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Retro Diary – 26/2/12 – Xbox Fortnight Part 2

Mon, Feb 27th, 2012

Dear Diary,

As usual, it was a boring week, not much had happened.

On Thursday, I got FIFA 12 for the PC! Once I popped the game in, one word sprung to mind.. lazy! I won’t explain how… I’ll show how:

What’s wrong with this picture? Here’s a clue: I took this screenshot by pressing the print screen key on my keyboard.

That’s right, they didn’t even bother changing the icons for the PC version, it took me hours to figure out the controls! I’m not kidding, I can’t make a joke to save my life!

I’m getting a USB receiver so I can actually use an Xbox 360 controller, you win this time EA…

At our gran’s today, it was Xbox fortnight part 2, if you didn’t read last week’s entry, we extended Xbox week to this week due to the fact that last week, we only got to play one game: 007 Nightfire.

This week, we were pretending it was 2005, although my cousins were constantly flipping out their smart phones, which broke the “illusion”.

We were going to start off this week with Mashed: Fully Loaded… but it turned out I forgot to take the disc out of my Xbox, which was at home, so unfortunately, we couldn’t play it.

We started off this week’s Xbox week with Shrek Super Slam, we had a game, and, well, we weren’t exactly having the time of our lives.

Then we played… 007 Nightfire… At first, Steven played a couple of single player levels, then me and Gianni joined in to have a couple of arena multiplayer levels, this time, we were experimenting with different weapon sets, I say experimented, we just set it to random, so we got a different one every time, so we had a few matches of that.

After that, we had a few matches of Timesplitters: Future Perfect, and for the first time probably ever, I actually got a kill in it, happy days! I still lost, but I finally achieved something!

Next, me and Steven played Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, unfortunately, there was no Horse mode, which sucked, so we just goofed about in normal multiplayer, as he had no idea and I forgot what the controls are.

Next, we played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, where then we played Horse, on the Foundry level, and the horse of the week HLKKjjiggY!

Steven started off, and started off strong, he scored 133,000 point combo, which I couldn’t beat, so I was the first to get a H.

He continued going strong for a little while, but then seemed to grow weaker as the match went on, it was nevertheless close, alright, not as close as out Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX match we had a couple of weeks before, but it will still great.

For a while, neither of us could landed any combos or set any scores, this went for about 10 minutes, then Steven went “forget this” and just did a kickflip, I responded with a double kickflip I think, then he responded with a Cannonball “over the pipe” “Foundry Gap”, which then I responded with double kickflip “over the pipe”.

In the end, I ended up getting the big 100,000 point combos, and he was the one bailing trying.

I ended up winning, 7-1 to me, seriously, it’s getting a bit one sided, come on, Steven, step up your game! Right now, you’re just a HLKKjjiggY!

After that, we had to leave.

Here’s a short list of the games we played:

  • Shrek Super Slam
  • 007 Nightfire
  • Timesplitters Future Perfect
  • Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

After we returned home, me and Steven were talking about a few old games, while we were at gran’s that we found a few old PS1 games and a few of them caught my eye, he had a few demo discs and Gran Turismo, he also has a demo disc for Rainbow Six 3 for the PS2, and that triggered a memory of him going on my computer too look up Rainbow Six 2, he said he remembered having one Rainbow Six game at one point, I assumed it was Rainbow Six 2, but as the conversation went one, more details came back and the pieces were put together, and it turned out it was Rainbow Six one he had, it was an interesting conversation in my opinion, and after, we talked a little about good old Dial-Up internet!

I’ve put the conversation together in an image, and with permission from Steven, I am going to show youse it, with a few blurred out details, like our real/full names, so here you go:

and No, “Cobra” really isn’t part of my name, it’s just a nickname I put there unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow speech marks in names.

Next week it’s Xbox 360 week, I bet my cousin are like “Finally! new games!”, not me, I don’t like the 360, but hey, I can’t have everything I want, can I?


"Retro" Pick-Ups – New PC!

Mon, Feb 20th, 2012

I know this isn’t retro, in fact, if anything, it’s the complete opposite, but since I see it as a big thing and am very exited about it, I’m posting it here anyway.

After my laptop was become out of reach of the newest game minimal requirements, I saved up to get a new laptop, but since all the laptops, even the ones worth £1000 were even weaker than the one I had!

I was looking for a laptop/computer that’s in the range of £1000m – £1500, because I wanted a powerhouse of a computer, so I saved up.

Once I had enough, I was looking around for computers, and an Asus computer caught my eye, for those who are geeky, like me, the specs for it are: 3.4Ghz Quad Core processor, 12Gb ram, 3Gb graphics card and a 2Tb hard drive. Holy sh*t, it was a BEAST of a computer, and at only just over £1000 I couldn’t resist getting it, it was more than capable of running the latest games at their highest settings, so I bought it out of PC World/Currys, as well as a huge monitor and an awesome gaming mouse, I was going to buy a keyboard to match it, but the store didn’t have any more in stock, so I’m hoping to order it online.

So I went back home, and before I opened them up and set it up, which was hard, took all of my willpower to do so, I took out my camera and took pictures of them before they were opened, and then after I set it up, I took pictures of it once set up.

So here are the photos, hate to brag or make anyone jealous, I really do, but prepare to drool at the sight of such as beast:

So yeah, I’m very pleased with my purchase, although I haven’t tried playing any games yet, because I’m writing this article, so after this, I’ll finally be playing some Driver San Francisco, so see youse in a few weeks…

Retro Diary – 19/2/12 – "Crossbows are the best!"

Mon, Feb 20th, 2012

Dear Diary,

This week was so-so in terms of how busy it was, but the things that happened were great!

On Monday, I was having trouble with my PayPal account, and my mum invited Steven over to fix the problem, after that was done, my brother wanted to help him with Portal 2, after he did that, we decided to play a couple of games.

First we played the game that redefined the fighting genre, the classic Rise of the Robots on the Amiga CD32, to my recollection, I won a match then he won one, then we quit.

Then we played Mashed: Fully Loaded on the Xbox, I lost count on who won and by how many wins, but who cares, it was fun!

I go to College every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I’m telling you this because me and my friend always go to McDonald’s for lunch on all days, as greedy as it sounds, I can do that and still lose weight, after we eat our McDonald’s one day, we had plenty of time before the next class/lecture starts, so we just decided to explore the Toy R Us that was nearby, and we found an Xbox 360 on display and it had Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 demo in it, since then, we always have a match of that after McDonald’s.

Also, Toys R Us recently started selling the new Beyblades, it even said you could battle inside, so we went in to where the arena and blades were meant to be, and there was nothing on it, however, my friend looked under it, and found the stuff, they were hiding it, I guess it was to avoid theft, so he pulled it out and put it on the table, and we had a few battles. I’m guessing this will also be on our schedule between lunch and the next class/lecture, I hope so, I loved Beyblade back in the day, and the new Metal Fight ones are fun as well, although they’re a bit hard to get the blades on the launcher, they keep falling off.

On Sunday, it was Xbox week at our grans, and I realised we done Gamecube and Xbox in the wrong order, as the Gamecube actually came out after, some retro fan I am!

Anyway,we only really got to play 1 game, which was 007: Nightfire, which was fun as always, but afterwards, we were actually going to the cinema to see the new Muppets Film, which was brilliant by the way.

So because we only got to play one game, we’re extending Xbox week to next week, to make up for it.

So yeah, next week is, I guess you could call it Xbox fortnight part 2.


Retro Diary – 12/2/12 – "Let’s NOT do this!"

Sun, Feb 12th, 2012

Dear Diary,

Not much has happened this week, apart from the obvious.

This kind kind of off topic to my usual stuff, as it’s not only about a newer platform, but about something I’m making rather than playing.

I’ve officially started production on my upcoming project, I’m getting someone (someone I’ve known for a couple of years, I trust him.) to do the 3D models for the game, while I model the environments for the game, once he’s done, and he says they shouldn’t take too long to make, I’ll start development on the actual game.

I’m going to try my best to make this a great game, although I’m trying not to go overkill, because this will be my first proper game, released on Steam and Xbox Live as well, I want to give off a good first impression.

I will be making a weekly development blog, but not on here, I’ll be doing it on the Gamerstorm website, when it’s back up, until it does, you should check out the blog, all updates are posted on that as well, be sure to check the now and again.

On Saturday, me and my sister decided to watch Spiderman and Spiderman 2.1, which is an extended version of Spiderman 2, as you might’ve guessed.

We never finished the second film, we’re going to finish it off another time…

It was Gamecube week at gran’s this week, the Gamecube is probably the only console all of us (me and my cousin, Giancarlo and Steven) have and have games, controllers, etc. for, so every Gamecube week, we have a vast amount of games to choose from!

We- or rather I first played a few games on the Game Boy Player, Super Mario Deluxe and WWF Betrayal, not much worth of note happened in either game.

Then we played F-Zero GX, originally, it was just going to be me and Giancarlo playing it, but Steven joined in the last minute, we played had a few races, all of which I came last in…

Then we popped in Mario Kart: Double Dash and again had a couple of races, both of which to my recollection where I came second, the second race I was about to win, but got distracted literally at the finish line, and Steven I think managed to overtake me and won.

Then we played the game that wouldn’t make Gamecube week, Gamecube Week without playing, and that game is Mario party 6, we wanted to just make it 5 turns, as our last game, which was 20 turns, lasted about 2 hours! However, the minimum you can have was 10 turns, so we went with that, we played a 4-player game; Me, Giancarlo, Steven, and my 8-year old brother. It lasted a long, long time, but not as long as it usually does, thankfully. I ended up last again, I see a trend coming on here…

Giancarlo had to leave soon after, so it was just me and Steven, so naturally, we popped in a Tony Hawk related game, and that game this week was Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2, the word was paab77ag8g!

We had a game before this one, but the game glitched out, and I had to hard reset it, not even the reset button worked! Thankfully, my it didn’t ruin my Gamecube!

In our proper match, it was surprisingly close, in the end, I got 9 letters, and he got all 10, so he lost. Steven is the horse of the week, a paab77ag8g! It’s 6-1 to me!

We left after that epic match!

Next week is Xbox week, hopefully, we’ll play the last of the obscure non-Tony-Hawk type of Tony-Hawk games; Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer! As I have it on Xbox, of course, not without having a game or two of 007: Nightfire first…

Article By: Cobra!
Recollection help and title quote by: Steven

Retro Diary – 5/2/12 – "You will feel the wrath… of Messi!"

Mon, Feb 6th, 2012

Dear Diary,

It’s been a fairly quiet week this week, not much has happened.

On Sunday, at our gran’s, it was PS2 week.

We first played FIFA 12, me, my cousin, Giancarlo, were playing a match, I was FC Barcelona, he was some obscure Russian team, just because he could, I beat him 3-0.

Then, we had a rematch, and my brother joined in, and for the first time actually making use of my PS2 multitap, me and Giancarlo were in Barcelona, and he was playing the obscure Russian team, and we beat him, to me recall, 5-2, I could be totally wrong, though.

Then me and Giancarlo played a couple of matches of WWE All Stars, because he hadn’t played the game before, and he needed to see how bad this game is! Like the first time me and my other cousin, Steven played it, we had a great time laughing at the game.

After that, Giancarlo had to leave, but at the same time, Steven arrived, we played a couple of games of WWE All Stars, like always, we had fun.

Then we played Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, and I discovered there was a snowboarder in the game, that was a total dead ringer for Leo Messi, a football player who plays for Barcelona, I’m serious, except for the fact his hair was brown, he looked exactly like Messi!

So Steven went Shaun Palmer, and I went as Messi! We played our favourite game; Horse! This week, the horse name was “GLSSXJRG”! I won that game, so it’s 5-1 to me!

That’s all I did gaming related this week, next week, we’ll be bringing the Gamecube.


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