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Ma thocts on Joker (SPOILERS)

Fri, Nov 8th, 2019

This is the Scots version of this article, the English version is available here.

A went tae see Joker a few week ago. A thought A’d gie yese ma thochts on the fulm.

A wis a wee bit skeptical-like tae see is, cause ae the kynd ae fowk that ir intae is. Ultra conservative neckbeard-y fowk. Bit ma bra saw it b’fore an telt iz hou guid it wis, a gied in, an went tae see it.

It wis really good, tho A think hit coud hae been impruived.

A expectit a slaw big up inside o the chairacter an than lash oot an become the Joker, an at didna quite happen.


The first kill happent in like the first hauf an oor ae the fulm. A didna feel the big up tae it, juist felt oot ae naewhaur.

Wan hing A likit wis the Joker’s imaigin hissel hivin a burd, tae find thay warna actual datin. Maks ye hink whit else his mind made up in the fulm.

The film made iz hink an aw: Is the Joker actual the guidie, an Batman the baddie? The fulm brings up the inequalitie b’tween the rich an puir fowk a lot. Wi Bruce Wayne’s da bein oot aer titch wi the rest o the warld. A lot like real life, eh no?


Wan hing A likit a lot war the deith scenes. A lot ae’aim war fuckit up! A kynd ae like fucked up deiths… should A git help?

Anywey, that’s aw A wantit tae say.

A howp tae mak weekly Scots airticles alangside the Inglis yins, but thanks tae ma busy schedule, A may no be able tae.

‘Till the nixt airticle, A’m oot!

2017 Year Review

Sun, Dec 31st, 2017

Whew! Whit a year! Loads o things happened this year, no aw o thaim guid, misfortunately.

Stairtin wi ma personal life, A lost a load o freends, an scart awa the ainly lass A’v iver fancied. Been backstabbed bi loads o fowk, got nae freends left forby ane A niver see in real life onymair, haed tae muive tae a smawer hoose, gie awa wir dugs, A failt ma university course, an ma dreams are gittin haurder an haurder tae achieve, time is rinnin oot…

Thae are the negatives oot o the wey, ontae the positives: Forby ane, A’v actual mak oot ma 2017 new year’s resolutions! Maist fowk brak thaim bi 24 oor, but no iz!

A’ll gae ower thaim, acause naebody actual reads these posts… dae thay? Read the rest of this entry »

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