Retro Diary – 02/07/16

Sat, Jul 2nd, 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, eh? (2 years, in fact!) Well, I’ve decided to bring this series back, but this time, I’m going to do them whenever I like, and on days where anything of interest happened in terms of retro gaming in my life, such as today!

I was at MEGABytes today, which is a retro gaming cafe that opened up in Glasgow a year or so back, and if you love retro games, you’ll love this place!

Anyway, I was there today with a couple of friends, and we were chatting for a bit, while one of the people in our group was playing Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (I know, not a retro game, but the cafe let them play it on their 360, so…), and I was arguing with a friend (not in a fighting way, though, don’t worry) because we had contrasting opinions on the game, my friend thought it was a great game and the best in the series, but I disagreed, it was a massive disappointment in my opinion, and that the first game was much better!

We then talked about other Sonic game and how since Heroes, with the exception of (part of) Unleashed, Colors and Generations, every Sonic game has been garbage…

I was playing Street Fighter II in the arcade, which was free-play, as Ryu, since I beat the game as Ken, and I faced Ken (as CPU, obviously) as the first opponent, and I couldn’t get past him, and at the time, I couldn’t be bothered trying, so I gave up, although I did reach 2nd on the leader-board, so that’s something I guess…

We were watching the staff play through House of the Dead 2 on the Wii, well, until they lost all of their lives and continues, and we were talking about zombie games, and how, in my opinion, zombie games are boring with the exception of House of the Dead and Left 4 Dead.

Later on, I started to play co-op with someone from the group in Timesplitters 2 (It would’ve been Future Perfect, but the cafe said their copy stopped working.), we weren’t co-operating very well, though, we just went at our own pace. I guess this is because me and the other guy didn’t really know each-other, and it was kind of awkward as a result. I still enjoyed it, though.

The other guy left me on my own, so I decided to switch to the PS1 instead and played through Crash Bandicoot, and it was my best play-through so far, my friends challenged me to get 100 lives in the game, since I seemed to be so good at building them up, but unfortunately I failed, not because I wasn’t able to, but because I wasn’t able to… The game only allowed a maximum of 99 lives…

When I tried to get another life, it didn’t count it up, and just didn’t count it, if I got a life at 99, then died, it would go to 98 regardless…

However, it was the highest amount of live I ever got and the first time I managed to maximize the lives I could have.

I also got 7 or 8 perfects as well, I usually just get 3…

Also, when I was playing through the game, someone was playing Rock Band 2 on the Wii, and I was hearing some awesome tunes while playing, which might have been what put me in the zone! I also heard music from Aladdin from the Mega Drive, since someone was playing that, and that has awesome music, too!

When I beat the game, I was on 92 lives, because the second last level is a real pain in the behind!

As it turns out, I still had time on my one hour session (You pay for an hour at a time there.), meaning I beat the game in less than an hour!

So I decided to play Doom on the PS1, which marked my first time playing that version of the game, and it seemed good, but the framerate wasn’t perfect, contrary to what I heard about it. It was still fun, though, I loved the coloured lighting and the controls were surprisingly easy to get used to, and I played the game in Nightmare/Ultra Violence mode, and actually managed to get past the first level on it, although I struggled with the second level. I had a blast, nonetheless! …see what I did there?

We left very soon after, though.

I had fun today, all things considered, my anxiety and depression took over again and ruined things, but that isn’t important for this blog!

So yeah, see youse next time I have an interesting retro gaming day.


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