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Modern Pick-Ups: I got a new Console!

Sun, Apr 5th, 2015

I got a new console today:

Yes! ...This thing!

Yes! …This thing!

If youse haven’t heard of it, the Playstation TV is a console-ised version of the Playstation Vita, I’ve been looking to get one for a while because of it, while at home, I would love to play my Vita games on my TV, but I always thought the £80-90+ was a little much for something like that, but then I heard they reduced it to £45, which I thought was a good price, so I decided to order one on Amazon… right before going into Tesco and find one for the same price… So I got that, and cancelled my Amazon order! That, I tried to do while at the shop, but the mobile Amazon site had no option for it, so I had to download the app, which took ages (and only finished when I got home!), and I was keeping my mum and so waiting, so I decided to impulse buy it, and so I did, and here we are!

So inside the box is... another box!

So inside the box is… another box!


Admittedly, the photos your seeing here aren’t the first time I opened it, I opened it in the car on the way home to be sure if it had a Vita card slot, which was why I bought the thing! I didn’t notice it at first, and got pissed off, thinking I splashed my money on a digital only console, fantastic(!)

…but then I noticed the slot was on the side, not the back…



So I took it out, and the thing was tiny!

Here's a PS4 controller for a side-by-side comparison

Here’s a PS4 controller for a side-by-side comparison

So I hooked it up and got it set up (and I can also confirm no internet is needed to set it up and play Vita Card games!), and played some FIFA and Dead or Alive 5, the only 2 vita games I own and have opened up, that work with the thing, and the games look pretty nice on a HDTV, they look a little stretched and pixelated, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, it sure as hell a lang way better than the PSP’s TV cables! (You get the full screen for starters!)
Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate works with it, and I plan to play that once I complete the first 2 modern Batman games, and also I’m getting FIFA 12/Football 15, which also works with it, so yeah!

So I’m glad I bought it now, and I’m proud to own one!


A petition to standardise the Scots Language

Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015

A petition to standardise the Scots Language

I know this has nothing to do with what I usually post, but this is very important to me, I’d like to ask if youse could at least have a look at this, and even if you don’t speak the language but agree it needs a standard form, please gives us your support!

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