My Thoughts on the new Call of Duty announcement (mostly)

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been announced.

So a new Call of Duty had been announced, who would’ve saw that coming!?

The plot actually seems interesting, Basically, a team are invading a dictatorship country in hopes of overthrowing the leader and turning the country into a democracy. Now I usually get the Call of Duty’s games for it’s multiplayer, and I think I can safely say many others do too, but for the first time, I genuinely want to play though a call of duty’s campaign.

I mean face it, even thought it’ll be largely the same as the other Call of Dutys, we’re all going to get this in the end, as may I, if they make a Wii U version…

I mean, I’ll probably have a PS4 by the time the game comes out, but I’d rather get the Wii U version. Why? 3 words: Free. Online. Play.

I find it ridiculous that Sony have started charging for online play on the PS4, the only reason they’re probably doing it, is because they saw Microsoft get away with it. It’s disgraceful!

“It’s only £40-£50 a year, though”, yeah, and you know what else you can by for that much money? Another game! Besides, it’s not the amount or the ability, it’s the principle of it, the PS3 and PS Vita have free online, why not the PS4?

Hey, that’s a selling point for the Wii U, it’s the only 8th gen console with free online play, if they’re smart, and I know they are, Nintendo will take advantage of that and use it to sell the Wii U, for people like me, it’s perfect.

I’m getting off track here, this isn’t a rant. Aside from the Wii U having free online, there’s another reason I’d rather get the Wii U version, and that is the gamepad.

I’ve recently been playing Call of Duty: Ghosts with my brothers on the Wii U, one player plays on the gamepad, whereas the other get’s the TV. It’s great! It’s certainly better than split screen, for starters, screen looking is harder, and also it’s easier on our eyes, since we have bigger screens, if that makes sense.

It’s not as if the CoDs on the Wii U don’t have it’s active players, because they certainly do, both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts have lot of players still, you can find a game in a matter of seconds.

Sadly, Activision have every reason not to port it, the 2 CoD games on the Wii U both sold terribly, so if they skipped it, it wouldn’t be missed by many. Although I guess people will continue to play the other CoDs in the event that the new game skips the Wii U…

So I’m pretty exited for the new Call of Duty game, as long as it comes to the Wii U, that is…


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