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Retro Diary – 02/07/16

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, eh? (2 years, in fact!) Well, I’ve decided to bring this series back, but this time, I’m going to do them whenever I like, and on days where anything of interest happened in terms of retro gaming in my life, such as today!

I was at MEGABytes today, which is a retro gaming cafe that opened up in Glasgow a year or so back, and if you love retro games, you’ll love this place!

Anyway, I was there today with a couple of friends, and we were chatting for a bit, while one of the people in our group was playing Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (I know, not a retro game, but the cafe let them play it on their 360, so…), and I was arguing with a friend (not in a fighting way, though, don’t worry) because we had contrasting opinions on the game, my friend thought it was a great game and the best in the series, but I disagreed, it was a massive disappointment in my opinion, and that the first game was much better!

We then talked about other Sonic game and how since Heroes, with the exception of (part of) Unleashed, Colors and Generations, every Sonic game has been garbage… Read the rest of this entry »


Rant – Xbox live and PS Plus – Mandatory pay-to-play multiplayer

Monday, December 28th, 2015

I’m going to start this off with an experience I’ve recently had with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 for the PS4, which I got for Christmas. I found out that the game has this awesome feature where you can play career mode and you see other players playing through career mode as well, and some goals/missions you can even player co-op! It was pretty awesome, and a lot of fun. I got a PS plus trial just to do this basic, and not needed feature. Now that trial has run out, and now I have to fork out £4 a month or pay £15-£40 upfront to do this…

Seriously, Sony, what the f*ck? What happened to free online play? That was a massive advantage the PS3 had over the Xbox 360! The PS Vita even has free online-play, so why doesn’t the PS4?!

Apparently the reason is because they needed to compensate for their new flashy features they added such as watching other people play games or even streaming a game onto your console if someone else is playing and you want to, and also things like online cloud storage… okay, but what about people who only want to play online and don’t care about those features? They would be paying for sh*t they aren’t going to use!

I could understand back in the late 90s and very early 2000s where the Dreamcast and Xbox did this, because it was a new thing, and I’m guessing doing things like that was expensive, because you needed servers dedicated to the console, I guess, but by the time online play became more mainstream, it seemed like an obsolete idea. The PS2, Gamecube (whatever games it had online), PS3, Wii and Wii U all had free online, and the guys behind them were doing just fine financially, so why would it be needed now?!

Again, all I would want to do is use this cool feature on THPS5, but I have to pay for game streaming, live let’s play features and cloud storage just to do this?! I’m never going to use any of those features!

I remember when this thing was first announced, my friend, who previously had a 360, reacted to it like it was no big deal. I’m guessing because he was used to it…

That’s probably why Sony did this, they new thanks to the controversy with the Xbox One at the time, many 360 owners were moving to Sony, so they saw money in this, and decided to treat them as sh*t as Microsoft did for money!

Smart? Maybe, but that doesn’t make it good, though!

Let’s imagine a scenario where you can to pay some guy “protection” money, otherwise, he gets to batter you with a baseball bat. This goes on for years, and maybe the original guy stops this for one reason or another (e.g. he dies or got arrested), and then another guy jumps in and does the same thing. You’d be used to that treatment by then, does that make this behaviour okay? No, of f*cking course it doesn’t!

“But PS Plus is a good deal!” Not when you HAVE to pay for it for something unrelated to why it’s a good deal!

I’ll create another scenario for this argument, but I’ll tell this story differently, try to imagine you enter a shop because you are away from home and need the toilet. (You probably already see where this is going…)

“Hey,” you say to the cashier, “Can I use your toilet? I’m bursting!”
“Would you like to buy this deal we have going on where if you purchase this bottle of Mountain Dew, you get a free bag of Doritos!”
“No thanks, I just need to go to the toilet.”
“Well, you need to get this deal, otherwise, you can’t use the toilet.”
“What the f**k?! No! F**k off!”
“Well, I’m afraid you can’t use our toilets, so you can either leave the store or I’m calling the police!”

…Okay, both of those analogies are a little extreme, as online play in of itself isn’t a mandatory human right (Unless the internet access thing that was added to the list of human rights count!), and the consequences aren’t that extreme, but I got my point across, right?

Bottom line, paying for online is not needed! You’re a greedy piece of sh*t if you charge for it! F*ck you Sony, and f*ck you Microsoft! I’m not giving youse a penny for online play! *sigh*, I wish they still made the Call of Duty games or THPS5 for Wii U…

Retro Pick-Ups – Not PSP this time!

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Retrom Pick-Ups - Not PSP this time!

I’ve got a few deals in the past week that I’ve been forgetting to post here, so here’s a round-up of what I got this week.

Clockwise starting from bottom left, I got Tony Hawk’s Project 8 for the Xbox, because why not? I was wanting to see what the Xbox version of the game is like, as it’s the only version I haven’t played, and to sum things up, it’s basically the PS2 version (as expected) but running at 60fps, making it, in my opinion at least, far superior to the PS2 version. The only gripe I have, is that you have to press white to do flips, so it’s hard to do a trick while doing flips, but other than that, I love it!

I got Virtua Striker 3 for the Gamecube, I got Virtua Striker 2 on the Dreamcast in February, and I loved it, the only gripes I had were that there was no analog support, and the game was really hard, luckily, Virtua Striker 3 fixed both of those problems! The only thing is, it created a few of it’s own…
First thing is, there’s no longer an Arcade Mode, which blows, though they’ve kept ranking mode. They’ve also added offside, no big deal, right? I mean it’s not football without the offside rule! Only that, it goes off at random, I could press the long pass button at our goal, not even aiming for the player at the other side, and the game calls offside! You can turn this off, but only in single matches…
The last gripe I have is that they’ve added a more complexity to the game, it’s still very simple, but they’ve added the ability to substitute players and they’ve added a manager mode, which is exactly as it sounds, I’m glad they didn’t go any further than that, otherwise, in my eyes, it’d just be a failed contender to FIFA or PES, which it really shouldn’t be.

I got Mortal Kombat 3 (as not seen by the picture, thanks to the flash!) for the Mega Drive, it was only £4, so I decided to get it, and it’s a great port, unlike the original game, it’s got most of the sound effects and music in the game, and the game feels a lot more solid and fluent, the only problem is that you still can’t pause, even with a 6-button controller!

I got Jet Ion GP for the PS2. I’ve started hearing about this game not too long ago, it appeared in my suggestions on Amazon when I was browsing there one time, saw gameplay footage, and heard that it wasn’t great. I love the idea behind it, and it has a nice style to it, I decided to get it if I find it cheap somewhere, and lo and behold, CEX had it, for 25p!
Yeah, the reviews were right when they said it wasn’t great, the game runs awful, despite seeing gameplay footage of the game running smoothly, so it must be a PAL thing.
It barely reaches 30 frames when you’re in time trial or qualifier mode, and still manages to slow down, and you can have up to 8 ships in an actual race! “Well maybe the 30 frames is just a cap.” You might be wondering. Well do you know about Checkered Flag for the Atari Jaguar? Well, think about how bad that game ran. That’s how Jet Ion GP runs in a race, I’m not kidding!

I got Project Gotham Racing for the Xbox, it’s a racing game by Bizzare Creations, the game guys who previously made Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast, which was a great game, and the PGR has very similar gameplay and graphics, but runs at 60fps, rather than 30. I haven’t got much else to say, as I haven’t delved that much into it yet, but it looks promising from what I’ve seen so far

I got Wall-E for the Wii, and I kind of regret it, because I’ve decided that later down the line, I might get myself a PS3, due to all of the awesome looking exclusives it has, which is ironic if you think about it, because it was the PS3, and all of it’s multi-media features, that drove me to retro gaming in the first place, but since then, the PS3 has gotten slimmer versions that are apparently more dedicated to gaming, despite no backwards compatibility, and the PS3 has gotten some really good exclusives, such as Yakuza 3 and 4, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Little Big Planet, Pain, the Ratchet and Clank games and more. What has this got to do with Wall-E? Well, the Wii version has no support for the classic controller, meaning you have to use the Wii mote… I should have wait until I got a PS3, and got the PS3 version of the game, as it’s the same, only you can use an actual controller.

Lastly, I got Devil May Cry, for £1.50! I’ve been hearing so much about this game, so I decided to get it and give it a try… I just need to get around to doing so…

So that’s what I got this week, some great games some not so great, so yeah…


“Retro” Pick-Ups: Model Railway Deluxe [PC] & Wii Play [Wii]

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Retro Pick-Ups: Model Railway Deluxe [PC] & Wii Play [Wii]

I was at out today to the “school run” with my mum, so I could get a haircut, and we had time to browse around the shops around the area, so I went into a shop called “Maplin”, which is a shop for buying cables and PC parts, to get a VGA cable and a couple of AV cables, all of them together costed £7 on eBay with free delivery, so I decided to check and see if I could get a better deal andnot have to wait for them to arrive…
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Retro Pick-Ups – 18/02/2014

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

That’s right, I’m starting to give these articles titles dates, I just thought it might make sense to do so.

So anyway, after college, I was at CEX and G-Force as usual, but I was there for a reason, you see, I’ve made myself a wishlist (well, still am), of games I want in the future…

Amazon Wish-List - Page 1 of 18 (437 Items)

(…and I think it’s safe to say, I got a little carried away…)

…so I had a few games too look for, usually, these stores I go to have the games in mint condition and are cheaper than it is on Amazon, plus you know what you’re getting (You wouldn’t believe how many times I got a US version of a game from Amazon!). Besides, there’s nothing like the experience of buying a game in a store, am I right?
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Retro Diary – 17/6/12

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Monday 11th June 2012

Day 5 with no proper PC, and I can tell you, it’s boring as f*ck, I have no idea how I managed without it before, well, probably because I didn’t have games that needed a PC that powerful, but the fact is that I do, and I want more games that need it, this sucks!

I ordered the MDickie collection on DVD today, you’ll get the link to do so on his website if you want to as well, it’s only £10, and you get basically everything he’s ever created, everything on his website on a DVD, including his old DOS games, offline versions of his flash games! It may be pointless as everything on his site is free now, I’m preparing for if the site ever goes down and loses everything, if that ever happens, I can still play his games using his DVD compilation.

So I decided to take my mind off it by playing a bit of Gran Turismo 3, FIFA 12 and Toy Story 3, all on the PS2, mostly GT3.

I realised there’s an unlockable feature on FIFA 12 on PS2, which I didn’t see on the PC version, and that is funny SFX, which replaces, all of the game’s sound effects to funny ones, for example, when I shoot, instead of hearing a kick, I hear a rocket! Or if I hit the post or the bar, I hear a bell noise, the same for when someone headers the ball, only it’s a different bell sound! It’s fun to have on, even if it gets old fast.

Throughout the whole day, for some reason, I wanted to play a racing simulator game, like Gran Turismo, or Sega GT. So I decided to play the one I’ve had for months, but never played, Gran Turismo 3! So I’ve been playing that, and enjoying it, even if it’s frustrating as hell to get the licences!

One of the games I wanted for for PC that only my broken PC could run, was Toy Story 3, after playing the Wii version and really enjoying it. In excitement in getting my PC fixed and playing, I’ve been playing Toy Story 3 for the PS2… so yeah…

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Day 6 without a proper PC, and I’m seriously on the brink of insanity! I want to Play games like Sims 3, left 4 Dead 2 and Toy Story 3 so bad, but I’m not able to!

So, out of extreme boredom, I decided to play one of the few games the laptop I’m using can play, Peggle Extreme! I decided to give this a shot, as I never got the chance with my now-broken PC, and I really enjoyed it, I will be getting the full game if I get my PC fixed, because you can get both that and it’s nights expansion in retail form from Amazon!

I also played Codename: Gordon, and completed it! Now I only have to finish Half Life 2 Episode 1 & 2, and Half Life: Blueshift, and Half Life: Decay… Well, I’m one step closer to completing all of the Half Life games out so far.

Wednesday 13th June 2012

Day 7, a full week without my PC, and I am officially losing it, seriously, I hope writing this will keep me sane, if not, then god help us…

My Amazon basket a.k.a, the list of PC games I want, is filling up, and I realised that some items would be quickly going out of stock, one of them only having 1 left, no big deal, right? No, Except that, that item didn’t have other sellers, if I place that order for that one copy, I can forget about getting that game at all, so I thought since my laptop could probably run it anyway, I ordered it thankfully, it dispatched, so I got the last copy.

The game I’m talking about is Peggle, the full game, I also ordered Peggle Nights, the sequel, and I also ordered Doom: Collectors Edition, which is all 3 of the original doom games made playable on modern Windows Operating Systems, plus, you also get a demo of Doom 3, chances are, my laptop could at least run the original Doom games, so I got that as well.

Throughout the day, out of total boredom, I decided to check out a few DOS shareware games, such as Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

Thursday 14th June 2012

Day 8 without my PC, and I swear to god, I’m going to go insane, I mean insane asylum kind of insane, I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I did everything with that PC, played games, make stuff, do browsing, my laptop does an awful job in comparison on all 3, especially games, I can hardly play anything on this toaster! I can’t take my mind off it because pretty much everything reminds me of it!

I have just about given hope on my PC, I am very confident that ASUS will not repair it, and all the PC repair shops will end up charging us more than we have, so I’m f*cked, £1150 gone right down the drain, it’s nothing more than a paperweight now, and there’s f*ck all I can do about it!

Friday 15th June 2012

Day 9 without my PC, and usually at this point, I’d be totally insane and wrecking the house, but I’m not, and I’ll tell you why.

2 things, first of all, my copies of Peggle and Peggle Nights, as well as Doom Collector’s Edition have arrived, so I won’t be as bored.

Secondly, but by no mean least, when I was bored, “knowing” I can’t play games like FIFA 12, PES 2012, NBA 2k12, Left 4 Dead etc., I looked at my game boxes to make sure of this, and I found out that, theoretically, this laptop actually can play them all on low settings! It’ll do until my PC gets fixed, if it ever gets fixed, so at least I can still play FIFA Euro 2012 in the mean time. The most surprising thing is, this laptop is 5 years old, and can still play some fairly new games, and when that was new, that couldn’t play any games released at the same time at high settings.

If my PC gets fixed, and that can play todays games on high settings, I’m looking at, at least 4 or 5 years until that becomes obsolete! So yeah, I’m all cheered up knowing that.

I played a bit of Revenge of Shinobi for the Mega Drive, and I got farther than before because I accidentally did the unlimited shrunkens cheat, which also gave me more lives, I managed to reach Round 2 Level 1, in other words, level 4, before dying, it may not sound far, but this game is very hard, I’m lucky to reach the end of level 2!

Saturday 16th June 2012

I went to the cinema today to see Men in Black 3, I really enjoyed the film, although the 3D effects were mediocre at best, which wouldn’t usually be a problem, but it costed us £50 to get in! What a rip-off! Despite that, like I said, I enjoyed the film.

I tried out FIFA 12 on my laptop, and minimum requirements my ar*e! My laptop could barely run the game on arena, where there’s only 1 player and 1 goalkeeper, and half a pitch, if even that! On an actual match, it was just unplayable! The game literally run at like 2 frames a second, if even that, and my laptop surpasses all the minimum requirements by quite a bit, I’d hate to try it on a laptop that just only meets the game’s “requirements”!

My sister also came to my room to play a bit of Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive, but only for like 1 level, until she went out.

Sunday 17th June 2012

It was Wii week at grans today, unfortunetly, Giancarlo forgot to bring his Wii, fortunately, however, I brought mine, just in case this would happen.

I played a bit of No More Heroes first, and it make me think why I stopped playing in the first place, I really enjoyed it, maybe I’ll dig it up, because I still have No More Heroes 2 sealed, unopened, from a couple of years ago, and I want to open that up, and play it, but I want to beat the first game first.

Then me, Giancarlo, his sister, and Steven played a good few matches of Super Smash Bros. brawl.

Then we played Wario Ware Smooth moves, and we had a blast!

Then we played a few Gamecube games, first being Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects! Me and Steven played a match or two.

Then we played a couple of matches of Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle.

Then we played a few races of Mario kart Double Dash.

Then we went back to playing Wii games, by playing Super Mario Galaxy, it didn’t take long for us to get bored, though.

Then we played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010, the game ironically wasn’t as good as the Wii sports golf game, and PGA tour was dedicated, we played a few for a few holes, though. One thing we did notice was that the graphics were so good, our gran thought it was a real match on TV!

Finally, we played Sonic Heroes on the Gamecube.

After we went home,my mum got my uncle to photocopy something, and she would go over to collect it half an hour later, I wanted to go as well, so I did, and I showed Steven the Peggle games, and showed him the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic song: “It’s all about the Pentiums” and he showed me the Plants vs. Zombies game, and he said there’s an browser version to try out, so I’m trying that out right now.

So next week is Mega Drive week, we’re going back to the start of the cycle, time for some blast processing!

Retro Diary – 10/6/12 – "PC Week"

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Monday 4th June 2012

Today, we went to grans again because we had leftovers from the party beforehand, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to bring a console over, I decided to not tell anyone until after my cousins have had their dinner.

…and that console turned out to be *drum roll*… The Nintendo Gamecube!

First, Me and Giancarlo and Riccardo played a few matches of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, played a few two player match, taking turns, as the game’s only 2 player.

Next, we played a few matches of Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle, Steven later came in, and had a few matches as well.

Then me and Steven played a game of Horse on Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2, the horse name as h0ba0a008, and I won! 12-5 to me!

Finally, we played a race or two of Mario Kart Double Dash, then we left.

Steven’s family took me back as my family left earlier on, while I was at my house, I lent Steven my Sam & Max games and BTTF the game, as they are DRM free, so you can install them on any PC, and that he wanted to try the games out for a while.

Tuesday 5th June 2012

At about 12:00 up until 1:30 in the morning, me and Steven were playing Co-Op online on Portal 2 on PC for the first time! It was so much fun! We played through 2 chapters before getting bored, and that it was getting late… after that, I of course went to sleep.

When I woke up after that, shortly after, my brother, Riccardo, challenged me to a game or two of FIFA 12, but this time, we’d be playing on the PC, we first had a game of Euro 2012, my brother went Scotland, and I went Bulgaria, the teams were chosen at random by the way.

For a while at the start of the match, I thought I was Scotland, as I always play them and are used to controlling them, this almost lead to scoring an own goal, but then I figured out I was actually Bulgaria, and the owning commenced, I don’t remember the score, but I remember I won!

Then we played a few matches of the original FIFA 12, for all the matches we played, I went Bray Wanderers, and Riccardo went as Athletico Madrid.

Then first match, which we didn’t finish, I was winning 3-1, until Riccardo forced a rematch, in the next match, Riccardo won, I think the score was 8-4. The last match, I think I won 5-1.

Then I played a bit of Need for Speed World.

Sunday 10th June 2012

On Wednesday, my PC broke down, it couldn’t even boot up, so I’m using my laptop, and to save time, nothing happened between then and now.

Originally, it was going to be Wii week, but Giancarlo went to a music festival, and Wii week is nothing without him, so we done a different week, and go back to Wii week when he returns.

So we decided to do a one-week-only “PC week”, but it went to waste, because we didn’t play anything we spent the whole day trying to connect me and Steven’s laptops together, which is odd, they worked perfectly fine before, but it just won’t work now, and I swear Microsoft are trying their best to make this task as hard and complicated as humanly possible!

So we left without playing anything.

I hope next week will be better than this, but I doubt it, seeing how my PC, which is worth £1000, is dead…

Retro Diary – 23/10/11 – "It’s like they’re on the moon…"

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

A lot happened this week, at least as far as retro gaming goes.

On Wednesday, my friend came over to my house to have a game of FIFA 12, on PS2!

He thought it was rubbish compared to the Xbox 360 version, well, he said it was completely different and that it didn’t fell right, but he said that it might be okay once you get used to the controls, even though I didn’t say so, I agreed with him, because after seeing gameplay of the Xbox 360 version, it looked MUCH better.

We then watched some Red Dwarf and some Fawlty Towers, then he was playing Pokémon Pinball on my Game Boy Color, he was playing that for a good while.

We played a few more games, here’s the complete list of what we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • FIFA 12 [PS2]
  • Pokémon Stadium [N64]
  • Pokémon Pinball [GBC]
  • Half-Life [PS2]
  • Timesplitters: Future Perfect [Xbox]
  • FIFA Football 2003 [PS2]
  • Ready 2 Rumble Boxing [DC]

The most fun we had was playing Half-Life and Timesplitters: Future Perfect, we played both of them for hours and before we knew it, it was time for him to go, so we played a couple of games of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and then he left.

On Saturday, my Atari Jaguar Memory Track arrived! So now I can save data on my Jaguar CD games. (well, game)

It says on the back it can box “125,000” bytes of data, that’s only 250KBs, even back then, in 1996, where you had the fairly small 1MB PS1 memory cards, that was rubbish, and it says also that it can store data from up to “250 Jaguar games” but when I went to the memory track manager, the previous owner had data from 3 games, Battlemorph, Hoverstrike: Unconquered Lads and Myst, and that almost took up the whole cart, only about 100 bytes remained! 250 games my ar*e!

On Sunday, before we went to grans, my brother wanted someone to play him at Co-op in Super Mario Bros. Wii, he asked me first, I didn’t want to, so he got our dad to do it.

When I went down for a coke later on, he was still playing and looked so bored playing it, so I thought since I had nothing else to do, I thought I’d take his place, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it, even if it was my brother playing it, he always shouts and makes loud noises while playing it, we got every star-coins, whatever they’re called, in world 1 and managed to unlock level 1 of world 9, we didn’t complete it, but I’d love to give it another shot!

At grans, it was PS2 week, and since my cousins were still to arrive.

So I decided to play a game of FIFA 12 career mode, when I first played when the game arrived, I didn’t like it the framerate was very unreliable and the controls were very awkward (I’m playing on “Be a player” mode by the way), but playing it a second time, I started to really enjoy it, the dynamic camera angles you get when your near a goal I thought were a very nice touch, and I managed to score 2 goals, and it felt very rewarding… and then I got sent off, after “bumping”, for lack of a better word, the score to 2-0. Then the opponent team scored not 1, but 4 goals against us! Talk about a bad move, eh? I had to watch the rest of the entire match, the first half wasn’t even over yet, I couldn’t skip, I could quit, but all progress would be lost and it was count as a retire, it was some of the most boring moments of my life. The score ended 3-4, we lost, and I got the blame, the newspaper said it was my fault and that I was sorry for the loss, bullsh*t!

Then my brother wanted a shot at career mode, but as a manager, so, since I had plenty of memory card space, I let him, and he was playing for about half an hour, despite claiming he hated it,
I told him “I thought you hated this game.”,
and he replied “Well, I suppose it’s alright when you get used to the controls.”,
which was exactly what my friend said, well, assumed, and he was right according to what my brother said.

When my brother started playing, my cousins arrived, and we were talking about how there’s still PS2 games being made and making jokes like
“(Cobra!) has probably made a spike in the sales charts for the PS2 version!”,
I played along, saying stuff like “Breaking news! Someone bought the PS2 version of FIFA 12!”, we had quite a laugh.

I was also mentioning what I wanted to get for Christmas, spent with my EMA money (I know, I’m buying my own presents, sad isn’t it? Well, I’m not buy all of them, just most of them.) as I have £300, if saved up, to spend, and I mentioned that I got a 3DO with a few games for just £50! Not bad considering they usually go for £120 with no games, and I told them that I found an Amiga CD32 for just £40, although it had no controller and a EU plug, I can buy both easily for a decent price.

So if you want a CD32, there are 6 available, so get yourself one, just leave one for me, please?

Then, after my brother was done playing FIFA 12, we popped in Timesplitters 2 and played some co-op multiplayer, we only finished 1 level when the cousin I was playing with had to leave.

My other cousin was still there so we decided to play some Timesplitters 1, since he never played it before and was curious as to what it was like, it was kind of boring, I was aware that all of the goals were, get this, then go back, and that it was repetitive, this especially showed in co-op multiplayer, I got bored of it after just 2 levels.

We then had a game of WWE All Stars, just to show him how bad it was, and the game was so bad, it was awesome! Surprisingly, we had a great laugh out of it, because of all of the over the top moves. He said that “It’s like they’re on the moon!” because of this, and I mentioned that the bad sound effects and lack of music (Yeah, there’s no music in the PS2 version.) kind of helped that effect.

So as it turns out, WWE All Stars is like the PS2’s Monster Truck Madness 64, it’s so horrible, that it’s awesome!

Here’s the complete list of games we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • FIFA 12
  • Timesplitters 2
  • Timesplitters
  • WWE All Stars

On the way back, my cousin was dropping me off my house, due to our car not being there yet, and on the way, we were actually talking about this blog, and he mentioned that he liked the logo at the top and I mentioned that it was outdated, as my collection grew quite a bit since, I got a Jaguar+CD, a Game Boy Color, an N-Gage,
and he added; “…with a 3DO on the way!”,
and then I added afterwards; “… and a CD32!”,
I was surprised at the fact that it even remotely interested him that I was getting a 3DO, of course in a good way, my only guess it was because I was at one point hosting a competition for a game about what console to add to it, and he entered with the 3DO, I cancelled it due to lack of entries later on, so technically, he was the winner, although the game was cancelled.

That was what I was up to this week, next week is Xbox week, a very underrated console in my opinion, in fact I’m probably the only person in the world to prefer it over the Xbox 360. Hopefully, it will be as fun as this week was.


Retro Diary – 21/8/11 – No Wii this week…

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

This entry is going to be rather short, because because I forgot to remind my cousin to bring the Wii, so we were stuck with playing nothing, so I ended up leaving early.

In the short time I was there, we did a couple of stuff to kill the time, I showed my cousins this awesome video I found where this guy made the Super Smash Bros. intro with TF2 characters using GMod, you guys NEED to check this out, Click Here to see it!

Other than that, we just chatted about a couple of stuff, and then I left, so yeah, we really didn’t do much, and other than my Retro Pick-ups post I posted this week, I didn’t do anything for the entire weekend, really.

I’m going to College tomorrow (I know, it’s early), I was hoping to end this long holiday with a bang, but unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, ah well, no point going on about it, it was all my fault, well, that and the royal mail’s for not delivering my stuff!

but stay tuned, I only have a 1 and a 1/2 day week, and there’s still some stuff to arrive in the mail, for now, see ya!


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