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DEBUNKED: Ghost Hunting Equipment

Mon, Feb 8th, 2016

An interesting video, it’s ghost hunting equipment debunked by someone who themselves believe in ghosts. Which is kind of the stance I like to have on things like this. (Not made by me, obviously.)

Source: DEBUNKED: Ghost Hunting Equipment


Smash Bros 64 (N64) Jontron, Mike Matei and James Rolfe!

Sat, Feb 6th, 2016

This is funny! I would’ve never expected Jontron to have met AVGN or Motherfucker Mike. I obviously didn’t make nor do I own this, I just shared this here so I can share it on Facebook, etc. (Yeah, I know, I’m lazy!)


The Sad Truth Aboot The day’s Warld Illustratit Bi Steve Cutts

Sat, Feb 6th, 2016

These are mazin!

“Art isna aw fairytale photae-shuits an lanudscape shots – it can act as catalyst o chynge an aw, and Steve Cutts thinks that mony things in the warld shoud be different. Wark shouldna be a grindin, soul-crushin rat race for the awmichty dollar (or awmichty poond?). Consumerism shouldna hauld a vice-like grip on wir lives. As for social media, weel, we need tae thraw-aff the shackles we sae eager-like pit on wirsels. Wad life no be better than?”

Source: The Sad Truth About Today’s World Illustrated By Steve Cutts (Inglis)

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Ma average day! (On Ubuntu onywey!)

Fri, Feb 5th, 2016

Workspace 1_009.png

A’ve been daein this an awfu lot lately, have Quake as hauf the desktap, an watchin some Drunken Peasants, while hivin chats appen! Multitasking!

Why A’m A skarin this? A jalouse acause A can! …Ay, awricht, it’s been a slaw day the day…

My thoughts on the announced show hosts and new logo.

Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

So Robot Wars has updated it’s profile picture on Facebook to what I’m going to assume is the new logo. I’m going to be honest, I actually think this looks cooler than the original logo! I thought the new Battlebots logo from their reboot was disappointingly bland compared to their old one, but if anything Robot Wars went the opposite direction! Take a look:

Source: Robot Wars – Robot Wars updated their profile picture.

So it seems to have been announced that Dara O’Briain (from Mock the Week) and Angela Scanlon (who I’ve never heard of) are going to be the new hosts for the show.

I personally can’t imagine Robot Wars without Craig Charles, I mean I know Jeremy Clarkson presented the first series and such, but it was pretty much Craig Charles who defined the show! He supposedly has expressed interest in re-hosting the show, so it feels almost like a backstab to me… but who knows? Maybe O’Briain will surprised us and turn out to be awesome, much like Matt Smith surprised me as the Doctor!

As for Angela Scanlon, who I’m assuming will be the pit reporter (the article doesn’t really specify), I guess it makes sense not to bring back Philippa Forester or anyone else from the original shows, as douche-y as that might sound, because the original show ended over 10 years ago, all of the people since then would have obviously aged, I mean Philippa is apparently in her 40s now! I can’t imagine her being brought back to be brutally honest, but then again, I haven’t seen what she looks like now, so…

Some good news though is that Jonathan Pearce is back as the commentator! I’m really happy about that!

Overall, I’m still excited about this, and keeping my mind open to how the new hosts change the atmosphere of the show, if they do at all! So yeah, I’m hoping to get my tickets for the show to see it like. (It’s being hosted in an arena in Glesgae! 😀 )

Source: Robot Wars: Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon to host new series on BBC2

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