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Xbox One Announcement Thoughts

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
I just watched the new Xbox One Announcement, I wasn’t impressed. They apparently claimed that the new Xbox was all about the games, and they proved themselves to be complete liars! 90% of the time, they were talking about features that didn’t have anything to do with games!

To be honest with you, I’d be surprised that Microsoft even know what a video game is! Even the original Xbox creator said that the Xbox consoles now are painful to watch, and I agree with him 110%! I imagine it’ll only get more painful with their new Xbox One, as Microsoft are further floating away from gaming…

That’s another thing, Xbox One is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!

One of the name given to the original Xbox (which I was and still am a fan of) to distinguish it from the Xbox 360, was the “Xbox 1”, and now we can’t use that! Thanks Microsoft(!)

In fact I don’t even want to consider the Xbox One as a games console, because it clearly doesn’t want to be one!

Here’s a video below that perfectly sums up my thoughts, it’s not made by me, but whoever made this video, I want to give him/her a high five!


Robot Wars is (Sort of) making a return!!!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

I just found out that Roaming Robots, who are a Robot Combat organisation, similar to Robot Wars or Battlebots, but not as big, or on TV…

Anyway, it turns out that they had just bought the rights for Robot Wars! They are going to replace their entire brand to Robot Wars, and even plan on recreating the arena and bringing back the house robots!

However, they are no plans for a TV show, but hopefully, as the post author had said, this is a step in the right direction.
I hope this means we can see the return of legends, like Panic Attack (Who had actually made a comeback at Robots Live a few months ago, so there’s hope there for an RW return), Chaos 2, Roadblock, Mortis, Razer (When though the team split and decided to never have anything to do with RW again, but that was BBC RW), and Plunderbird!

I’m sure robots like Behemoth, Storm and Kronic the Wedgehog, who we used to see in the old days will be there, seeing how they’ve yet to retire.

I’m extremely exited for this, this is a chance for a positive future for Robot Combat in general! What do you guys think.

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