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Retro Diary – Xbox Week Part 1.5

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Continuation from last week’s blog.

I played through my brother’s Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 story, the one he was creating using entirely goals made from the Create-A-Goal feature in the game… for something that was created out of the blue in 2 days using something that basically made things like character development or actual story events impossible, it’s actually pretty good. In my opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

VHS is making a comeback… somewhat…

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Retro Diary – Xbox (and Classic PC) week!

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

After my brothers were done with the PS2, they looked up the attic for more console Tony Hawk games, and found Underground 2 on the Original Xbox, so I set up that console for them in the sitting room.

My brother has been playing Underground 2 for about a week now, completing the story mode several times now and now going through classic mode to get the rest of levels or whatever else needs to be unlocked.

We played some multiplayer games as well, all of which I lost, badly… then we played some Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which hasn’t aged well… at all…

My other brother had some games of Tony Hawks Underground 2 as well.

The brother that wanted to play THUG2, has 100%’d it, too.

Meanwhile, I installed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2-4 and Underground 2 on my PC, I played through Underground 2, and now I’m playing Pro Skater 3 and 4. I’m still tryting to get 2 working properly.

I’ve beaten THPS3’s career mode twice so far, once with my own skater, the second time with Doom Guy!

My brother has almost 100%ed THUG2, he trying to get all of the gaps now. He has taken interest in real skateboards, and has shown me some he is interested in.

My brother is now going for all the gaps in THUG2, he’s really dedicated…

My other brother apparently played some Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on Xbox, and didn’t like it…

Meanwhile, I myself am playing through Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on PC, I’ve played through the career with my custom skater, Doom Guy, Wolverine, Darth Maul and Doom, Guy!

My brother has given up on getting all gaps in THUG2, and is instead making his own custom story for the game using the creeate-a-goal feature, and he wants me to check it out when he’s done… I can’t wait to try it!

I have played through THPS3 with Private Camerera and Steve Calberello. I’m aiming to, m,inus all gaps, totally 100% the game with all characters!

That’s it for this weeks retro diary, see you all next week, I guess.

Retro Diary – PS2 Day! Part 2

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Rocco and I decided to play a Tony Hawks Underground again, but this time, I played through the story, and I did it so that I can demonstrate the alternate ending, which you can get by playing through the game twice, I believe one of the playthroughs has to be on sick mode.

Spoiler Alert: The alternate ending is the 2nd last cutscene, where Eric Sparrow declares a race with the player skater, but instead of doing the race, the player skater just snatches the tape from Sparrow, knocking him out cold… serves him right, I think!

We then played some multiplayer games of THUG, one was a horse game, which I somehow lost… grr!

We then played a load of other games, such as Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, SmackDown vs. Raw 2006, Smackdown vs Raw 2011, Wipeout Fusion and others.

It was a nice day, and while all of this was happening, the sun was shining, it was nice and warm outside, and we had a barbecue! I’ll not forget this day any time soon!

Now my brother is trying to play the other games on PC… only to find that his PC’s disc drive gave way, with THPS2 stuck in there, we had to resort to prying the tray out to get it out… At least the disc isn’t badly damaged…

Retro Diary – PS2 day!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

I’v decided to do this quick retro diary, because today was a fairly interesting day.

My brother asked me if I can set a console up so he can play a Tony Hawk game, he was specifically wanting to play the Underground games, which I only had on PC in my room, so I looked up in the attic to see if I had the games on anything else, and as it turns out, I still have a copy of the game on PS2, so we decided to set the PS2 up in the sitting room, got the controllers and memory cards, and we were off!

My brother pretty much played Tony Hawk’s Underground for the majority of the day,

I have a component cable for my PS2, which gives the best picture you can get with the PS2, and… to be frank… THUG looks pretty awful on it, the resolution was really low and there was no anti-aliasing, everything was super-jagged…

Still, it matters not how it looks, but how it plays, and the game is just as fun now as it was back then!

My sister came in at some point and went on our laptop, never touched her smartphone, so it was almost like a mini-2000s-throwback party…ish!

Me and my brother has a fairly interesting conversation of what defined the 2000s, because from my point of view, it was half the 90s, the other half what became the 2010s.

The only things we could come up with that was very 2000s were the Tony Hawk games, System of a Down, and Nu Metal music in general…

It’s kind of depressing how pretty much the span of time where so much happened in the consumer front has ended, the decade from the 1940s to the early 2000s were so prolific and so much happened, that it seemed like an eternity from one end to the other.

Of course, every decade was very important, but it’s like now, it’s all slowed down, and time goes faster for us because not as much happens, like as things were before. It’s kind of sad, really.

My brother played through the game all the way to Moscow, and halfway through it all, he asked if I wanted to get another controller and play a 2-player game, so we decided on Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.

The game didn’t look as bad on the TV, and I still to this day think it looks really impressive for a PS2 game!

We played 2 matches, both of which he won… grr!

We were going to watch some Chucklevision on DVD, but we were all too tried after all of it, so we just went to our beds…

Anyway, that’s it. I thought that was worth mentioning here.

I’ve watched all 130 episodes of Ed Edd n Eddy and Big Picture Show… Here are my thoughts!

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

“Why on earth did you decide to give up any life you had and watched an old childrens show from 10 years ago?!” I hear nobody ask… because there’s nobody reading this… Well, it started with Facebook (of all places), and I saw that come channels were doing streams of Ed Edd n Eddy episodes, so I decided to give them a watch, and I really enjoyed it, it was a nice nostalgic trip! I had ended up watching all of the streams on Facebook.

In desperation for my fix of the tales of the Cul-De-Sac, I remembered that I had the DVDs for the first 2 seasons imported from the US, I was set!

After watching the DVDs, I decided to pirate borrow the rest of the seasons online, and watched those, and then the finale on Youtube. (I’ll buy the seasons on iTunes when I get money, I promise)

So what are my thoughts? Well, you have those shows that you remember fondly from when you were a kid, but as you watch them again, they either don’t age well, or just aren’t as enjoyable as an adult. There are other shows that are timeless, and are just as enjoyable as the day you first watched it. Others better, as there are innuendos and 4th wall breakings you didn’t get as a kid.

So what category does Ed, Edd n Eddy fall in? Definitely the last! The slapstick is just as funny as they were as a kid, and now that I actually pay attention to the dialogue, I’ve noticed there are quite a few 4th walls broken throughout the series!

For those unaware of the show, it follows 3 unlikely friends attempting to scam the fellow inhabitants of their cul-de-sac out of their quarters, in order to buy Jawbreakers… Jeez even the plot sounds whacky when explaining it!

The show ran from 1999-2009, making it the longest running Cartoon Network show of all time, and with good reason… well, it was good.

You have Ed, the biggest, oldest, daftest one of the 3. He is arguably the funniest character, thanks to all of his slapstick moments.


You have Edd, commonly referred to as “Double D” (or Daburu D in Japan!), he is the brains of the group, but kind of lacks much of a personality in comparison, although he is obsessed with cleanliness and wears a sock on his head? …Why does he wear a sock on his head? Nobody knows, it was never revealed what was under it.


Then there’s Eddy, the youngest and shortest of the 3, and is the leader of the pack, he’s the one coming up with all of the scams and tried everything in his power to get money from people!


There are other character of all sorts of variety in the cul-de-sac, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered explaining them all.


There are only 16 characters in the entire show, including a goat, a pig and a plank of wood… and nobody else appears in the show, no bystanders or background characters, nobody.

So I guess the show can be divided into 3 eras, Seasons 1-4 cover are set in the summer, with no school ever mentioned in the show. Season 5 takes place in Autumn, where the characters return to school. Season 6 would have taken place in the winter, from the looks of it. I say “would have”, more on that later.

I grew up watching the first 4 seasons, mostly. So I guess it’s my favorite of the 3, like many kids, I hate school, so the less I was reminded of it, the better! I had always wanted to try out half of the stuff they came up with, they made things like pretend TV shows, and roller coaster rides, and for what? To get 3 quarters… As an adult watching it again, I can’t help but think that it must have cost them more to build the scams… but then again, they probably just took the resources from their houses, who knows?

Seasons 5 and 6, I was a little weary getting into them, because I didn’t think a school-like environment would be fitting for the show, and I guess I was scared of change as well, but on the other hand, maybe change was good, perhaps the formula they were working with was getting stale, because at this point, it would have been 6 years of the same kind of thing.

Surprisingly, they made it work really well, the school environments seem to work just fine, and it’s amazing how well they managed to still only show the main characters, no teachers, no fellow students ever appear in the show!

Seasons 5 & 6 were nice breaths of fresh air, they taught their old dog new tricks, and that old dog still had life left in it.

Now about Season 6… it only has one episode… Well, technically 2, since 2 segments make up an episode… Why does it only have one episode? Well, the answer (or at least the version floating around online) is pretty upsetting.

From what I’ve read, Paul Boyd, the person who drew the title cards of the show, got shot dead in 2007, around the same time season 6 was being made, Danny Antonucci, the creator of the show, was really crushed by the news, and effectively cancelled the show afterwards, I’m guessing since they already had one episode made it, they thought they might as well release that.

It’s sad, especially since Season 6, like I said, seem to try and make things different still, in the episodes of season 6, it was snowing everywhere, so I’m guessing they were planning on making Season 6 the winter season, which was a good idea in my opinion.

So, anyway, let’s cover the grand finale of the show: Big Picture Show!

I won’t give out any spoilers. The movie is available on Youtube, so give it a watch yourself.

In my opinion, it was fantastic. It was very emotional and intense, it left me on the edge of my computer chair to find out what happened next, and I had already seen it before! As well as doing this, it also did managed to get come laughs out of me, only a true work of art can get several emotions out of people at the same time.

One of the mysteries that has been plaguing the show, pretty much from the very beginning, had been answered in the movie, though I’m not going to tell you which one.

I would include screenshots, but I watched through Youtube, rather than VLC, so I wasn’t able to take any screenshots.

“Ah”, I hear someone say, “What about the specials?”, well, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to watch season specials outside of the time that season is in, there’s a special for Christmas, one for Halloween and one for Valentine’s day. I only watched the Valentines day, as that didn’t pass by that long ago. It’s… cute… I guess… I don’t know…

There is, I suppose one other thing that is perhaps worth a mention, I found that there is a show a hardcore Ed Edd n Eddy fan is making, called the “Bro Show”, which is made to be a prequel, and it features Eddy’s big brother. The pilot is available on Youtube.

The actual pilot leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion, but I think they’re on to something. If the idea for the show gets picked up and made into a real TV show, that would be awesome!

… and that concludes my thoughts on the Ed Edd n Eddy Saga. Should you watch the show again? Hell Yes! It is just as good now as it has ever been, and you’d be doing yourself a massive injustice if you don’t go out and buy the DVDs and watch the rest on iTunes right now!

It was one heck of a journey through time, and it’s sad that it has finally come to an end… It’s left me empty, wanting more… What now?

I have an idea, it’s practically the motherload of nostalgic children’s shows… 21 Series, nearly 300 episodes spanning over 20 years… Now, say it with me: To you…

I saw Suicide Squad today… My thoughts

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Okay, I went for an outing with my sister, we both went to bowling and then we went to the cinema to see the Suicide Squad movie.

I thought the film was amazing, and I loved most of the characters in it, Deadshot, inparticular, I thought was amazing and Will Smith, the actor portraying him was awesome as always!

Overall, I thought the film was excellent, but there was one thing on my mind while watching it… I couldn’t help but feel like Harley Quinn and the Joker were shoehorned into the movie to broaden the appeal…

Seriously, she didn’t seem consistent with the rest of the crew. You have Deadshot, an assassin who never loses and can bounce bullets to kill people, you have El Diablo, someone who can make fire with his hands, Killer Croc, who is very tough and strong, Katana, someone who can slice people in half with a single slice of a sword, Boomerang, someone with powerful blades that can be thrown and will come back… and Harley Quinn…. a intellectually-challenged, scantily-clad woman with a baseball bat?

She didn’t add anything to the story either, you can easily take her and the Joker out of it and the movie would still work the same…

I can’t help but feel like the Joker was only in it because he is a popular character, and thus broaden the appeal, and Harley Quinn was only there to rush blood to cisgendered heterosexual (and bi and pansexual) men’s crotches…

The sad thing is that this seems to be working a charm, most of my friends are obsessing over the movie, and specifically about Harley Quinn, and I see figures of her everywhere, but the characters that actually moved the plot forward get next to no attention, minus maybe Deadshot, who I see now and again…

Anyway, those are my thoughts, quick, I know, and mostly focused on Harley Quinn, but I just can’t get it out of my head and I felt the need to share my thoughts on it all, and I have….

So… You can all go, breath a sign of relief…

How Do You Fuck Up Tetris? (The Jimquisition)

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Okay, so after a while of taking a hiatus from keeping up with the games industry, I decided to watch all of the previously unreleased episodes of a Youtube show I watch called The Jimquision, and he made this episode about Tetris, which for the most part is fascinating, as are all of his shows, but there was one line in the video that has been bothering me.

6:38 “…and proprietary software that claim to be services, but really just get in the f***ing way between players and their games”

Now I hear things like that being said about software like Origin and Uplay, and I can assume that’s what Jim is referring to here, seeing that he’s talking about EA and Ubisoft, but what bothers me is that, Steam also fits that description perfectly, but Jim would probably include that in the list of intrusive programs. Yet when I mention stuff like that, I get a lot of hate for it, like somehow it’s okay if Valve does it, but not EA or Ubisoft. It’s like they love to suck Valves package and praise Steam to no end (With the exception of a couple of things recently, like paid workshop items), gamers like kick the balls of one greedy corporation, but suck the dick of another! All for doing the same things!

I mean don’t get me wrong, Valve do make amazing games, but it’s by no means an excuse to do what they do! As developers, Valve are amazing, but as publishers, they are corrupt! Perhaps more so than the likes of EA or Microsoft!

I mean if you looked at the file names for Steam in it’s folder, one of the exe is called “SteamService.exe”, so to me, it seems like a peice of evidence that shows that Valve are trying make Steam look like a service.

As for getting in the way? Try running a game you recently got in a store or digitally bought in a store other than GOG or Steam, and try running it without Steam running, chances are, it’ll start up Steam. If that’s not getting in the way between a player and the game, than I don’t know what is! Just because one uses a program so much, it doesn’t make it less intrusive!

Anyway, a later Jimquision episode I watched mentioned this kind of double standard way of thinking when Overwatch uses microtransactions, like people hate when EA does it, but don’t mind it when a company like Blizzard does it.

It seems like a majority of gamers sadly don’t actually care about DRM or shady business practices, I think all of the hate companies get are just because gamers want an excuse to hate those companies, regardless of whether their favourite brand does the exact same thing!

It’s very depressing, really, and I can see why I have been distancing myself from modern gaming, because you have people like that. Whether it’s a vocal minority or not, it doesn’t look like things aren’t going to change, meaning either everyone is fooled into thinking Steam is good, or the silent majority can’t be arsed to do anything about it… Huh, I guess that’s true to life in general, huh?

5 Word Impressions – 007 Special

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Hey guys, I’ve watched every single 007 film, From the 1954 Casino Royale to Spectre, all in one big marathon and I have recorded my reactions for every one, all summed into 5 words each!

Are you ready? Go!

Read the rest of this entry »

Retro Diary – 02/07/16

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, eh? (2 years, in fact!) Well, I’ve decided to bring this series back, but this time, I’m going to do them whenever I like, and on days where anything of interest happened in terms of retro gaming in my life, such as today!

I was at MEGABytes today, which is a retro gaming cafe that opened up in Glasgow a year or so back, and if you love retro games, you’ll love this place!

Anyway, I was there today with a couple of friends, and we were chatting for a bit, while one of the people in our group was playing Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (I know, not a retro game, but the cafe let them play it on their 360, so…), and I was arguing with a friend (not in a fighting way, though, don’t worry) because we had contrasting opinions on the game, my friend thought it was a great game and the best in the series, but I disagreed, it was a massive disappointment in my opinion, and that the first game was much better!

We then talked about other Sonic game and how since Heroes, with the exception of (part of) Unleashed, Colors and Generations, every Sonic game has been garbage… Read the rest of this entry »

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