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This is why I’m losing interest in video games…

Saturday, June 17th, 2017


It’s things that this that really tick me off!

I believe it’s the consumers right to mod what they buy. As long as they don’t resell it. (Even then, I’d say a very limited number of copies is still okay)

However, that would be me caring for the consumers, and proposing that I don’t have control over something, and that is unacceptable in the industry!

I think they’re going to singlehandedly kill off the entire PC community by doing this, maybe not immediately, but in the long run, like any other games, people will lost interest.

but that’s okay with the, because that would mean they’d have interest in forking over money for a new game!

How long have Take Two sunken from making mods acceptable in San Andreas, to outright outlawing them entirely in GTA V!

“Is it because of the Hot Cofee Incident?”, I have my doubts, because 1: That was over 10 years ago, and 2: Hot Cofee, with Rockstar’s fault, they added it then, but then hid it, modder simply uncovered it…

From the point of view from an indie developer, I love the idea of modding. The lifespan of my original Rossies game was extended thanks to it being open source, and other people making mods and even total conversions of the game! I was seeing new content based on something I created it. I planted the seed to a then-growing community!

It’s that that makes me commited to make all my games open source, communities are a good thing! Maybe not finantially, but… well, fananical is all that matters to corporations, I forgot.

So my closeing words are: Fuck you Take Two!

Have a nice day!


Retro Diary – 9/9/2012 – Happy Birthday (NA) Dreamcast!

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012

I’ve ordered a Wonderswan game off eBay late last night, after realising I had some money, it’s called Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit v1.5, and it’s for the Wonderswan Color. Just thought I’d tell you.

My first day back in college, and I bumped into one of my old high school friends on the train, he says he goes to the college I go to now, which is awesome. We were talking about a few things, mostly games, and My Little Pony, because he recently became a brownie, not that I have a problem with that, he can like whatever he wants.
He mentioned to me how it’s weird that sometimes our opinion changes drastically about a certain thing, one time you might hate something, but later on, you might love it, and he was right, that’s the case with me and games like Mirrors Edge and Grand Theft Auto IV, I hated them when they came out, but once I actually played them, I fell in love!

I came across another friend of mine, it’s been years since we saw each-other, first thing he said to me was that he got a Dreamcast, good on him! I see he’s still as into games as I am, that’s good to know. We were talking about Dreamcast games for a good while, then we talked about the Max Payne games, funnily enough, the original game was planned for the Dreamcast, but that was cancelled.

I finally have a Wonderswan!
It has arrived today, and wow! it’s tiny, it’s smaller than I expected even after seeing one of it’s games! Here’s a size comparison between it, and a Game Boy Color:

Also, a size comparison between the console, and a box for one of it’s games:

Of course, being that it came from Japan, the text/writing on the parcel was in Japanese, however, it was just a sheet of paper stuck on the cardboard, so I took it off, and there was another one, took that off, and there was another one, took that off, and they were all off, but then the last sheet of paper turned out to be two stuck together! Did they really need 4 sheets!? Since I have a thing for , I guess you could say, Exotic parcels/packages, I decided to hang them on my wall!

I’ve had a go on Klonoa: Moonlight Museum on it, everyone seems to think this game is mediocre and only for collectors, I partially agree with the latter, as it rarely pops up on eBay, and when it does, it goes for over £30, which is ridiculous for any Handheld game. However, once you get past the first world, which is dull and boring-ish, I’ll admit, it really gets interesting in my opinion, you get new monsters and block that you’ll recognise from the other Klonoa games, and makes the game a little more interesting and fun!

Tuesday 4th September 2012

Anyway, last week at that shop, I saw a copy of RC Revenge, boxed with manual for only £2 because the case was cracked, but I didn’t get it because I ordered it from Amazon. That copy didn’t arrive, and I got a refund for it, so I decided to visit the shop again if I get the chance, and get it if it’s still there, it was!
I also found 007 The World is Not Enough for the PS1 there, it looks completely different from the N64 version, so I wanted to get it, because I love the 007 games, and wanted to get something new, well, new to me. It was £5, so I thought why not, at that price, it must be in pristine condition, the disc, I mean, they take out the discs when displaying them to avoid theft.

I also saw Viruta Tennis 2, I got the first game from there last week, loved it, so I thought why not get this one, it was also £5, the same as it is on Amazon, not too bad.

After that, I went to CEX, I found Resident Evil 4 for both Gamecube and PC, the PC version being £3 and the Gamecube version was £12, I also saw Theme Hospital for about £2.50, I was going to get them, but the line that particular day was massive, and I was killing enough time as it was, so I thought “Forget it!”, I would probably get them all cheaper on Amazon anyway, if not, I’ll get them the next time I’m there, which I guess will be Thursday, when I go back to college, I’m off tomorrow!!!

When I got back home, I got 2 parcel today! I got Max Payne for PC and 007 Agent Under Fire for the Xbox!

I played a few matches of Goldeneye Source with my cousin, Steven, it was almost as fun as the original! There was funny moment we had, in a match where the weapons were set to explosives, I threw a bunch of remote mines in a certain spot, and Steven fell right into the trap, I detonated them just as he was running over them, I found that hilarious, truest me, it’s funnier than I’m making it sound…

Friday 7th September 2012

Max Payne 2 Arrived Today, I haven’t installed or even opened it yet, I’m waiting until I complete the first game.

Saturday 8th September 2012

Sleeping Dogs, Inversion and 007 Everything or Nothing Arrived today!

Sleeping Dogs is fantastic, I’m very addicted to it!

Inversion, however, isn’t quite up to that level, it seems it’s another shoddy PC port, you have no option to turn off Motion Blur or Depth of Field, why don’t games give you the option any more!? No one likes these effects, sure, some don’t mind, but there’s a difference between that and actually liking them. All they do, is blur out the game and slow it down, they’re not good for anything! I know no one’s going to listen to me but, developers, get some common sense, and don’t use these effects! This is one of only 3 PC games Namco have ever released, and they all have this problem! I love Namco, but they’re not cut out for PC games!

I expected Everything or Nothing to be just like Nightfire on consoles, only improved further, but nope, they’ve ditched that engine, and gone third person, why? It never works, only Blood Stone years later got it right. It plays just like 007 From Russia With Love, which was okay in multiplayer, but was kind of rubbish in single-player, trust EA to screw franchises up, eh? Luckily Activision got their hands on the 007 licence and got things right again!

As you probably imagined, I was playing Sleeping Dogs all day.

Sunday 9th September 2012

It’s the 9th of the 9th, the Dreamcast’s birthday! Well, the North American Dreamcast anyhow… but it was the perfect excuse to bring along and play the Dreamcast!

Well, that was the plan, but my brother brought his PS3 as well, and we, or rather they, were mostly playing that.

When Steven came, he gave me back my copy of 007 Blood Stone for the PC… just thought I’d mention that.

Me and Giancarlo were playing Virtua Tennis and Virtua Tennis 2, and a game of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, that’s it.

Then for the rest of the time there, they were just playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band on the PS3.

That sums up today in a nut shell, next week, I’m not sure what we’ll do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be playing some Sleeping Dogs…

Retro Diary – 24/6/12 – "This-Game’s-Great!"

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Monday 18th June 2012

I finally got around to playing the Browser version of Plants vs. Zombies, and I really enjoyed it, the Game of the Year edition of the game is only £5 brand new on Amazon, so I suppose it’s a why not, I’m getting it!

My PC got sent off to get fixed today, well, I hope they actually fix it, I have a gut feeling they’ll just send it back, broken…

Tuesday 19th June 2012

My MDickie compilation DVD arrived! I was expecting the Disc to contain absolutely, pretty much like it was claimed to, but sadly, it didn’t, a few DOS games and the original version of the 3D Big Bumpz was missing, I’ve downloaded the rest, as they’re all free, but it would’ve been nice if they were on the DVD as well.

However, I found that the DVD contained 2 mods to his popular Wrestling Mpire 2008, one of them being called “The Wrestling Channel 4: Fight!”, which featured far improved graphics and presentation, and the game had a better atmosphere too, I can honestly say that this is the best wrestling game on the PC now, it’d be awesome of Matt Dickie himself and the team and modded it joined forced to make a sequel, how awesome would that be!?

So yeah I’ve been playing that, even if it runs like crap on my laptop, I want my PC so bad…

Thursday 21st June 2012

My sister came up to my room to play some Mega Drive, she reached the same spot before getting bored, she keeps saying to me she’ll come over and we could complete it like we did with Sonic 2, but never does, I’d be lucky if she even comes up to play it half the time.

I’ve just noticed, my brothers have nearly finished school, which sucks, I was hoping to spend those extra weeks off by playing some awesome PC games while my brothers are at school and aren’t here to annoy me, but my luck doesn’t want any of that, and my PC broken down, seriously, why me!?

I suppose on the bright side, I haven’t heard anything back from ASUS, no “we can’t fix your PC”, or any of that crap, so I suppose no news is good news, but I have a feel it’s still just in a very long line of PC that are to be inspected, and I bet knowing my luck, it’s be weeks until they finally get to my PC and say “Sorry, we can’t fix it!”, making all of that time, waiting for it to get “fixed” gone to complete waste!

I saw Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny on eBay, and as a bonus, that particular copy also included Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, all on PC… Ordered!

I was once looking at a “Let’s Play”, or rather a “Retsupurae”, which makes fun of bad Let’s Plays, and found one on Ultimate Doom, so I decided to look at it, and saw that this guys copy ran faster, had a different HUD, and was running on a bigger resolution, I thought, “Wait, how come my copy isn’t as good!?”.

It turns out, he had a mod put in which makes all those improvements and more into all the Doom games, it’s called Z-Doom, called so because you can look up and down, unlike the original, I tried it out, and it was like upgrading a computer or to a new computer, you suddenly get a massive improvement in performance! I was in awe playing it, the resolution could go much bigger, and therefore looked so much sharper and clearer, it ran much faster, the new HUD rules, and tonnes more, I practically fell in love!

Later on, I was browsing for my games because I was bored and wanted something to play, then I discovered a few PC games I’ve had for years, but never played, one of them being a £1 budget game called “Winter games”, I decided to try it out.

I’ve tried other budget games published by the same people, and they were quite enjoyable considering they’re only £1, but this one sucked!

However, I discovered trial games that came free with the game, one of them being “Brick Buster”, which is a 3D breakout game, I decided to give it a try, and I really, really enjoyed it, so I looked it up online to see if I could find a copy cheap.

You can download the game, it costs £10, which is outrages, however, on eBay, I found a retail copy which also came with another game, and that was less than £2, seriously, why do people digitally download games these days?

Physical copies are usually cheaper, you can install them on other PCs/Consoles, and if you feel nostalgic for a game years later, chances are, the digital download will no longer exist, but you can still install the physical copy!

My sister came into my room to play my Mega Drive again, which I don’t mind, she gave up, again, because she wasn’t doing as well as usual, so I had a go, and done even worse…

Friday 22nd June 2012

I’ve been told I will get my PC on Monday, hopefully fixed, but they haven’t said otherwise, so that’s a good sign, but I’m still not getting my hopes up…

I discovered a Free-to-play game on Steam called “Trackmania Nations Forever”, which is a game all about whacky tracks, and the fact you can make your own! I had a go of it, and I loved it! Unlike every other F2P game I’ve ever played, it doesn’t ask you for money anywhere in the game!

I might know where they’d get income then, from their other, more advanced game, Trackmania United Forever, Nations is a Free Trackmania game, everything else is like a mainstream game, a case with a disc, that costs you about £20-£30. United Forever is all of the Trackmania games and expansions put together into one game. After playing and Loving Nations, I’m definitely getting United Forever!

Saturday 23rd June 2012

My sister came into my room and played Sonic 1 for a bit, then gave up, so I gave it a try, and I actually reached Labyrinth Zone Act 2, by far the furthest I’ve ever gotten, until I got a game over!

I completed Episode 2 of the Ultimate Doom, and the end boss for that episode, is absolutely merciless, I couldn’t defeat him no matter what I did, I lost count of the amount of tries it took, not that I counted in the first place.
So I decided, f*ck it! I put a cheat in to get the BFG, and then I completed him my first try… Alright, second try!

I realized it was 3DO next week, and I didn’t have a working copy (or even a proper one at that) of Twisted, and that games makes 3DO week, 3DO week, so I went online, and there was only 1 copy left, it was £15, but I made an offer of £10, and not even a minute later, he accepted it, so now I’m getting a proper copy of Twisted! Hopefully it’ll arrive before next Sunday…

Sunday 24th June 2012

It was Mega Drive this week at grans, unfortunately, I only had one controller, so I brought along the Sega Master System controller, in hopes that it would work… It didn’t.

I was playing a bit of Mortal Kombat for a while first.

Then I played a bit of Aladdin, still trying to figure out the level skip cheat I knew of years ago, it seems it’s activated when I press A, B, B, A, while rocking the D-pad, but it doesn’t do it when I leave it alone or hold it in any direction.

Then Giancarlo played Streets of Rage for a bit, he reached the boat level before getting a game over.

Then Steven came in a while later and played Spiderman, and couldn’t get past the first level.

Then he played Bart vs. the Space Mutants, same thing there, couldn’t get past the first level.

Then he played Micro Machines 2, he played a lot of races before getting bored. We have something new to say during the countdown of that game, while it counts down, in rhythm with the countdown, we say “This-Game’s-Great!”!

Steven decided to let someone else play a game, so Giancarlo then played Sonic 2, because we couldn’t go through Mega Drive week without playing that, no really, we couldn’t!

While he was playing, he mentioned that once he gets a job, he’s getting an Xbox 360, and he also mentioned he’s getting a computer as well.
I thought “What’s the point?”, I mentioned he could just get a gaming PC, sure it may cost more to get a gaming PC than a console, but you’re going to buy a console and PC anyway, it doesn’t cost much to get a PC that can play all the modern games and PC games are generally cheaper than their console counterparts to pre-order and get brand new the day a game comes out. (Sometimes with £15 in difference!)
Besides, me and Steven play mostly on the PC now, so it’d be awesome if all 3 of us did!
It’s his choice, I know, but I’d go for PC gaming if I were him, but then again, no one’s like me.

He reached the Casino Stage Act 2, but then Giancarlo had to go, so Steven took over, and reached Hill Top Zone Act 2 before we left.

I bidded for an item of “Ultimate Quake!” for the PC, basically, that’s the first 3 quakes (including 3 arena) for I think modern OS PCs, luckily, no one else placed a bid on it, I wouldn’t think anyone would, these days, if anyone who’s not me wanted a PC game, they’d get it on Steam, not me, I hate digital download games and try to avoid them as often as possible, luckily, I don’t need to download anything to play Quake 1, 2 and 3 Arena any more!

Next week is 3DO week, it’s time to land on the Challenge Square!

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