Retro Diary – 26/8/12 – The most active Sunday EVER!

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Monday 20th August 2012

I downloaded this thing called “Game Room”, which is a virtual arcade on Xbox live, however, I learnt that there’s also a Games for Windows Live (PC) Version, so I downloaded that to try it out, and it’s rubbish, you can’t do anything cool unless you’re willing to give Microsoft all of your money, this is why I hate free-to-play games…

Quantum of Solace Arrived Today! Thankfully, the lag/stutter that was in the demo isn’t here! It’s still full of bugs, and it runs choppy on my PC, and no matter what the setting are, it runs the same, and this PC can run Blood Stone on High Settings at 60fps! Once you look past the flaws, it’s a brilliant game, it’s no wonder it got so much praise back when it came out!

I also got Rugrats: Search for Reptar on PS1 today, I used to have this back in the day, which is why I bought it again, I expected this to be one of those games I loved back in the day, but wouldn’t enjoy now, but surprisingly, it’s just as fun now as it was back then!

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

I was at an induction to my college course today, and on the way back, I popped into G-Force, because I had plenty of money left, and wanted to spend some of it on something, because I’ve run out of things I really, really want.

I found a few things I wanted, and were all cheap too!

The first game was Mission Impossible on the N64, I’ve recently become a fan of the Mission Impossible series, and I’ve been tempted to get this game, luckily, G-Force had it fully boxed with manual and inlay for only £5! A Steal!

The second game was Beyblade for the PS1, again, I’ve been slightly tempted to get this, and this game was only £4!

The final game was Virtua Tennis, this I wanted for a long time, I always heard good things about the Virtua Tennis games, and wanted to give it a try myself. This was only £3!

All 3 games came to a total of £12 roughly.

I remember leaving the store and checking the game, and it had no disc, so I went back in, and they put the disc in, I probably should have mentioned there was no manual either…

I’ve tried out Mission: Impossible, and it’s a pretty good game, one thing worth of not is that it’s one of the few N64 games to support widescreen!

Thursday 23rd August 2012

I got Blur and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for PC today.

Both games have a similar problem, registering, the games install just fine, but you need to register the games when you start them, but guess what, servers for both games are down, so I couldn’t, thankfully, for both games, you only needed to register the key to play multiplayer, and seeing how both servers are down, that’s not a huge loss.
However, because both games are no longer online, it’s be hard to patch them, burnout paradise wasn’t a big deal, you can download the patches from websites that host patches no problem. Blur, however, you could only download the patches from their servers, which are offline, and the latest update further optimises the game (makes it run smoother), so it was a big deal, eventually, I managed to download the patch after literally hours of research.

Both games are terrific! So much fun, and it’s great to know that you can play them after the servers are down and the game has ceased production, because it’s already happened!

I’ve completed Quantum of Solace today, and what a game it was, although the final boss was too easy in my opinion, even for easy mode.

Friday 24th August 2012

As if by some miracle, I was suddenly able to connect to the Blur servers, and registered my game! Yes! Although no one is online… Oh well, at least I was able to connect to my Facebook account, that has to count as something right?

You’ll never believe this, but I was able to connect to the Burnout Paradise servers as well! I couldn’t register, because it turns out it used your Origin account, or so I assume, so I did this and I’m connected with that as well, although the thing that kind of annoyed me was that because I did that, I got extra content, I can’t help but feel that they took them out for those who can’t connect to the burnout servers on purpose, I just have a gut feeling…

Saturday 25th August 2012

My brother got Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on PS3 today, I had a shot, and it’s a lot harder than it looks!

Sunday 26th August 2012

It was PS3 week this week, because my brother requested it, well, it was supposed to be, but before he could even take it out of the bag it was in, we had to leave, we were only there for half an hour! Shortest console week summary, ever!

That’s it for this week, I hope next Sunday will have more happening, I decided since it’s my last week on my summer holidays and until I go to college again, I’m choosing what console to bring, I’m stuck between PS1, N64 and Dreamcast…

After that, the console weeks will go back on schedule, so in case I forget, I’ll remind my future self, we’re at PS2!


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