your mind!

Also, in response to the latter quote, which I get a lot myself, I only give a DRM-free game away if the other person isn’t interested or ever plans on buying the game, either that, or I accidentally buy a second copy of a game new. (which is rare, but has happened a couple of times.) Either way, it wouldn’t make a difference to sales whether or not a gave it away or traded it in…

Steam users also seem to talk about installing games anywhere as an advantage, which is a very poor arguement! You can do the exact same thing with a DRM-free physical games, and every download client on this planet, in fact, I’d be scared if you weren’t able to do that with Steam!

What’s that? Steam has an Offline mode? Well, you need be online to go offline, having online as a requirement in order to use a feature you’re only going to use when you can’t get online… It really defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Also, I’d like to see youse try to install a disc game offline, you can’t!

Steam does achievements and leaderboards? So does Games for Windows, and even Raptr, which is an overlay for games, does something similar. I’m not fussed about achievements anyway, they’re nice, but they’re not something I need.

Really, the only great thing about Steam is it’s workshop, it makes installing mods much easier, and you can easily uninstall them, that, I have to admit, is awesome!

That however, doesn’t make up for everything bad about Steam, if I have to give up my digital right to make installing mods a bit easier… I’ll stick with the traditional method if you don’t mind…

I think everyone needs to wake up, and realize the PC is not the awesome platform it used to be, Valve are not the gods of gaming, they are killing the physical market, they are allowing publishers total control over us behind our backs! They are turning the PC platform into a corporatised rental service, if Valve were any better than EA or Ubisoft, and want to prove it, they would put an end to it all… because right now, getting a PS4 or even an Xbox One sounds quite appealing…

I used to love Valve, I have many memories playing the Half-Life games, and as much as I’d hate to admit it, I had fun with the Portal games and Team Fortress 2, but they’re destroying the very market that made them…

I just hope that Mortal Kombat complete edition won’t have any DRM, in fact, I reckon there’s a chance, I might do another blog entry about why right after this, yeah, some good news to drown out the bad, I’ll see youse then!


Rant: Download games, and why I don’t like them.

Thu, Jun 27th, 2013

Please read the full article before responding! I’m always getting people making arguments I’ve addressed in the article itself, so please try and take everything in, I know it may be hard if you disagree with it, but please bear with me!

This topic has been really bothering me, I personally don’t like downloading games, because I’ve had almost nothing but bad experiences with downloads, I much rather get my games on disc, despite the DRM PC games have these days, it’s good to have a game on your shelf.

Me and my friends have been having a debate on which is better, I prefer physical, like I said, so does my friend, but he seems more than willing to switch to digital when the “digital age” comes, I will personally be dreading it.

Before I start, I want too point out that people complain about the PC and Xbox One when it was planned to have DRM for blocked used games, saying you can’t share or trade games in, yet people embrace downloads, which have the EXACT same restrictions? To me, that’s like, for lack of a better analogy, going against hanging because it kills people, but supporting hung, drawn and quartered! It makes no sense!

Most of the time, digital games cost more than their physical counterparts, especially on consoles and handhelds, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is £5 cheaper physical, physical games sound like a no brainer, doesn’t it? Well people are downloading the games anyway, Animal Crossing: New Leaf broke records on the e-shop…

It baffles me how stupid people can be, you spent £5 more for essentially more for your money, not just the fact you get no case or cartridge, you can’t share that game with others, or even give to a friend when you’re finished with it, or trade it in! Also, when the 3DS gets discontinued, and the e-shop servers go down, you better hope you still have it installed, otherwise, good luck trying to play it again!

Even if you prefer downloads, you can’t justify the higher price, and the fact you can’t share or trade in that game!

Everyone I’ve talked to always mention virtual console, “What about virtual console?” they ask, well, they couldn’t of brought up a worse example. Virtual Console is the best example of why digital downloads are bad, half of the 3rd part companies, most notably Sega, have all taken their games down from VC, they always tell me “Well, Sega are ar*eholes!”, which isn’t the point, the point is, they’ve done it, and nobody’s stopped them, they have full control over what you can and can’t get. Heck, I’d be surprised is anyone who bought their VC games got a refund or anything from it. Sure, they’re only old games you can buy the originals of anyway, but it shows the power publishers have over the consumer.

If a company decided to stop manufacturing a physical game and stops selling it, it’s still very much possible to track down a copy of that game, if a company decides to stop selling a digital game, it’s gone forever…

That’s exactly why companies are trying to switch to digital as soon as possible, companies, especially publishers, want full control over the consumer, they want to call all of the shots, and they want us to just take all the crap they will throw at us, digital downloads gives them the power to do that!

Not just with virtual console, but with downloadable Nintendo games in general, the game is tied to the console, and not any account, so if you accidentally lose or break your 3DS or Wii U, all your games go, too! Unless you bother with spending days of contacting Nintendo, and they shop you bought the console from, in order to either get a refund, or move the games over. This isn’t come rumour I’ve heard, I can vouch for it, I have a story to tell youse: My brother once had a Wii U, he (or should I say out mum) bought Lego City Undercover from the e-shop, £50 it costed us! It turned out he didn’t have the space for the game, the Wii U only has 25GB of space, the game took up 26GB. If Nintendo are going to be shoving digital games down our throats, the least they could do is provide enough memory for games, but I digress.

He cancelled the download for the game, and bought the physical copy for Amazon, which I may point out was £10 cheaper, it even included a little figure! He got it, played through it, etc., no troubles there.

He later on took his Wii U back (I still have mine) to get himself a laptop, he was later on charged for the digital copy of Lego City Undercover, despite not fully downloading it, my mum is trying to contact Nintendo for a refund for the game, but was told they needed the serial number of the console, but we no longer had the Wii U with us, so we couldn’t give them the serial number, it would’ve made more sense to ask for the Nintendo Network account, but whatever.

We have to contact the store where we bought Wii U from to get the serial number, that was a couple of days ago… still no refund.

Already, getting a refund for out digital game has been a LOT more hassle than if we wanted a refund for a physical game. All you need for them is a receipt, and even if that’s lost, you can trade it in used and get something for it.

In summary, we payed £10 extra for a version of a game that you can’t play, or get a refund for… I’m so looking forward to the digital age!

That’s another thing, space, not so much with PC games, but consoles never have the space to store enough games, AAA at least. Sure, digital games can save shelf space, but not much, the Wii U for example can barely hold 1, and anything by Sony or Microsoft could hold maybe 3 or 4, not much at all, is it?

Even with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, once the console is discontinued, and servers go down you better hope you have your digital games installed, otherwise, good luck trying to play them again.

PCs can probably hold quite a few, I’ll admit, the PC is probably the best platform for downloads, the download clients still have their problems though:

Steam (as a DRM, not as an indie game store) I think is overrated, don’t get me wrong, Valve make terrific games, I love the half life and portal games, and Team Fortress 2 is good fun, but people don’t need to suck up to them! Steam isn’t as great as people make it out to be, in fact, when you think about it, it’s no better than Origin, a client made by EA, the greediest company alive! Steam doesn’t allow used sales or trade-ins, and you need online and a code to validate games, meaning those who lack internet are screwed! Steam has an offline mode for already-validated games? So does Origin! Steam has discounts all the time? So does Origin!

Like Origin, Steam games are more expensive than their physical counterparts, not as expensive, but it’s still bad. The sad thing is, the US PC market appears to have abandoned physical games for good, which is kind of depressing. For the curious US gamers, yes, Europe still has a physical market, with companies even releasing their DLC in the form of download codes in cases!

Another PC download client I’ll mention is, to be honest, I kind of like GOG, it’s almost like how Virtual Console should be, while I would still rather get the games on discs, I can live with GOG, their games have no DRM, and they go for very good prices, usually under $5, let alone pounds! If there’s a game I can’t find physically, I wouldn’t mind getting it from GOG.

I guess that would conclude my rant, it’s off my chest, and I feel much better after letting it out! Before, I go I will mention a benefit of downloads, the only one I can see: Download markets are good for indie gamers to get popular, I suppose I wouldn’t mind getting an indie game digitally if it means supporting the developer. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a physical version in the future, like some indies have.

However, I think it’s possible for indie developers to release physically as well, there exists services like Kunaki and Cafepress, who offer to make and distribute physical games for free. They do, however take away from any sales made, but from what I’ve heard, so do services like Steam and Desura. With that said, you can start physically selling your game with zero money on you, if you do that alongside your digital releases, then the way I see it, in the worst case scenario, you’ll make a bit of extra money. Some people have said that would “punish” those buy it digitally, but I don’t get how it would, could someone please explain it to me…

If you’re games successful enough, you won’t even need to do that, there are publishers in Europe and Oceania, such as Merge Games and Lace Mamba, who specialise in releasing popular indie games physically, DRM-free, with any extras, such as the soundtrack and a Steam gift-key, to give to a friend. Popular Indie games, such as Limbo, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy and Awesomenauts, all have physical versions for sale on Amazon (I have a feeling Don’t Starve is around the corner as well, seeing how popular that is, so I’ll wait to get that). They’re cheaper than if you were to buy the digital equivalent of the stuff on Steam, and also, you can have the games on your shelf! So if you haven’t got the games, I’d say their worth a look.

When I make my indie games, I of course hope to have the latter happen to me, but most likely, the former will happen, I’m fine with that.

So I guess this actually end on a high note, maybe if there’s an indie out there I’m genuinely interested in getting (apart from Super Meat Boy, Pro Wrestling X and A Hat In Time, but a physical version of the former exists, and latter 2 will have physical version coming out), I might consider getting the game digitally, if it means supporting the developers, and if they release a physical version later on, and I like the game, I’ll be the first to get that!

Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed [PC] – Download Only?

Fri, Feb 22nd, 2013

Just a quick updatem remember when Sonic and All Star racing transformed was first announced, they named all of the platforms it would be on, and they mentioned “PC Digital Download” instead of just “PC”, suggesting that they would be no retail version?

For those who don’t know me, I much prefer retail copies, I just don’t like digital downloads at all, so this really p*ssed me off!

Despite this, Amazon had the PC retail version available for pre-order, so I thought I’d pre-order it, in hopes that Sega do make a retail copy.

Months after the game was released, I got an email saying my pre-order was dispatched! Either it was a mistake made by Amazon, or Sega have finally made a physical PC version.

The next day, it arrived! YES! I can finally try out Racing Transformed! I loved the original, great fun, I hope this one will be just as fun!

I’ll try out out later on today, because I have my Driving lession today, and I’d guilty if I didn;t do something to my Rossies 3D project, but I’ll definitely try it today!

*Insert proper outro here*


Retro Diary – 31/12/12 – Last Retro Diary of the Year

Mon, Dec 31st, 2012

I’ve been thinking of redoing the blog for a while, I kind of missed it, to be honest.

I will do them again, however, I won’t be as active as before, 2013 is going to be a busy year for me, for starters, College is starting to take up a lot of my free time, having to do all sorts of assessments and test at home, (At least I can’t say I have too much free time, I won’t be looked down on as much, but not sure if that’s a good or bad things, though.), and I’m working on my new game: Rossies 3D, which will be made using the Unity engine, so it will be easier (but it’s just as genuine) to make games, so I hope I won’t give up on this one…

Anyway, next year, you might be lucky to get more than 1 post in a month, but hey, being not very active is better than being inactive, right?

So without further delay, let’s begin:

To sum up what happened between my last post and now, PC games, lots and lots of PC games! Most notably the Tony hawk games, which all have insane modding communities, making the PC a great platform for the Tony Hawk games.

I’ll tell youse what I got for Christmas:

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland [PC]
The Orange Box [PC]
Train Simulator 2013 [PC]
Skateboard Tycoon 2003 [PC]
Snowboards Tycoon [PC]
Sonic 4: Episode 1 & 2 [PCDL]
Sonic Adventure 2 + Battle [PCDL]
StarFox Adventures [GC]
The Legend of Zelda: Ocerina of Time [N64]
Incredible Crisis [PS1]

A new PS2
and a bunch of Blu-Rays

May seem like a lot, but most of them didn’t cost that much, so that kind of balances it out.

Train Simulator 2013 was easily the best game I got, it’s brilliant, although it didn’t come with any Scottish trains or routes, I had to pay about £50 worth of DLC to get them, and this them on a sale with 50% off, so usually, it would cost me about £100! The game is still fun though, speeding trains, derailing them, making them crash into things, it’s good fun!

Sonic 4 is pretty good, but I can’t help but think it’s just a shoddy attempt to recreate the original games using 3D graphics, Generations is far better! in my opinion at least.

Sonic Adventure 2… It doesn’t work, if Sega are going to be putting out 10+ year old games, they could at least make them work, they are lucky I didn’t buy myself and that a Steam sale was on…

I only got Orange Box for the unlikely event that Valve goes bankrupt and you can’t download their games anymore…

I’ve yet to try out the console games, but I look forward to once I get around to it.

As for the PS2, the one I had broke, it stopped reading discs, so I had to get a new one.

Did you know that the PS2 went through another redesign? Yeah, it did! They even made a new box for it, take a look:

I love how it’s the same blue theme as the PS Vita and new PS3 and PSP boxes! It’s clear Sony haven’t forgotten about their good old PS2!

The PS2 itself went through a redesign as well, now the left of it is entirely piano black, and caught dust and fingerprints after 5 minutes! The only problems I had were that the power and eject buttons are now very small and hard to reach, and that it only came with an EU plug, it didn’t even come with a converter! Luckily, I had one myself:

Looks alright, doesn’t it? It works great, so all is good!

That same day, we were going to our grans for a Christmas dinner, so I brought the new PS2 along, seems only fitting, right?

We played a bit of Timesplitters, and that was about it… We spend most of the time chatting and watching Doctor Who, hopefully, we can have a proper week next year…

Well, that’s all I have to say, see youse…. in my 2012 year review!

Retro Diary – 30/09/12

Sun, Sep 30th, 2012

Tuesday 25th September 2012

I got Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD and Jet Set Radio on Steam today.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is great in my opinion, very underrated. Jet Set Radio is okay too, but it’s the exact same as the original game, but with a higher resolution, which makes it look sharper and clearer, sure, but it’s nothing major, I suppose though it’s for the better, the original still had some value.

Friday 28th September 2012

I ordered FIFA 13 on PC months ago on PC from Amazon, and it said it would arrive on the day it came out, but guess what, it didn’t, I’m fuming…

Saturday 29th September 2012

FIFA 13 on both PC and PS2 as well as F1 2012 on PC have arrive today, it’s about time, but at least I have it now, and a weekend to play it!

I was met with a pleasant surprise with the PS2 boxing, Apart from RC Revenge, do you know of any PS2 games with a picture/logo on the spline instead of plain text? Well, at the end of the PS2’s life, it finally got one with FIFA 13’s case, look!

My brother copy of FIFA 13 on PS3 has arrived as well, we’ve agreed to make this week PS3 week to play FIFA 13, then it’s PS2 week, where we’ll play the PS2 version. which sounds fair enough.

Well, I don’t have time to write much more, I have some FIFA 13 (and F1 2012) to play!

Sunday 30th September 2012

It was PS3 week this week, or so it was supposed to be, we didn’t actually play it, we just talked for a short while then left, that’s it…

Let’s hope next week will be better, which is PS2 week, so we can play FIFA 13 on PS2 as I said before.

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