Ma 2018 Review

Mon, Dec 31st, 2018

This will juist be me ramblin on aboot whit A thocht aboot 2018, an recaain events that happened in the year.

The new year is aaweys depressin for iz, bein a fan o auld tech, acause that’s iverything a year aulder, an auld consoles an devices become iver so mair degraded an haurder tae sort oot gin thay break.

2018 haes been a mixed bag, in ma opeinion. A lot o guid things hiv happened, an a lot o bad things hiv an aa.

Tae git thaim oot o the wey, we saw Stephen Hawking, Stafan Karl, Barry Chuckle, an many ither famous fowk die. The stairt o the year saw iz losin some guid freends an aa. Thay didna die, but thay didna want tae be ma freend any mair… A did git back intae contact wi anither auld freend because ma brither wis datin his sister… smaw warld, huh?

2018 saw loads o progress for the Scots language, ower the year, we’v seen Scots meetups happen, the Govan Stanes Scots Lanmguage week wis whaur A met the Scots Scriever for the first time, an A wis surprised he recognised iz. The Scots Café became a thing an aa!

Scots is much mair kent as a language nou as it wis at the stairt o the year. Fowk hiv gotten uised tae it, it seems, and the stigma it’s haed for decades is finally fadin awa!

2018 haes been an interestin development wi Brexit an the EU. The UK leuks tae be crumblin apairt fae Brexit.
Scots independence support ahes niver been heicher, naither haes support for a reunitit Ireland in Northern Ireland.
Even Wales it seems is stairtitn tae g’ “Haun on a meenit! This isna wirkin for iz aither!”. Ye ken the uinion is in trouble whan iven Wales is hivin seicont thochts…

As for the EU, Articles 11 an 13 are gittin votit for, which is a law that stap copyrichtit content fae gittin viewed or uploaded, an ye need ta pey a tax tae link tae onything.
A’ll dae ma thochts on this in anither airticle here, but tae summarise, A’m no shuir if this is a real threat, no because o the law itsel, but because o bein able tae implement it wioot it backfirin on thaim.
German newspapers hiv tried tae git Google tae pay them for linkin tae airticles in 2013, an Google decided tae no link tae thair articles at aa, an that caused the newspapers tae lose a lot o traffic an money an thay came crawlin back weeks later…. The same thing happened in Spain in 2014.
…Whit dae ye think is gaun’ae happen wi the Link Tax?

So that’s Smashin! We’re sandwiched between Brexit an the EU… joy!

Tae cheer massel up, A’m gaun’ae taak aboot ma personal achievements in 2018.

A got ma IT degree in the summer, sae that’s guid.

A went tae a march in Embra in October. Ower 100,000 fowk war said tae hiv attended!




A pit oot 3 gemms this year, a helped wi anither.

The first gemm wis a DVD gemm o Steamed Hams (mynd that meme?), it teuk iz a hale day tae wirk on, but A’m gled A wirkit on it in retrospect, e’en gin no many people played it.

The seicont gemm wis Rossies Classic in November. That maistly got pocitive reception. The fowk that war willin tae play it said it wis fun.

A feinished T3ngist this year an aa, in Dizember. A hivna got much feedback fae that. Ma cousin pyntit oot a glitch that causes the gemm tae crash whan ye try tae reload or melee wi nae ammo, but says the rest o the gemm’s smuith.

A helped mak a gemm in a weekend as pairt o Ludum Dare wi 3 members o Indie Game Utopia Discord server, caaed Little Cthulu. That didna turn oot sae weel, but we haed fun wi it.

In general, A feel like A’m stairtitn tae big a wee bit o a reputation. A’v been mair in contact wik ither fowk involved wi the Scots language community, an some hiv come intae contact wi iz an aa! A’m becomin a wee be relevant!

2018 wis the year A got intae film photography an aa, an got massel 2 guid cameras: A Zinet EM, an a Canon Quickshot 105.

A teuk photies o ma trip tae Disneyland Paris wi thaim in October, thay turnt oot aafu guid!

A got massel a Game Boy Camera for Christmas an aa, an hiv been a hivin fun wi that.

A’v been mair intae VHS tapes an aa, they’re becomin a wee bit mair accepted, but still dirt cheap!

In general, A’v been intae retro gemms an gemm development as usual, A’v made some freends an connections.

So ay… that’s whit A think o 2018. It wis a mixed bag, but A’m gled that A at least achieved things. Here’s howpin 2019 will be even better, an Brexit and Article 13 daesna ruin it for aa o us!

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