Retro diary #90 – Final Yin… for a while…

Sun, Dec 30th, 2018

A think for 2019, A’m gaun’ae lea the Retro Diary for juist special events A dae whan it comes tae gemmin. Hit juist seems pyntless tae me itherwise. Juist a desperate attempt tae keep acteeve a blog A shoud post mair creative stuff on! A think A shoud lea ma personal gemmin life private onywey.

A’m shuir this daesna interest onybody ootside o my faimly or freends, anywey. Ma diskiverin Twitter maks this hale thing obsolete regairdless.

Assumin Brexit nor Airticle 13 dinna happen (A mean Scotland coud lea the UK an juist jyne the EEA insteid… here’s howpin!), 2019 will be whaur A will stairt tae dae mair uisefu stuff on this blog. Stuff like reviews, thochts on current gemmin an media events.

Mibbie A’ll stairt daein let’s plays an video reviews an aw! A’m howpin tae! A juist need tae win a warslin match wi ma anxiety…

A’ll be shuir tae milk the hell oot o the blog for Januar an Februar anywey! A’v got’ae make the maist o whit freedoms whit hiv left, eh no?

Last Sunday, A went tae R-cade for thair Christmas pairty, an A haed s smashin time! A played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch, Virtual Cop 2 on the Saturn, an 18 wheeler on the Gamecube. Ah watched someb’dy play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Gamecube an aw.

Santa Pikachu came oot tae gie s aa presents an aa, A’m savin mines till Christmas day!

We sang Happy Birthday tae the Japanese emperor, acause it wis his birthday, the day!

The video isna mines, it’s fae the R-Cade Facebook Page, but A’m in it… but A’m no tellin yese which o’aim A’m are!

Than A went tae ma Grannie’s for anither Christmas githegither, an A played some Pokémon Yellow while A wis thare.

Later on, we went hame, an ma brither, his bird an massel played Pokémon Stadium on the N64. A lost ma battle, but faired better’n his bird.

On the Tuesday, Christmas day, A got a Game Boy Camera!

A went tae ma grannie’s, an ma cousin wis thare, an we war playin aroond wi it!


A’v stairtit tae play The Sims 3 an aa… like, oot o naewhaur… an A think A’m addictit again…

On the Wadnesday, A’v been playin mair o the Sims 3, an A encoontered a glitch.


A fund oot that ye can kind o control the Sims while ye’re asleep or daein ither things. A made a bunch o thaim dae poses the hale nicht, stairvin thaim an deprivin thaim o sleep… an thay wadna stap…


On the Thursday, A played mair o the Sims 3, an attemptit tae play a board game wi ma siblings, but ma sister wis annoyin aw o us, sae we didna feinish it.

On the Friday, we went back tae R-Cade, an A tried tae play throu mair o Goldeneye 64, but didna git ony faurer. A played some Virtua Fighter 2 wi ma freend.

A met a graphic airtist an we gat alang, added wan anither on social media, an she wis up tae wirkin wi me on a gemm or a project! Magic!

A progressed a tiny wee bit faurer in Pokémon Yellow, reachin the 5th Gym leader.


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