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A’v made a mix tape

Sun, May 14th, 2017

…an no a single fuck wis gien that day…

A fund this auld thing, an realised that it can record CDs tracks tae cassette, an bein inspired by Cassette Culture, (that an ma iPod classioc is broken) A decided tae git some o ma favourite song thegither, burn thaim on a CD, an record thaim tae cassette!

Hey… check out… ma… m-m-m-m… mixtape…

It’s taught me something, this experience… Audio CDs can ainly haud 80 meenits o miusic, the amoont o space a song taks up file-size-wise is irrelevant for the maist pairt. Ye can creaut MP3 an Audio Data CDs an aw, which dae¬†measure bi file size, but thae CDs dinna play on aw players, an this radio/CD/Cassette combo leuks like it’s fae the early tae mid-90s, gie or tak, sae A didna want tae risk wastin a CD, an played it sauf. …E’en tho A’v got hunners o blank CDs spare…

A’m listenin tae the songs on CD as A scrieve this, an the songs soond a lot different when heard fae a speaker as opposed tae heidphoines, some o the System of a Down songs are funnier whan heard fae speakers for some reason…

A gied whit A’v duin sae faur on a walkman… thay soond kind o awful, but that coud be acause the tapes hjeids are dirty, an A didna knaw that the white bit at the stairt were cleaners meant tae clean the heids afore recordin an playin, sae A uised a pencil tae mak it stairt at the recordin/playin bit… oops… lesson learnt, sae A’m daein it again.

E’en gin it still soonds bad efter, A’v got tae bite the bullet, ma iPod needs repairin, an A’m skint, an A’v ainly got a portable CD player an a walkman… an portableCD players are awkward tae uise….

Sae ay… A thoucht this wis warth postin aboot…

UPDATE: It’s duin… an it still soonds like crap… nivertheless A’m glad A gied it an ettle, e’en tho A’v clearly did somethjing wrang…

Onywey, here are the final results:



Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

A got the latest issue o Retro Gamer the day, an leuked at the back… this wis the ad.

Aither Retro Gamer are desperate for ads tae keep afloat, or the person advertisin this gemme haed a lot o money… it’s sad aither wey…

Ma average day! (On Ubuntu onywey!)

Fri, Feb 5th, 2016

Workspace 1_009.png

A’ve been daein this an awfu lot lately, have Quake as hauf the desktap, an watchin some Drunken Peasants, while hivin chats appen! Multitasking!

Why A’m A skarin this? A jalouse acause A can! …Ay, awricht, it’s been a slaw day the day…

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