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Retro Diary – 10/02/2014 – All about the PS2!

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Monday 3rd February 2014
I was at college, during break in the morning, my lecturer noticed my ZX Spectrum bag, and we started talking about the ZX Spectrum, he showed my his ZX Spectrum Emulator on his Iphone, and even showed me some games he bought for that emulator, and he showed me a game on it, I believe it was called “Attic Attack” or something. He then showed me a HTML5 browser emulator, and I thought that was awesome! Since then, during breaks, when I had done all I can with my games, I opened the emulator, and played some Spectrum games, I’ve been playing Manic Miner and Batter!
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(Yet another) Rant: Steam, and similar DRM/Corporate schemes

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

If this post gets at least one reader (which it probably won’t, let’s be honest), controversy might follow, Steam fanboys will keep nagging and trolling me, throwing at me insults and complaints without taking 1 look in the mirror. (a.k.a. Steam) They all seem to do. I’m not trying to create a spark or trying to get an angry mob after me, I just want this off my chest, I am only laying out the facts for you, you can choose what you think of it after. As the Oracle from the Matrix once said: “You have already made the choice, now, you’re beginning to understand that choice.”.

I ranted here previously, about digital download games. Well, since then, my opinions have changed ever so slightly, I’m okay with services like GOG, not as a replacement to physical, but as a companion, for indie games and such! On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll want to buy any physical game that uses Steam, Origin or UPlay DRM ever again!

I’m not going to complain about Origin and Uplay, it’s pointless, as, let’s be honest, Steam inspired them, they’re just copies, Steam is the real culprit! It’s not just Steam either, it’s it’s fanboys, I’m sure there exist Steam users who are smart, and know what they’re talking about, I have a few freinds who are hardcore Steam users, and they’re okay.
Most Steam users I’ve seen online, are a bunch of stupid, hypocritical, inconsistent ar*eholes! I’ll get to them later…

Steam and similar DRM don’t accept used sales. Now, I’ve seen a lot of PC gamers complain about the Origin, Uplay and the Xbox One (the latter not anymore) for doing this, when Steam has the exact same restrictions!

Steam requires an online verification to install games, Steam requires an online check-in every week or so (not as bad as Xbox One, but it still means you’re screwed if you lacked internet), it blocks used games, and companies have full and total control over what you can and can’t do with your games. They can even just take the game away from you, without reason, and you can’t have a say in the matter, and you can’t sue them either, because Steam have made it so you can’t do that!

I am willing to bet that this the main, if not the only reason more publishers have become interested in the PC, it’s a publishers wet dream to have full control over the consumer! Steam, and similar “services”, makes that dream come true!

When buying a physical game that uses Steam DRM, as my friend once said to me, and he makes a good point, the code inside is more valuable than the disc, the disc is useless, you don’t even need it to install the game, you can enter the code without the disc inserted, Steam will register it, and download the game. Once the code is used, you’re just as well burning the game, it’s that useful!

Worst of all, people want their physical games DRMed, which makes no sense whatsoever! Do these people want their physical games to become useless after the code is used!?

Steam also does nothing to stop piracy, it’s very easy to obtain a cracked .exe of a game, and a cracked client, even Gabe Newell apparently said that pirates are a “non-issue” (but used sales are!?), so all the Steam DRM does is forbid buyers from sharing their games, and it eliminates used sales. In other words, it punishes the good paying consumer!

You see, my point about the physical/digital debate is game ownership, where you own your games on physical, but not digital, it turns out, you don’t even own the game when buying physical, at least not if it has Steam, Origin or Uplay DRM. They’re licensed to you, and you know a fascinating fact about Licenses? They Expire! They are not permanent things, they can expire over-time, or it can be revoked from you for any reason. So esentially, when you buy a game from Steam or Origin, you’re only renting it, because you can’t keep it forever, can you?

Don’t believe me? You can read the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
Like probably the majority of youse, I breezed through it thinking it wouldn’t concern me, and accepted, but give it an actual read, you’ll be shocked at it’s contents! More specifically, read sections 2.A and 2.F.
Actually, Don’t bother! I’ve done it for you! I’ve even highlighted the important parts, because I’m nice!


A. General Software License

Steam and your Subscription(s) require the automatic download and installation of Software onto your computer. Valve hereby grants, and you accept, a limited, terminable, non-exclusive license and right to use the Software for your personal, non-commercial use (except where commercial use is expressly allowed herein or in the applicable Subscription Terms) in accordance with this Agreement, including the Subscription Terms. The Software is licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Software. To make use of the Software, you must have a Steam Account and you may be required to be running the Steam client and maintaining a connection to the Internet.

…and here’s section 2.F:

F. Ownership of Software

All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the Software and any and all copies thereof, are owned by Valve US and/or its or its affiliates’ licensors. All rights are reserved, except as expressly stated herein. The Software is protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and conventions and other laws. The Software contains certain licensed materials and Valve’s and its affiliates’ licensors may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this Agreement.

You can say what you want about Microsoft, and I’m not a fan of them either, but at least their Games for Windows games doesn’t require an online activation, you only need it to play the game online (You can create an offline profile), and even then, the key is tied to the physical copy, not on any account. By the way, I’ve tried this with Street Fighter X Tekken, I turned off the internet, and installed it, and right enough, I had no problems installing and playing the game! (Where as Steam, which is clearly superior, reuqires online verification just to install it and you can’t do anything with your Steam games)

If you don’t believe me read this!

They even reversed the Xbox One’s DRM policies after complaints. What has Valve done when people complained to them? Absoluletly nothing!

It’s ironic as well, Microsoft are bad guys and Valve are gods!? Sure, Microsoft have their slip ups, but at least they make up for it later on, Valve just bury their problems and pretend they don’t exist, fooling the unsuspecting consumer, and it seems to have worked!

I’ve seen Steam users complain that the Xbox One stops the ability to share your software, the fact you are screwed without internet, and that it restricts it’s audiences to the very rich! When Steam has the same restrictions, when I see someone complain about Steam for the exact same problems, they seem to always put the blame on the user, and defends their precious Steam!

For example, when someone complains that they can’t share their games with another user, or use the game on another machine/account, here’s a comparison of what the average steam user says:

Xbox One: “Microsoft are a bunch of cheap, greedy b*stards! They just want more money, by treating us like criminals, taking away out freedom, and kills game ownership!”

Response to someone saying the exact same thing about Steam: “Fuck you! Do you want to give the game to another person and cheat the developers out of their money!?”

How many times have we heard both of those kind of comments from “PC gamers”? I see them a lot! They can’t have it both ways! Are used games good or bad? Make up your mind!

Also, in response to the latter quote, which I get a lot myself, I only give a DRM-free game away if the other person isn’t interested or ever plans on buying the game, either that, or I accidentally buy a second copy of a game new. (which is rare, but has happened a couple of times.) Either way, it wouldn’t make a difference to sales whether or not a gave it away or traded it in…

Steam users also seem to talk about installing games anywhere as an advantage, which is a very poor arguement! You can do the exact same thing with a DRM-free physical games, and every download client on this planet, in fact, I’d be scared if you weren’t able to do that with Steam!

What’s that? Steam has an Offline mode? Well, you need be online to go offline, having online as a requirement in order to use a feature you’re only going to use when you can’t get online… It really defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Also, I’d like to see youse try to install a disc game offline, you can’t!

Steam does achievements and leaderboards? So does Games for Windows, and even Raptr, which is an overlay for games, does something similar. I’m not fussed about achievements anyway, they’re nice, but they’re not something I need.

Really, the only great thing about Steam is it’s workshop, it makes installing mods much easier, and you can easily uninstall them, that, I have to admit, is awesome!

That however, doesn’t make up for everything bad about Steam, if I have to give up my digital right to make installing mods a bit easier… I’ll stick with the traditional method if you don’t mind…

I think everyone needs to wake up, and realize the PC is not the awesome platform it used to be, Valve are not the gods of gaming, they are killing the physical market, they are allowing publishers total control over us behind our backs! They are turning the PC platform into a corporatised rental service, if Valve were any better than EA or Ubisoft, and want to prove it, they would put an end to it all… because right now, getting a PS4 or even an Xbox One sounds quite appealing…

I used to love Valve, I have many memories playing the Half-Life games, and as much as I’d hate to admit it, I had fun with the Portal games and Team Fortress 2, but they’re destroying the very market that made them…

I just hope that Mortal Kombat complete edition won’t have any DRM, in fact, I reckon there’s a chance, I might do another blog entry about why right after this, yeah, some good news to drown out the bad, I’ll see youse then!


Rant: Download games, and why I don’t like them.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Please read the full article before responding! I’m always getting people making arguments I’ve addressed in the article itself, so please try and take everything in, I know it may be hard if you disagree with it, but please bear with me!

This topic has been really bothering me, I personally don’t like downloading games, because I’ve had almost nothing but bad experiences with downloads, I much rather get my games on disc, despite the DRM PC games have these days, it’s good to have a game on your shelf.

Me and my friends have been having a debate on which is better, I prefer physical, like I said, so does my friend, but he seems more than willing to switch to digital when the “digital age” comes, I will personally be dreading it.

Before I start, I want too point out that people complain about the PC and Xbox One when it was planned to have DRM for blocked used games, saying you can’t share or trade games in, yet people embrace downloads, which have the EXACT same restrictions? To me, that’s like, for lack of a better analogy, going against hanging because it kills people, but supporting hung, drawn and quartered! It makes no sense!

Most of the time, digital games cost more than their physical counterparts, especially on consoles and handhelds, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is £5 cheaper physical, physical games sound like a no brainer, doesn’t it? Well people are downloading the games anyway, Animal Crossing: New Leaf broke records on the e-shop…

It baffles me how stupid people can be, you spent £5 more for essentially more for your money, not just the fact you get no case or cartridge, you can’t share that game with others, or even give to a friend when you’re finished with it, or trade it in! Also, when the 3DS gets discontinued, and the e-shop servers go down, you better hope you still have it installed, otherwise, good luck trying to play it again!

Even if you prefer downloads, you can’t justify the higher price, and the fact you can’t share or trade in that game!

Everyone I’ve talked to always mention virtual console, “What about virtual console?” they ask, well, they couldn’t of brought up a worse example. Virtual Console is the best example of why digital downloads are bad, half of the 3rd part companies, most notably Sega, have all taken their games down from VC, they always tell me “Well, Sega are ar*eholes!”, which isn’t the point, the point is, they’ve done it, and nobody’s stopped them, they have full control over what you can and can’t get. Heck, I’d be surprised is anyone who bought their VC games got a refund or anything from it. Sure, they’re only old games you can buy the originals of anyway, but it shows the power publishers have over the consumer.

If a company decided to stop manufacturing a physical game and stops selling it, it’s still very much possible to track down a copy of that game, if a company decides to stop selling a digital game, it’s gone forever…

That’s exactly why companies are trying to switch to digital as soon as possible, companies, especially publishers, want full control over the consumer, they want to call all of the shots, and they want us to just take all the crap they will throw at us, digital downloads gives them the power to do that!

Not just with virtual console, but with downloadable Nintendo games in general, the game is tied to the console, and not any account, so if you accidentally lose or break your 3DS or Wii U, all your games go, too! Unless you bother with spending days of contacting Nintendo, and they shop you bought the console from, in order to either get a refund, or move the games over. This isn’t come rumour I’ve heard, I can vouch for it, I have a story to tell youse: My brother once had a Wii U, he (or should I say out mum) bought Lego City Undercover from the e-shop, £50 it costed us! It turned out he didn’t have the space for the game, the Wii U only has 25GB of space, the game took up 26GB. If Nintendo are going to be shoving digital games down our throats, the least they could do is provide enough memory for games, but I digress.

He cancelled the download for the game, and bought the physical copy for Amazon, which I may point out was £10 cheaper, it even included a little figure! He got it, played through it, etc., no troubles there.

He later on took his Wii U back (I still have mine) to get himself a laptop, he was later on charged for the digital copy of Lego City Undercover, despite not fully downloading it, my mum is trying to contact Nintendo for a refund for the game, but was told they needed the serial number of the console, but we no longer had the Wii U with us, so we couldn’t give them the serial number, it would’ve made more sense to ask for the Nintendo Network account, but whatever.

We have to contact the store where we bought Wii U from to get the serial number, that was a couple of days ago… still no refund.

Already, getting a refund for out digital game has been a LOT more hassle than if we wanted a refund for a physical game. All you need for them is a receipt, and even if that’s lost, you can trade it in used and get something for it.

In summary, we payed £10 extra for a version of a game that you can’t play, or get a refund for… I’m so looking forward to the digital age!

That’s another thing, space, not so much with PC games, but consoles never have the space to store enough games, AAA at least. Sure, digital games can save shelf space, but not much, the Wii U for example can barely hold 1, and anything by Sony or Microsoft could hold maybe 3 or 4, not much at all, is it?

Even with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, once the console is discontinued, and servers go down you better hope you have your digital games installed, otherwise, good luck trying to play them again.

PCs can probably hold quite a few, I’ll admit, the PC is probably the best platform for downloads, the download clients still have their problems though:

Steam (as a DRM, not as an indie game store) I think is overrated, don’t get me wrong, Valve make terrific games, I love the half life and portal games, and Team Fortress 2 is good fun, but people don’t need to suck up to them! Steam isn’t as great as people make it out to be, in fact, when you think about it, it’s no better than Origin, a client made by EA, the greediest company alive! Steam doesn’t allow used sales or trade-ins, and you need online and a code to validate games, meaning those who lack internet are screwed! Steam has an offline mode for already-validated games? So does Origin! Steam has discounts all the time? So does Origin!

Like Origin, Steam games are more expensive than their physical counterparts, not as expensive, but it’s still bad. The sad thing is, the US PC market appears to have abandoned physical games for good, which is kind of depressing. For the curious US gamers, yes, Europe still has a physical market, with companies even releasing their DLC in the form of download codes in cases!

Another PC download client I’ll mention is, to be honest, I kind of like GOG, it’s almost like how Virtual Console should be, while I would still rather get the games on discs, I can live with GOG, their games have no DRM, and they go for very good prices, usually under $5, let alone pounds! If there’s a game I can’t find physically, I wouldn’t mind getting it from GOG.

I guess that would conclude my rant, it’s off my chest, and I feel much better after letting it out! Before, I go I will mention a benefit of downloads, the only one I can see: Download markets are good for indie gamers to get popular, I suppose I wouldn’t mind getting an indie game digitally if it means supporting the developer. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a physical version in the future, like some indies have.

However, I think it’s possible for indie developers to release physically as well, there exists services like Kunaki and Cafepress, who offer to make and distribute physical games for free. They do, however take away from any sales made, but from what I’ve heard, so do services like Steam and Desura. With that said, you can start physically selling your game with zero money on you, if you do that alongside your digital releases, then the way I see it, in the worst case scenario, you’ll make a bit of extra money. Some people have said that would “punish” those buy it digitally, but I don’t get how it would, could someone please explain it to me…

If you’re games successful enough, you won’t even need to do that, there are publishers in Europe and Oceania, such as Merge Games and Lace Mamba, who specialise in releasing popular indie games physically, DRM-free, with any extras, such as the soundtrack and a Steam gift-key, to give to a friend. Popular Indie games, such as Limbo, Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy and Awesomenauts, all have physical versions for sale on Amazon (I have a feeling Don’t Starve is around the corner as well, seeing how popular that is, so I’ll wait to get that). They’re cheaper than if you were to buy the digital equivalent of the stuff on Steam, and also, you can have the games on your shelf! So if you haven’t got the games, I’d say their worth a look.

When I make my indie games, I of course hope to have the latter happen to me, but most likely, the former will happen, I’m fine with that.

So I guess this actually end on a high note, maybe if there’s an indie out there I’m genuinely interested in getting (apart from Super Meat Boy, Pro Wrestling X and A Hat In Time, but a physical version of the former exists, and latter 2 will have physical version coming out), I might consider getting the game digitally, if it means supporting the developers, and if they release a physical version later on, and I like the game, I’ll be the first to get that!

"Retro" Arrivals: FIFA 13 [PC & PS2] & F1 2012 [PC]

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

I know I said I’d stop doing articles dedicated to stuff that arrived in the mail, but I had to make an exception!

FIFA 13 didn’t arrive on Friday, but both of the PC and PS2 version arrived today! and I was met with a pleasant surprise with the PS2 boxing, Apart from RC Revenge, do you know of any PS2 games with a picture/logo on the spline instead of plain text? Well, at the end of the PS2’s life, it finally got one with FIFA 13’s case, look!

This was just a quick update to say they’ve arrived, and look great! F1 2012 arrived as well, which is awesome!

Well, I don’t have time to write much more, I have some FIFA 13 to play!


Retro Diary – 16/9/12 – "Great shot, CPU! Oh, CPU, you idiot!"

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Monday 10th September 2012

I was a G-Force after college today (No surprises there.), and I bought 3 Sega Saturn games, Sega Worldwide Soccer 97 and 98, and Virtua Fighter (1).

I saw a model 1 Mega Drive with a Mega CD attachment, it had no price tag, so I asked at the counter how much it was, and she said if it works (they had yet to test it), they said it might be £60 for both, which sounds really good. I liked it up on ebay, and to buy model 1 Mega CDs on their own on eBay costs £240! I’m getting that Mega CD out of G-Force as soon as I can! I know the guys won’t be interested in getting it before me, I trust you guys, but you’re wanting it, I’m not overly fussed, the race will be on!

I came home to be greeted by 2 parcels! One that looked like one that a strategy guide book would go in, and the other was actually pretty big, but it had Japanese writing on it, so I knew exactly what that was!

The guide was the Sleeping Dogs strategy guide that I ordered alongside the game, I only do that to games I really want.

The game was Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit 1.5 for the Wonderswan Colour, the box was actually taller than a Black & White Wonderswan game, it was actually the size I initially expected them to be, the rest of the box was just paper and bubble wrap, it seems the Japanese aren’t big fans of the environment.

I’ve played Battle Spirit, and it’s brilliant, even better than I hoped! Visually, it looks amazing, just like a GBA game!

Tuesday 11th September 2012

It’s worth mention first, R.I.P. to those who died in 9/11, it’s been 12 long years.

Remember when I said I saw a Model 1 Mega Drive+CD there and said it might be £60 once they’re ready to sell it? Well, I went back there today, and they had it for sale for £100, but it came with 2 6-button controllers and 3 games, technically 4! I was a bit sceptical at first, but they mentioned that they do a 3-month guarantee, which isn’t too much, but with an old console, you’d be lucky to have a guarantee on it at all, it also means if it breaks within those 3 months, you can take it back and get a refund, which sounds alright. They also mentioned that chances are, it’ll go in a couple of days, they rarely come by, hard and expensive to find on eBay, and it’s on high demand.

Believe it or not, £100 is a good price for a Mega CD, To buy one on it’s own, without the Mega Drive itself, any games, or controllers, would cost you a whopping £240! and that’s not including delivery! £100 doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

So I decided to get it, if it doesn’t work, I could just take it back, so I might as well give it a try.

As I bought it, they were explaining to me some things I would need to know about the Mega CD, like that it uses it’s own power, that the reset button opens the tray and start closes it. I knew all of this, but it was awesome that this shop hires people who know what they’re talking about. Unlike a certain other store…

The console works perfectly, although the display is a little off, but it turns out it was the Mega Drive itself with that problem, because I get the same display quality when playing a cartridge game, which of course doesn’t require or involve the Mega CD.

The games I have for it at the moment aren’t that great, except for one, I got Prince of Persia, Jaguar XJ220, Cobra Command (Which, sadly, sucks! ='(), and Sol-Feace, which is actually pretty fun.

Now that I own a Mega CD, that opens doors for me to try out those really bad FMV games, like Night-Trap! I can only get Sonic CD, with the proper music the EU/JP version had, as opposed to the US one Gems Collection had.

I downloaded and tried out the FIFA 13 demo for the PC, I downloaded it from Origin, because, where else? The game’s just as fun as FIFA 12, maybe slightly better.

Wednesday 12th September 2012

I got Space Invaders for the PC today out of CEX, expecting it to be just like the PS1 version, only supporting bigger resolutions, sharper graphics and a much higher framerate, well, only 1 of the 4 are right…

Transformers for the PS2 arrived today, and it’s just as good as it was when I first played it years ago!

Friday 14th September 2012

Black Mesa is finally out!

I’ve been looking forward to it for years, and I’m not disappointed, it’s a great game!

Sunday 16th September 2012

It was a Mystery Console this week, I didn’t reveal it until my cousins had finished their lunch and came in, it was the Sega Dreamcast, to make up for thee fact we didn’t really play it last week.

Steven brought back my copy of Stranglehold that I let him steal, after he completed it.

Me and Steven started things off by playing Chu Chu Rocket!

Then we had a few games of Metropolis Street Racer, Steven and Giancarlo had a game as well. I changed my name from “CobrbDB”, which I probably put it there for a joke, the misspelling came from Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii, to “Cobra!”. Steven changed his nickname from “Steven” to “CobrbDB”, which is practically his new nickname, and we changed Giancarlo’s name to “Ya555555555”, which is mostly what he uses these days.

Then me and Giancarlo played Virtua Fighter 3TB.

Then me and Steven had a game of Virtua Tennis.

Then we played Virtua Tennis 2, Giancarlo joined in after us realising you can have 3 players, the game was just pure madness! I think we have found our new favourite multiplayer game, at least on the Dreamcast!

Then me and Steven had a game of Horse on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, we played on the Skatestreet level, the “horse” was “RJIBYAHHBZ”, Steven lost, with me having “RJIBY”, 15-5 to me!

Then we played Le Mans 24 Hours.

Then we played Sonic Adventure 2, our- well, my favourite! We had a race on the Go-Karting, which he won out of us 2. We had a couple of shooting battles, We both won 1, then we had a 2 races, again, we both had a win.

Then we played Ready 2 Rumble, our reality that live and Australia, and they were watching us play this, he loves to watch boxing, we had 2 game, I think we both won 1 game each.

At this point, we were aiming to have played all of the game we had, we almost done it before, but this time we had much more time, we it was possible.

Then we had a game of WWF Attitude.

Then we had a race of Sega Rally. Which I lost!

Then we played Sega GT.

Then we played Mortal Kombat Gold.

Then we played Re-Volt, we had a race, which he won, somehow…

Then we played NBA Showtime, we had no choice to play as a team, and we lost by 10 or so points…

Then we had a game of WWF Royal Rumble.

That was us played all of the games, so we celebrated by playing some more Virtua Tennis 2! We played doubles, both of us on separate teams, but most points were by either the CPU being good, or them making a stupid mistake!

It turned out that we missed a few games, we played some UFC, the graphics were fantastic for a Dreamcast game, it looked stunning, but the gameplay kind of sucked.

Then we played another horse game on Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding, this time, the “horse” was “GLQTEZWZY”, for some reason, we could change it this time, last time, we had to stick with “horse”.
Steven got GLQTEZWZY, but I ended up getting a G, was this the glimmer of hope Steven needed? Nope, He got a Y right afterwards, I win, 16-5!

Finally, we had a game of ECW Hardcore Revolution, which I won.

That was certainly an active week, next week is PS2 week, WWE All Stars time!

Article By: Cobra!
Help Provided by: Steven (CobrbDB)

Retro Diary – 17/6/12

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Monday 11th June 2012

Day 5 with no proper PC, and I can tell you, it’s boring as f*ck, I have no idea how I managed without it before, well, probably because I didn’t have games that needed a PC that powerful, but the fact is that I do, and I want more games that need it, this sucks!

I ordered the MDickie collection on DVD today, you’ll get the link to do so on his website if you want to as well, it’s only £10, and you get basically everything he’s ever created, everything on his website on a DVD, including his old DOS games, offline versions of his flash games! It may be pointless as everything on his site is free now, I’m preparing for if the site ever goes down and loses everything, if that ever happens, I can still play his games using his DVD compilation.

So I decided to take my mind off it by playing a bit of Gran Turismo 3, FIFA 12 and Toy Story 3, all on the PS2, mostly GT3.

I realised there’s an unlockable feature on FIFA 12 on PS2, which I didn’t see on the PC version, and that is funny SFX, which replaces, all of the game’s sound effects to funny ones, for example, when I shoot, instead of hearing a kick, I hear a rocket! Or if I hit the post or the bar, I hear a bell noise, the same for when someone headers the ball, only it’s a different bell sound! It’s fun to have on, even if it gets old fast.

Throughout the whole day, for some reason, I wanted to play a racing simulator game, like Gran Turismo, or Sega GT. So I decided to play the one I’ve had for months, but never played, Gran Turismo 3! So I’ve been playing that, and enjoying it, even if it’s frustrating as hell to get the licences!

One of the games I wanted for for PC that only my broken PC could run, was Toy Story 3, after playing the Wii version and really enjoying it. In excitement in getting my PC fixed and playing, I’ve been playing Toy Story 3 for the PS2… so yeah…

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Day 6 without a proper PC, and I’m seriously on the brink of insanity! I want to Play games like Sims 3, left 4 Dead 2 and Toy Story 3 so bad, but I’m not able to!

So, out of extreme boredom, I decided to play one of the few games the laptop I’m using can play, Peggle Extreme! I decided to give this a shot, as I never got the chance with my now-broken PC, and I really enjoyed it, I will be getting the full game if I get my PC fixed, because you can get both that and it’s nights expansion in retail form from Amazon!

I also played Codename: Gordon, and completed it! Now I only have to finish Half Life 2 Episode 1 & 2, and Half Life: Blueshift, and Half Life: Decay… Well, I’m one step closer to completing all of the Half Life games out so far.

Wednesday 13th June 2012

Day 7, a full week without my PC, and I am officially losing it, seriously, I hope writing this will keep me sane, if not, then god help us…

My Amazon basket a.k.a, the list of PC games I want, is filling up, and I realised that some items would be quickly going out of stock, one of them only having 1 left, no big deal, right? No, Except that, that item didn’t have other sellers, if I place that order for that one copy, I can forget about getting that game at all, so I thought since my laptop could probably run it anyway, I ordered it thankfully, it dispatched, so I got the last copy.

The game I’m talking about is Peggle, the full game, I also ordered Peggle Nights, the sequel, and I also ordered Doom: Collectors Edition, which is all 3 of the original doom games made playable on modern Windows Operating Systems, plus, you also get a demo of Doom 3, chances are, my laptop could at least run the original Doom games, so I got that as well.

Throughout the day, out of total boredom, I decided to check out a few DOS shareware games, such as Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

Thursday 14th June 2012

Day 8 without my PC, and I swear to god, I’m going to go insane, I mean insane asylum kind of insane, I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I did everything with that PC, played games, make stuff, do browsing, my laptop does an awful job in comparison on all 3, especially games, I can hardly play anything on this toaster! I can’t take my mind off it because pretty much everything reminds me of it!

I have just about given hope on my PC, I am very confident that ASUS will not repair it, and all the PC repair shops will end up charging us more than we have, so I’m f*cked, £1150 gone right down the drain, it’s nothing more than a paperweight now, and there’s f*ck all I can do about it!

Friday 15th June 2012

Day 9 without my PC, and usually at this point, I’d be totally insane and wrecking the house, but I’m not, and I’ll tell you why.

2 things, first of all, my copies of Peggle and Peggle Nights, as well as Doom Collector’s Edition have arrived, so I won’t be as bored.

Secondly, but by no mean least, when I was bored, “knowing” I can’t play games like FIFA 12, PES 2012, NBA 2k12, Left 4 Dead etc., I looked at my game boxes to make sure of this, and I found out that, theoretically, this laptop actually can play them all on low settings! It’ll do until my PC gets fixed, if it ever gets fixed, so at least I can still play FIFA Euro 2012 in the mean time. The most surprising thing is, this laptop is 5 years old, and can still play some fairly new games, and when that was new, that couldn’t play any games released at the same time at high settings.

If my PC gets fixed, and that can play todays games on high settings, I’m looking at, at least 4 or 5 years until that becomes obsolete! So yeah, I’m all cheered up knowing that.

I played a bit of Revenge of Shinobi for the Mega Drive, and I got farther than before because I accidentally did the unlimited shrunkens cheat, which also gave me more lives, I managed to reach Round 2 Level 1, in other words, level 4, before dying, it may not sound far, but this game is very hard, I’m lucky to reach the end of level 2!

Saturday 16th June 2012

I went to the cinema today to see Men in Black 3, I really enjoyed the film, although the 3D effects were mediocre at best, which wouldn’t usually be a problem, but it costed us £50 to get in! What a rip-off! Despite that, like I said, I enjoyed the film.

I tried out FIFA 12 on my laptop, and minimum requirements my ar*e! My laptop could barely run the game on arena, where there’s only 1 player and 1 goalkeeper, and half a pitch, if even that! On an actual match, it was just unplayable! The game literally run at like 2 frames a second, if even that, and my laptop surpasses all the minimum requirements by quite a bit, I’d hate to try it on a laptop that just only meets the game’s “requirements”!

My sister also came to my room to play a bit of Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive, but only for like 1 level, until she went out.

Sunday 17th June 2012

It was Wii week at grans today, unfortunetly, Giancarlo forgot to bring his Wii, fortunately, however, I brought mine, just in case this would happen.

I played a bit of No More Heroes first, and it make me think why I stopped playing in the first place, I really enjoyed it, maybe I’ll dig it up, because I still have No More Heroes 2 sealed, unopened, from a couple of years ago, and I want to open that up, and play it, but I want to beat the first game first.

Then me, Giancarlo, his sister, and Steven played a good few matches of Super Smash Bros. brawl.

Then we played Wario Ware Smooth moves, and we had a blast!

Then we played a few Gamecube games, first being Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects! Me and Steven played a match or two.

Then we played a couple of matches of Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle.

Then we played a few races of Mario kart Double Dash.

Then we went back to playing Wii games, by playing Super Mario Galaxy, it didn’t take long for us to get bored, though.

Then we played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010, the game ironically wasn’t as good as the Wii sports golf game, and PGA tour was dedicated, we played a few for a few holes, though. One thing we did notice was that the graphics were so good, our gran thought it was a real match on TV!

Finally, we played Sonic Heroes on the Gamecube.

After we went home,my mum got my uncle to photocopy something, and she would go over to collect it half an hour later, I wanted to go as well, so I did, and I showed Steven the Peggle games, and showed him the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic song: “It’s all about the Pentiums” and he showed me the Plants vs. Zombies game, and he said there’s an browser version to try out, so I’m trying that out right now.

So next week is Mega Drive week, we’re going back to the start of the cycle, time for some blast processing!

Retro Diary – 10/6/12 – "PC Week"

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Monday 4th June 2012

Today, we went to grans again because we had leftovers from the party beforehand, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to bring a console over, I decided to not tell anyone until after my cousins have had their dinner.

…and that console turned out to be *drum roll*… The Nintendo Gamecube!

First, Me and Giancarlo and Riccardo played a few matches of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, played a few two player match, taking turns, as the game’s only 2 player.

Next, we played a few matches of Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle, Steven later came in, and had a few matches as well.

Then me and Steven played a game of Horse on Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2, the horse name as h0ba0a008, and I won! 12-5 to me!

Finally, we played a race or two of Mario Kart Double Dash, then we left.

Steven’s family took me back as my family left earlier on, while I was at my house, I lent Steven my Sam & Max games and BTTF the game, as they are DRM free, so you can install them on any PC, and that he wanted to try the games out for a while.

Tuesday 5th June 2012

At about 12:00 up until 1:30 in the morning, me and Steven were playing Co-Op online on Portal 2 on PC for the first time! It was so much fun! We played through 2 chapters before getting bored, and that it was getting late… after that, I of course went to sleep.

When I woke up after that, shortly after, my brother, Riccardo, challenged me to a game or two of FIFA 12, but this time, we’d be playing on the PC, we first had a game of Euro 2012, my brother went Scotland, and I went Bulgaria, the teams were chosen at random by the way.

For a while at the start of the match, I thought I was Scotland, as I always play them and are used to controlling them, this almost lead to scoring an own goal, but then I figured out I was actually Bulgaria, and the owning commenced, I don’t remember the score, but I remember I won!

Then we played a few matches of the original FIFA 12, for all the matches we played, I went Bray Wanderers, and Riccardo went as Athletico Madrid.

Then first match, which we didn’t finish, I was winning 3-1, until Riccardo forced a rematch, in the next match, Riccardo won, I think the score was 8-4. The last match, I think I won 5-1.

Then I played a bit of Need for Speed World.

Sunday 10th June 2012

On Wednesday, my PC broke down, it couldn’t even boot up, so I’m using my laptop, and to save time, nothing happened between then and now.

Originally, it was going to be Wii week, but Giancarlo went to a music festival, and Wii week is nothing without him, so we done a different week, and go back to Wii week when he returns.

So we decided to do a one-week-only “PC week”, but it went to waste, because we didn’t play anything we spent the whole day trying to connect me and Steven’s laptops together, which is odd, they worked perfectly fine before, but it just won’t work now, and I swear Microsoft are trying their best to make this task as hard and complicated as humanly possible!

So we left without playing anything.

I hope next week will be better than this, but I doubt it, seeing how my PC, which is worth £1000, is dead…

Retro Diary – 3/6/12 – "This-game’s-diff-rant!"

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Thursday 31st May 2012

My brother, presumably out of boredom, challenged me to a game of FIFA 12 on the PS3, since I was bored as well, I accepted.

Before I continue, I like to set my sliders to make the game fast paced and arcade like. In translation, shot and pass error to 0, speeds of both and acceleration to 100, and goalkeeper ability to 20.

It turns out, my brother did a similar thing with his game, so I would fit right in!

Surprisingly, in the first match, I was kicking his ar*e, I think I won 6-2! A fluke you say, maybe, he got one back, with 3-1 to him.

However, in our next match… He still won, but it was close, VERY close, I mean the he-scores-I-respond kind of close, the score was 6-6 in full time and the match went into extra time where he scored once more, and I failed to respond, to match ended, as you might have guessed, 7-6 to my brother.

Then we moved to FIFA UEFA EURO 2012 on the PC. Why? because we could! For all the matches, I went as Scotland and he went Netherlands, for some reason…

For some very odd reason, at that time, my eyes were watering, and my eyesight went really blurry, I could barely see the screen, I couldn’t just wipe my eyes or close them, because one eyelid hurt when I did, which only caused them to go worse, it’s probably just hey fever…

This put me at a major disadvantage, but despite this, I won the first 2 matches, then we won a third, which made us equal, with 3 wins each, so we decided to play a final match, however…

A problem arose, because in order to play multiplayer on the PC, I needed to get another Xbox 360 controller (I have a wireless receiver, oh, I’m so spoilt!), so I used my younger brothers, as he was away at the time, however, I forgot at the time that his Xbox 360 had a problem with recognising controllers, but he came back, he was raging, and it took me an hour to fix the problem he was having.

After all that, we went back to playing FIFA 12 on the PS3 to play that “final” match, we went as an El Classico, I believe I won 10-5! So he asked for a rematch, this time, I went as Celtic, he went as Real Madrid again, and I beat him 5-1!

Friday 1st June 2012

This morning, my mum brought some old Vinyl record from my grans! They were originally my dad’s. My mum said I could keep them! The reason for this is because I’ve had a recent fascination with Vinyl records, and was soon planning on getting a record player. (An ION one, to be exact, so I could put the song onto my PC, like I do with CDs!) My mum must’ve been aware of this and gave me the records.

Throughout the day, I was bored out of my skull, so I browsed through my games to see what I haven’t beaten, and I found the Timesplitters 1 and 2, and realised I haven’t completed them, but I completed Future Perfect multiple times, “That’s not right!” I thought to myself, “Time to (split, and) sort that out!”.

So for a few hours, I played through both games, it was a lot of fun, I got more the series’ awesome story, and it’s not that difficult, so why the heck did I not complete them earlier!?

Anyway, I successfully completed both games, and now I feel whole again!

Also, today, a game I got off eBay a few days ago arrived, chances are, you haven’t heard of it, it’s an E.T. point and click adventure game, simply called “E.T. The Adventure game”, it’s a PC point and click game by Ubisoft back in 2002, back then, I loved it, and and having recently gotten into point and click games, thanks to TellTale games, I thought I had to own this again, so I looked it up on eBay, and only one English copy popped up, there were other copied, but they were foreign, so I bought it before anyone else could.

I got it, and already completed it, the game is surprisingly short… I was a bit disappointed with the game, it was a great as I remember it to be, simply put, it was way behind it’s time, it was short, and in some parts quite frustrating. However, I like it for it’s nostalgic value.

Out of boredom, I decided to play Angry Birds Space, and I actually beat the game, well, I beat all of the “available” levels anyway.

Saturday 2nd June 2012

I was bored, so I decided to browse through the free games on Origin, and came across a game called Need for Speed World, and it didn’t say demo, or anything like that after the name, so they must be offering the game for free.

I thought “nah, it’s probably a crappy 2D flash-like game, either that or they say it’s free, but you have to pay to progress in it” but since it was free, I thought I’d try it anyway.

After downloading and installing it, and I played, and to my surprise, neither of the things were the case the game was 3D, it was pretty detailed as well, the graphics were very good, I never saw anything that asked for my money, you can buy in game currency with real money, but you can earn it by doing races, and after setting it up, I played the actual game, and surprisingly, it was a lot of fun! So I’ve been playing that all day…

Sunday 3rd June 2012

Well, that was the most boring party in my entire life!

I expected me, Steven and Giancarlo, would do nothing but play awesome multiplayer games all night, like the old days.

I played exactly one game, and only 2 levels, me and Giancarlo just played 2 levels in Co-Op.

After that, I was in my room for a few hours doing absolutely nothing except for writing this.

After that, Steven came in, and he seemed strangely enthusiastic about everything, I thought it might have been alcohol influenced, but upon secretly testing him by engaging him in a conversation, and getting him to enter a cheat code in Goldeneye, he seemed sober, well, sober enough.

So the first game we played was Mashed: Fully Loaded for the Xbox, we kept playing until at least one of us won, and that surprisingly took ages.

Then we played Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, we played a couple of annihilator matches and a couple of sumo matches.

Then we played Medal of Honour: Rising Sun, we completed the first level, and that was it, and… oh yeah, we did our trademark “Medal Of Honour Dance”, where we look up, keep spinning while constantly toggling between crouch and stand!

Then we played Goldeneye 007 for the N64, we played a gun match with turbo and paintball cheats on, it was frantic! Then we played a quick “You only live twice” game before Steven had to go.

Overall, I guess it was fun, but not nearly the party I hoped for, but I suppose it wasn’t my party, so my cousin couldn’t spend their whole time with me, I guess that’s fair enough.

Next week, it will be Wii week, where (hopefully) Giancarlo will bring the week. It’s time to dig up Wario Ware Smooth Moves!

New Arrivals: FIFA Manager 12 [PC]

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

I mentioned about a week ago that I got the demo for FIFA Manger 12, and surprisingly enjoyed it, and was going to get the full version>

Well, it arrived, I now posses the whole PC FIFA 2011/12 game “collection”, all 3 games!

I haven’t got too much to say, so I’ll just show you the photos:

This is a very odd story about the photos, but I promise, it’s true, when I originally transferred (not copied, transferred), and when I went to upload them, they disappeared, I couldn’t find them anywhere, not even if I did a search it’s as if someone has hacked in to delete it, just to take the p*ss. It’s not the case that I forgot to transfer them, because the files didn’t appear again. I had to retake the photos again.

A few weeks ago, actually, on my college computer, there was suddenly a computer created called “im watching you”, could they both be linked? Hm…

Whoever it is, they’re wasting their time doing this, they’re just as well just revealing themselves and have a go at me.

Retro Diary – 27/5/12 – "We’re going to play MSR in a whole new time zone!"

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Dear Diary,

I decided that instead of writing the entire thing on the Sunday, I’d write it as it happens, so some of the stuff may be in present tense, probably not, but just a warning…

Friday 25th March 2012

For a while, I’ve always wanted to try out FIFA Manager 12, because I already had FIFA 12 and UEFA Euro 2012 (Both physical copies!), and it seemed as though if I had manager, that would be the PC collection complete!

So after looking a bit on Origin, I found there was a downloadable demo available, as well as Sims 3 and pets, so I downloaded them, and gave them a go.

I surprisingly enjoyed FIFA Manager, I previously tried the Football Manager 2012 demo, and I found that boring, this was pretty fun, though, even if it’s pretty glitchy…

I really enjoyed Sims 3 and pets as well, the Sims 3 “Teaser”, as they call it basically give you a minute trial of an area and you move to the next, you get to go to 3 areas, the pets demo is basically just the create part, nothing else. Although now I’m considering getting both games, but I can’t, as I’m saving up to pre-order FIFA 13 and PES 2013 on both PC and PS2…

Saturday 26th May 2012

My sister came into my room while she was visiting, and she asked if she wanted to play Tony Hawk’s Underground for the PS2, so I let her, and she was playing for about 10-15 minutes, even though she wasn’t doing any tricks, and was hardly jumping, she seemed to be enjoying it for a while.

Sunday 27th March 2012

This morning, since I recently got a new ISP (O2, we used to have AOL), I thought I’d try FIFA 12 and PES 2012 online, before hand, it just didn’t work at all, I was lucky to play half a match on either, but with the new ISP, I played several full matches without a problem!

I won my match on FIFA 4-2, we were both Barcelona. On PES 2012, however, the people there are complete ninjas! The first match, I lost 8-2! Not only that, my 2 goals, were my only shots in the whole game, the other guy had, I kid you not, 22 shots! Another Barcelona, Chelsea moment… The second match I played was even worse, I lost 13-2! I would’ve rage quit, but if I did, the game would restrict my account, it’s nice to know that system works…

It was PS3 week at grans today, we only played FIFA Street, me and my brother, played 2 matches of “Last man standing”, which, if you score, the player that scored gets sent off, and player who send their entire team off first wins, he won both times.

The me and my cousin, Giancarlo, played a 5-a-side match, which I won 6-2 I think. Then me and my other cousin, Steven, had a game, I don’t remember the result for that.

After that, I left.

Steven came up to our house not long afterwards, and we played a bunch of games!

We decided to try a challenge, and attempt to play all of the consoles that night, we just called it: The Console Challenge, it’s good enough, plus it has alliteration.

We started off by playing FIFA 12, in celebration that FIFA 13 was coming to PS2, widescreen and in 60Hz! I went as Barcelona, and he went as Athletico Madrid. We enjoyed it, despite the game being completely different, but not for the better, and the game kept slowing down, we played a match, I won, but I don’t remember by how much.

We then played PES 2012 for the PS2, in celebration of PES 2013 coming to PS2, I went Barcelona again and I think Steven went as Manchester City ,more of the same here, except the game had no widescreen mode, not that it’s that important.

Then we played Timsplitters, and trying to figure out what to do! If you don’t know what we mean, the game’s objectives are very simple, literally, every objective is take something, bring it back, me and Steven have an in-joke of pretending that we don’t understand the objective! We couldn’t pass the level we were on, because we had no idea where the item in question was and there were too many guys pumping lead into us.

Then we went up a step, and played Timsplitters 2! We were on Neo Tokyo, where you had to follow someone without her noticing you, we finally passed it!

Then we played Vib Ribbon on the PS1, I challenged him to complete a ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic song on it, as I mentioned to him it was almost impossible, he couldn’t do it!

Then we played the revolutionary Rise of the Robots for the Amiga CD32! We played a couple of matches, He won the first, I won the second.

Then we played Sonic Adventure 2, we played a Kart Race, I don’t remember my position, but Steven came last. Then we played a couple of action stages, I won both, which was enough to show him the levels we never played in before.

Then we played Metropolis Street Racer, we set the time to the console default (midnight 1st Jan 1998), but we set the time zone to a random one to mix things up, and it landed on GMT +9, then Steven said “…and now, we’re going to play MSR in a whole new time zone!” Brilliant! At that moment, I knew I was goign to use that for this diary’s title.

We played a couple of races, both of which I won, the first one, which was in Tokyo, by quite a margin, 20 seconds between my finish, and Steven’s, the second one, which was in London, was close, but it was still clear who won.

Then we played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on the Xbox, so we could get our Horse of the week, we played in the airport level, where it all started! The “horse”, was wVjlYSfRR4! I won it despite my handicap! 11-5 to me!

Then we played Mashed: Fully Loaded on the Xbox, we played f*ck knows how many matches, we got addicted for a short while! We had force ourselves out to play something else!

Then we moved onto the Saturn to play Sega Rally Championship we had a race, unfortunately, I won the race…

Then we had a game of FIFA 97, also on the Saturn, and it was awful, but in the awesome kind of way! We soon realised why the Sega Worldwide Soccer games got so much praise back in the day and still to this day has a fan base… this was the alternative!

Then we played Forsaken on the N64, the game is fun on single player, not so much on multiplayer, pretty disappointing, especially since the N64 is the system for multiplayer games!

Then we played 007 Goldeneye, on, what else, the Sega Saturn! Oh wait… We played a game of licensed to kill slappers only, as always, but we had turbo mode on, which, as you might have guessed, speeds up the players, and it was a lot of fun, I expected it to be frustrating, because you might not be able to hit the players, that was the case, but it was still fun! Then, for the first time in a long time, we had a proper gun match, with turbo mode on, but still, and we had an absolute blast! We should do this more often!

Finally, because all we needed was the Gamecube to have completed all the main consoles I have, we played Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle, once I finally explained to Steven how to launch the Beyblade in the game, once that was over and done with, we played a proper match, and we enjoyed it, well, at least I did.

We were about to play Sonic Heroes on the Gamecube, but Steven had to leave unfortunately, so we weren’t able to, obviously.

Before we left, I showed him my recently acquired key chain Beyblade and launched it, and asked him “Doesn’t this bring back memories?”, he said “Aye, it does.”, just thought I’d tell you that.

Here’s what we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • FIFA 12 [PS2]
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [PS2]
  • Timesplitters [PS2]
  • Timesplitters 2 [PS2]
  • Vib Ribbon [PS1]
  • Rise of the Robots [CD32]
  • Sonic Adventure 2 [DC]
  • Metropolis Street Racer [DC]
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 [Xbox]
  • Mashed: Fully Loaded [Xbox]
  • Sega Rally Championship [SS]
  • FIFA 97 [SS]
  • Forsaken [N64]
  • 007 Goldeneye [N64]
  • Beyblade V-Force: Super Tournament Battle [GC]

It was a fun week overall, next Sunday, we’re having party for my brother’s communion at my house, and all of my cousins are going, it’s going to be a frantic week!

The week afterwards will be Wii week, because it’s been far too long since we played a game of Wario Ware Smooth Moves!

Article By: Cobra!
Recall help provided by: Steven
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