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The Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Batman Quadrilogy – A retrospective

Sun, Oct 13th, 2019

I recently watched the 4 Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher era Batman films again and I thought I might as well give my opinion on them and how my experiences were with the films, because why not? I’m hoping to just do a quick casual post on this, this won’t be a full blown article, or at least that’s not the intention… Read the rest of this entry »


Exploring the Nuon – Part 2 – Games and Demos

Sun, Oct 6th, 2019

Last week, I was talking about how I acquired my Nuon console, and how I found out the console had no copy protection, and managed to burn most of the library on discs.

I decided to of course try Tempest 3000 and it’s pretty much as good as I’d hoped. I would even place the game in my top 10 games of the sixth generation. It’s that good!

The game actually shows the Nuon was capable of some pretty cool stuff! The game is super trippy, has some insane effects and amazing techno music to go along with it!

The only problem I found was that the game is pretty blurry and it strained my eyes after a while. I’m going to get a component cable in hopes that it makes it clearer.

Playing the game again after a while made me make another observation about the Nuon: There’s no way to save data. Every game has a level selection or a password system.

Why would you, in 2000, release a game platform with no way to save progress? Memory cards were established 5 years prior! There is no excuse!

Apparently they actually planned to make memory cards and controllers to use them, and were to have LCD screens like the Dreamcast VMU and the PS1’s Pockstation. Which sounds neat, but the fact they didn’t release something like this at launch is honestly an amazing oversight!

The controller does actually look pretty cool, though, and Nuon Dome said VM Labs approved of it to be the de facto controller design, which is fair enough. It’s unique enough to be identified as a Nuon controller. Unlike some other controllers

So next I played some Merlin Racing. I can’t really comment on this one since I wasn’t able to play it as my remote can’t accept 2 inputs at once, so I have to take my finger off accelerate to turn. I’m always lapped at every race I try.

The graphics look better than Nintendo 64 but not quite Dreamcast quality, the racers are fully 3D and animated, which is not something you saw on 5th gen systems, and some environments are actually kind of detailed and populated with buildings and other stuff.

Looks and feels like an okay game, not sure I’d pay like £50 for, though. I’ll need to play it with a controller to properly assess it.

Next I tried an Iron Soldier 3 demo, and I couldn’t even play this.

The intro was unskippable, and thought “Is this what this demo is?”, and waited like 10 minutes for it to finish, and then a menu appeared, and I couldn’t control it.

So this game isn’t remote compatible, so I can’t really give my thoughts on it.

So then I tried what is called the “Nuon Interactive Sampler”, which, according to the Nuon Dome page, contained numerous playable and non-playable demos, which made me very curious as to what it had.

It was just a regular DVD, and not even a Nuon enhanced one at that. A video of this demo is available on the web archive website linked last week.

The disc starts off with a general introduction to the Nuon, highlighting all of the amazing features it has!

One of the features it was boasting was online connectivity, and I realised I’ve never seen anything close to that hype, and checked if my player even has a way to connect to the internet.


It doesn’t. Though it has one of those power switches to support European or American power sockets, which is interesting.

Maybe later players added some port to connect to the internet, but this one has nothing. Looks like VM Labs bit off more than they could chew.

Anyway, the disc obviously has no playable demos, so what non-playable demos does it have? Well, pretty much everything that got released for the Nuon minus A -maze a port of Dragon’s Lair, Riven (a sequel to Myst), and a very interesting accessory, more on that later.

A-maze looks like a fun game, I love those kinds of ball in maze labyrinth puzzles, but the game looks like it belongs on the PS1 and Saturn graphics-wise, not something you’d expect from a $400 next gen console.

The Dragon’s Lair demo was just the trailer you see on absolutely everything and was also released on absolutely everything with an optical drive, so next.

Now I had no idea about Riven being planned for the Nuon, the Wikipedia page doesn’t even mention this. The Riven trailer wasn’t even a trailer, it was the behind the scenes making of video. I thought it was stupid to do that but as I watched it, it piqued my interest in the game more. I should probably play Myst first, though.

Now the main thing to catch my eye was a controller known as the Airplay, Which has a distinct feature of a hot swappable battery. The battery compartment has 2 holes, and the idea is that you push a new battery in and you push the old one out. I’m not gonna lie, that sounds really cool and really unique, and if this got released and had it has a kid, I’d play about with it! The controller looks pretty comfy, too!

So that’s all I have to say about the Nuon for now. As a last ditch attempt to compete with the other sixth gen systems, VM Labs made the Nuon SDK public and made later players play homebrew games, but my player doesn’t play them, and Nuance, the only Nuon emulator, barely plays them either. That and I want to burn copies and print cases, and display them with my official games.

So that means I need to get a model that plays Homebrew games, and those rarely come by, but aren’t that expensive.

So when I get myself one, I’ll be back with a part 3.

Until then, A’m oot!

Exploring the Nuon – Part 1 – Getting the thing

Sun, Sep 29th, 2019

You guys noticed I’ve been getting into the groove of weekly articles? It’s fun doing these! I gotta keep my brain active, after all!

So some years back, I heard about this system called the “Nuon”, which was like the forgotten 5th competitor to the sixth generation of consoles.

For those unaware, in 2000-2001, VM labs, a company consisting of ex-Atari employees who worked on the Panther and Jaguar, made a console that was built into some DVD players. It flopped so hard very few have even heard of it today. It’s one of the few systems to fall that deep into obscurity.

The Nuon was supposedly the reason the Playstation 2 had a DVD player built in, so if that’s true, then it made a bigger splash than we thought.

Being a fan of this era, I knew I had to get my hands on one of these. I’d been searching for years in places like Cash Converters and charity shops to see if I could get one for cheap, since people can mistake them for regular DVD players and can go for seriously cheap prices! I never found one, though, and I slowly started to forget it.

A few months ago, I watched a video that brought it back on my radar.

This time I decided “Fuck it!”, and just bought one online.

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Why Dark Seed 2 makes sense… and how I’d fix it! (SPOILERS)

Sun, Sep 22nd, 2019

EDIT: I checked game footage of Dark Seed 2, and it turns out what I theorised was confirmed. The game explains that Mike Dawson had a breakdown. So this post is completely redundant, but I’ll leave it here just in case people want to read it, anyway.

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The CD FMV craze in the early 90s wasn’t the only one in gaming.

Sun, Sep 15th, 2019

Wise fwom you gwave! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, isn’t it?

So I was watching a series of videos about VHS games consoles in the 80s, and how it was a craze where several companies tried to make games out of VHS tapes. Sounded a lot like the CD craze in the 90s.

One thought lead to another and then I realised something: 90s CD games were far from the only FMV craze in gaming, yet it’s the only one people really talk about.

So I thought I’d explain my thoughts and findings here. I’m no expert here or anything, I just think this is very interesting to talk about!

I’m also embedding other people’s Youtube videos to show youse these games in action, if one of the uploaders is somehow sees this and ia not happy with this, I’ll take it down.

I think there were six FMV crazes in gaming, and I’m going to explain each one here.

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Master post: How to play Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort

Mon, May 13th, 2019

The Netstorian

Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort title screen The title screens for all four CCSR episodes.

I don’t often receive reader mail. When I do, it’s exciting for me because I enjoy communicating with you all! The most popular question I receive is in regards to Cartoon Cartoon’s Summer Resort and how to play it. This post serves as a short guide on accessing the game and troubleshooting your way through any potential problems you may encounter in the process.

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Peteetion · Oxford University Press: Stap the Oxford Dictionary fae pittin in Scots wirds ·

Thu, Mar 21st, 2019

Fur thae that dinna knaw, The Inglis Dictionar fae Oxford is pittin in 40 Scots intae it, an this is concernin me, cause A’m feart that this will lead tae thaim addin mair, an makkin Scots redundant or discredtit as a language. In yer concerned aboot this an aw, gie the peteetion linkit below an sign it! Spreid the wird!

Source: Petition · Oxford University Press: Stop the Oxford Dictionary from adding scots words ·

Goodbye Memrise, I’m leaving

Sat, Mar 16th, 2019

I agree with everything here. Except the Anki part, I hate Anki!

The Word Cat

What happened?

On February 20, 2019, many Memrise users received an email from Memrise’s CEO Ed Cooke, informing us about important changes to the service: The community-created courses would be removed from the Memrise website and app, and moved to a sister website called “Decks” in mid-March.

The forum announcement was immediately filled with angry users, mostly Memrise Pro customers. Many of us (including myself) are paying for the pro subscription to have offline access to the community courses in the app. By removing the community courses, Memrise is removing the reason why many people even pay for the subscription.

Memrise promised a follow-up and published a blog post on February 21st. This blog post made it clear that Memrise would hold on to their decision and was not interested in discussing it.

The decision in more detail: how Memrise treats its customers

It’s understandable that companies sometimes have…

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Is the PS1 overated?

Wed, Mar 13th, 2019

In short: I think it is. For those who just wanted to know that, you can now piss off.

For those who want to know what brought me to that conclusion, I suppose I can give you a backstory.

I used to have a PS1 back in the day, and I loved it. There were so many great games for it. The 3D aspect was mindblowing coming from the Mega Drive!

When I got into retro gaming, I naturally went back to the PS1. Those wobbly textures have a charm to them that you can’t recreate with modern games!

So I decided to expland into other retro consoles of that generation, and I got a Saturn, then an N64, then a Dreamcast.

Over time, I found myself playing those way more, and my PS1 was just collecting dust.

It seems I’m not alone. People my age seem to rave on about those consoles more than the PS1. Look at any meme about the 90s, and 9 times out of 10, you’ll see a reference to the N64 there.

Dreamcast obviously has it’s huge fanbase, and the Saturn has a dedicated one, too.

But the PS1 seems completely forgotten. Sure, you have some guys, such as myself, recalling memories of it, but generally, people seemed to have just moved on and don’t pay any attention to it. At least this is from my experience.

This is all despite the fact the PS1 sold about twice as many consoles as the other 3 combined.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? From playing all of the consoles, almost on a regular basis, I can give you my reason for doing this myself.

The PS1 just feels… bland. Lifeless. Almost corporate.

The library seems quanity over quality. Absolutely it has it’s classics, but a big percentage of those weren’t even exclusive, and most of the time, in my opinion, the PS1 version wasn’t even the best.

Wipeout is also available on Saturn and PC.

Wipeout 2097/XL is also available on Saturn and PC.

Croc is also available on Saturn and PC.

Destruction Derby, you guessed it, also on Saturn and PC.

Destruction Derby 2 was also on PC, and a Saturn port was in the works, but cancelled.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was also on N64 and Dreamcast.

Pro Skater 2 was also on N64, Dreamcast, and PC. (There was also 2X on Xbox, but that never got released here)

Final Fantasy VII was also on PC.

Metal Gear Solid was also on PC.

Bugs Bunny Lost in Time and Sheep, Dog n’ Wolf were also on PC.

See where I’m getting at?

Don’t get me wrong, the PS1 has some absolute classics to call it’s own, such as the Crash Bandicoot games, the Spyro trilogy, Klonoa, Wip3out and Ape Escape. I’m not holding anything against those, I love those games! It also has Bubsy 3D… I guess?

But outside of those, the PS1 feels like it hasn’t got anything truly outstanding to offer.

I also respect that the same could be said for the Sega Saturn, many of it’s games were also on PC, but at least those Saturn games had multiplayer that was harder to achieve on PC, so there was a reason to own the games on Saturn, if you had one. Most of the PS1 games listed were singleplayer only.

The other consoles felt like they had personality to them, like you go to one of them to play a specific type of game.

Whereas the PS1 feels like it’s just a generic for everyone console, it lacks such personality.

I’m not knocking the PS1 at all, mind you, I still think it’s a great console, just overshadowed by almost every other console that generation.

So what do you think? Feel free to


My opinion on Article 13

Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

So I thought I’d share my view about Articles 11 and 13 (and more recently Article 3).

I’m going to do this article in English, as opposed to my usual Scots because I want as many people to read this as possible.

I think it’s going to be a disaster, not just for your average joe, but it will be detrimental to the corporations that are probably lobbying for it.

For those somehow not in the know at this point, Article 11 is the idea of taxing people for simply linking to articles, Article 13 is a copyright filter that stops people from uploading anything with copyrighted content.

Article 3 is a very recent article that stops people from modifying their routers or any other radiowave device. To stop people from bypassing the other 2, no doubt.

So you can see what is wrong with this on the user end, and is only to serve the corporations and traditional media outlets.

On one hand, I can kind of sympathise with said corporations, sales of newspapers and physical media in general (not counting Vinyl or Cassette) are falling, much to my dismay, and streaming services such as Spotify or Youtube, give out so little money to the artists.

This said, I’m going to argue that said corporations and outlets are actually tying a noose around their necks, thinking they attached a safety rope. Here’s why: Read the rest of this entry »

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