Walcome tae wir new blog for non-binarie an agender fowk

Monday, August 8th, 2016

This is a new blog A’v appened up. A’v recently come oot as agender, whit is a non-binarie gender identity.

A saw that thare are sites for Non-Binaries in Scotland, but nane in Scots or Gaelic that A saw, sae A decided tae mak ane massel, awtho A’m no that guid wi ma Gaelic the nou, but gin ony Non-Binaries readin this that speak Gaelic (aiblins nane o yese), than contact me, an mibbie A can mak you an author/blogger/whitiver o the site, for the Gaelic section o’t!

Non-Binarie Alba (Warkin Title)

Walcome tae wir new site dedicatit tae fowk that identifee non-binarie, agender, or as ony genderqueer identitie.

A will try ma verra best no tae be like a stereo-teepical angert SJW Tumblr site, A massel will try tae meet a middle groond wi arguments an try tae be a vyce o reasonin.

A wee bit aboot massel, on the internet, A gae bi the name “Cobra!” or “Cobradabest”, A identifee as agender, A uise him or thay pronoons, deprndin on ma muid, an A use the teetles o Mx. (Generally pronooncit as “mix” or “mux”) an “Ser” (Generally pronooncit “sair”) whanaiver nedded, an gender diveesions an segregations are a pet hate o mine.

Onywey, thon’s aw A hiv tae say for nou, A’ll see yese neist time!

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