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Guys, there’s a new Tony Hawk game coming out… and it’s a mobile game…

Thu, Feb 27th, 2014

Guys, there’s a new Tony Hawk game coming out… and it’s a mobile game…

When I started hearing that Activision were working on a new Tony Hawk game, I got super exited, it could be Activision’s chance to bring Tony Hawk back to it’s glory days! Close to it anyway!

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Rant: IOS, Android, and other Smart Phones

Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

Before I begin, chances are, I won’t have anything to report on next months Retro Diary, yeah, I was thinking of making on, but one cousin is Living in Australia for a month, and the other is too busy with his job, and they’re the only one who played games with me, so I’d have nothing to report.

Okay, this is just a small rant, just to get this off of my chest, I’m very sure many will disagree with me on this subject, but I have to get this out there, I can’t contain it anymore.

Why? Why are people so obsessed with Smart Phones, to me personally, they’re boring, inconvenient, useless and overpriced.

With the exception of a few friends, eveyone I know checks their phone every 5 seconds, or are just completely glued to the screen, it doesn’t matter what situation they’re in, their phone is always their priority. When they’re talking to friends and family, on their phones, when a good TV show or a film is on, they’re on their phones, the apocalypse is happening, they’re on their f*cking phones! In fact, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if someone is viewing this on their phone!

I see people on them everyday, on the Bus, on the Train, in College, etc. and I always hear that annoying ringtone that pretends to be an old phone, you guys know what I’m talking about, and that annoying sound when someone gets a text message! urgh! I’m sick and tired of hearing it!

I actually once saw somebody on their Iphone in front of a PC! Why don’t you use the f*cking PC!? Phones to me, are just watered down versions of PCs, it has half the stuff a PC has, but crappy.

What on earth do they do on them!? Are they on Facebook? Twitter? That’s all I see on them, surely they must get bored of them, I mean don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Twitter are good, but I check them like one or twice a day, if even that, not every 5 seconds!

I remember once Red Dwarf was on TV, always a good laugh, well, except when everyone in the room is too busy with their phones, they even said to me they’re watching it, bullsh*t! They got off in the middle of the episode, and asked what had happened…

I recently got the first 2 series of Chucklevision on DVD, hoping to watch it with someone I know, you see, the best way to watch a comedy, is to watch it with other people. However, They were on their Iphone, playing Jungle Run 2 throughout the show, the show wasn’t funny because I was the only one really watching it…

Even in the cinema, someone I knew had their phone under their jacker secretly on it while the film was on, disgraceful!

They also treat it like it was the only thing in the world that mattered to them, when the battery’s running low: “Quick! Get the charger! This is an emergency!”
I mean come on! You can live a little without your phones, you did years ago, why are you so reliant on them now!?

In my opinion, phones should only be there for emergency purposed, and not to take over your social life, oh wait, they are “social”, aren’t they? They have Facebook and Twitter(!)

The only use I could have with an Iphone or Android, is the ability to go online outside your home, for example, I find a game in the store, great condition, price seems good, I could go on Amazon and eBay and compare prices. Nope, as far as I’m aware, you need a router or wi-fi to go online. Purpose: Defeated!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the phones eventually turned everyone into zombies, and caused a zombie outbreak in the world.

Can anyone last 5 seconds without checking Facebook or Twitter on their phone!? Put them the f*ck down, and actually do things with other people! It’d be worth it in the end, trust me!

That concludes my rant! I’m glad it’s out, I feel slightly better now!

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