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Retro Diary #88

Sun, Sep 2nd, 2018

On the Monanday an Tuesday, A played Batman Forever: The Arcade Game an Burnin Rangers for the Sega Saturn.

On the Wadnesday, A tried tae playn the Sega Saturn again, but the laser wis malafoustered.. A’m leukin intae sortin that oot.

Sae A decided tae play ma Atari Jaguar an CD… the Jag CD didna wirk aither… A played some Club Drive… that wis hit.

On the Thursday, A played Crash Bandicoot 3 on the PS1, an haed a richt braw time! A felt like a wee wean again!

On the Friday, A met wi a mate an we played Batman Forever: The Arcade Game on the Sega Saturn on Co-Op, an A actual beat hit!

On the Sunday, A played a guid few gemms wi fowk A hung oot wi. We played Mario kart: Double Dash on the Gamecube, Mario Kart 64 on the N64, Daytona USA on the Sega Saturn, an Mario Tennis for the Wii. A injoyed hit.

Later on, at hame, A played Theme Hospital for the PC.



Retro Diary #87

Sun, Aug 12th, 2018

On Wadnesday, me an ma brither decided tae play some gemms, sae we played Gang Beasts on the PS4, an than A brocht ma Sega Saturn doun, an than we played Athlete Kings, Batman Forever: The Arcade Game an Burning Rangers.

Friday wis ma birthday. We went tae M&D’s an brocht alang a freend o mines, that haes been gittin intae VHS tapes lately, an says he’s interestit in playin Batman Forever: The Arcade Game, an haes the film on VHS. Sae we plan tae gae tae wan o oor hooses, an watch the film on VHS, than play the gemm on Saturn!

A gat tae bring doon some o ma consoles an play thaim. Sae A broucht doon ma N64 an ma Sega Saturn, A played Fighters Destiny an Burning Rangers.

On Sunday, A met up wi ma cousins at wir grannie’s, an A brocht ma N64 alang wi iz. We played Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, Ridge Racer 64, 007 TWINE, Goldeneye, and 1080 Snowboarding. We haed guid fun.


Retro Diary #85

Mon, Apr 2nd, 2018

A’m gaun’ae try oot scrievin these in Scots, acause why no? Hit gies Scots tawkers sic as massel mair content tae read in Scots. We’ll see hou this gangs.

On Wadnesday, A went tae Super Bario an saw that thay haed an arcade cabinet o Tekken Tag Tournament 1, an A haed a shot o’at, an it wis fun, awtho the telly screen wis gaun awfu looney.

On Thursday, A met up wi a freend at Super Barios, an we played aw o the arcade gemmes, includin Tekken Tag Tournament, Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally, House of the Dead (Hoose o the deid!), some Marvel vs Capcom gemme (canna mind whit yin) an Pac-Man, the lest o whit A raxit level 7! A’v ainly got tae level 2 afore that! Awtho tae be fair, some glitches helpit iz wi’at…


2017 Year Review

Sun, Dec 31st, 2017

Whew! Whit a year! Loads o things happened this year, no aw o thaim guid, misfortunately.

Stairtin wi ma personal life, A lost a load o freends, an scart awa the ainly lass A’v iver fancied. Been backstabbed bi loads o fowk, got nae freends left forby ane A niver see in real life onymair, haed tae muive tae a smawer hoose, gie awa wir dugs, A failt ma university course, an ma dreams are gittin haurder an haurder tae achieve, time is rinnin oot…

Thae are the negatives oot o the wey, ontae the positives: Forby ane, A’v actual mak oot ma 2017 new year’s resolutions! Maist fowk brak thaim bi 24 oor, but no iz!

A’ll gae ower thaim, acause naebody actual reads these posts… dae thay? Read the rest of this entry »

Scots First: Kist o Riches — Island Voices – Guthan nan Eilean

Sat, Aug 12th, 2017

A’v juist came across this, it’s an awfu interestin documentary aboot preservin audio recordins bi digitisin thaim!

Alistair Heather is the first to take up the latest “Sharing Gaelic Voices” challenge, as Scots becomes the ninth addition to our “Mother Tongues and Other Tongues” collection of languages! It started with a recent post to the Scots Language Forum on Facebook to see what interest there might be in recording Scots voiceovers to […]

via Scots First: Kist o Riches — Island Voices – Guthan nan Eilean

Le Petit Prince is printed in Scots for the first time

Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

“ANOTHER classic literary tale has been given the Scots treatment as Le Petit Prince becomes The Wee Prince.”

This is brawsome! Mair an mair stuff are gittin pit ower in tae Scots this year! 😀

Source: Le Petit Prince is printed in Scots for the first time

Harry Potter to become a Scots speaker in new book

Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Yass! Harry Potter 1 is gittin a Scots owersettin!

“AS the literary world celebrates the 20th anniversay of Harry Potter first hitting the bookstands, a new version of the first book is to be published in Scots language.”

Source: Harry Potter to become a Scots speaker in new book

Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu – bi Shuho Sato owerset bi Andra Dempster

Wed, Jun 28th, 2017

A comic in Scots, finally!

Source: Gie ma regairds tae Jock Dhu – bi Shuho Sato owerset bi Andra Dempster

A’v made a mix tape

Sun, May 14th, 2017

…an no a single fuck wis gien that day…

A fund this auld thing, an realised that it can record CDs tracks tae cassette, an bein inspired by Cassette Culture, (that an ma iPod classioc is broken) A decided tae git some o ma favourite song thegither, burn thaim on a CD, an record thaim tae cassette!

Hey… check out… ma… m-m-m-m… mixtape…

It’s taught me something, this experience… Audio CDs can ainly haud 80 meenits o miusic, the amoont o space a song taks up file-size-wise is irrelevant for the maist pairt. Ye can creaut MP3 an Audio Data CDs an aw, which dae measure bi file size, but thae CDs dinna play on aw players, an this radio/CD/Cassette combo leuks like it’s fae the early tae mid-90s, gie or tak, sae A didna want tae risk wastin a CD, an played it sauf. …E’en tho A’v got hunners o blank CDs spare…

A’m listenin tae the songs on CD as A scrieve this, an the songs soond a lot different when heard fae a speaker as opposed tae heidphoines, some o the System of a Down songs are funnier whan heard fae speakers for some reason…

A gied whit A’v duin sae faur on a walkman… thay soond kind o awful, but that coud be acause the tapes hjeids are dirty, an A didna knaw that the white bit at the stairt were cleaners meant tae clean the heids afore recordin an playin, sae A uised a pencil tae mak it stairt at the recordin/playin bit… oops… lesson learnt, sae A’m daein it again.

E’en gin it still soonds bad efter, A’v got tae bite the bullet, ma iPod needs repairin, an A’m skint, an A’v ainly got a portable CD player an a walkman… an portableCD players are awkward tae uise….

Sae ay… A thoucht this wis warth postin aboot…

UPDATE: It’s duin… an it still soonds like crap… nivertheless A’m glad A gied it an ettle, e’en tho A’v clearly did somethjing wrang…

Onywey, here are the final results:



Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

A got the latest issue o Retro Gamer the day, an leuked at the back… this wis the ad.

Aither Retro Gamer are desperate for ads tae keep afloat, or the person advertisin this gemme haed a lot o money… it’s sad aither wey…

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