My argument against digital games

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

My argument against digital games

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time (meaning precisely none of you) then you’ll know that I hate digital and DRMed (That includes Steam!) games with a passion! I much prefer getting a physical, DRM-free (or disk-check) product!

“But why?” I keep hearing people whine at me. This is why!

When I buy a game, I want to be able to play at any time, without having to rely on any servers being up, servers that aren’t going to be around forever, and if I miss out on a game the first time around, I want to be able to buy and play that game years later.

I’m all for supporting the developers, don’t get me wrong, I always buy any games I do get brand new (For example, I recently got Tearaway, Gravity Rush and Super Mario 3D world, all brand new and sealed), but going digital only and/or DRMing your game isn’t necessary, we currently live in a society where people are concious about games doing well and the developers getting money and support for the hard work they put into making the games people love, they aren’t going to screw them out of the money they deserve.

Like-wise, developers shouldn’t be screwing us over, or punishing, I think going digital-only and/or applying DRM is going to do some damage, as people like me are turned off from getting a game if you can’t play it years down the line. Although that isn’t the case, is it? People are letting developers sh*t all over them, they’re too soft! Cut it out! There’s supporting the developers, then there’s licking their ar*e!

I thought games were supposed to be are an art form, art is there to be admired, to be remembered and appreciated, even years down the line, centuries after an artist is dead, that kind of thing, think about all the famous paintings from the past, chances are, they were pained centuries ago, and the artist is long gone, books and movies as well, though they may not go that far back, but you get my point.
With the way our industry is going, that isn’t going to happen to games, do you think 30 years down the line, the curious will be able to get an Xbox 360, and, say, Castle Crashers for it? No, they wouldn’t be able to, would they? By then, Xbox Live will be shut down!

To me, it’ll be pointless putting all that hard work and money into working on a game, just to have it be forgotten. What good is art if it isn’t going to be remembered?

Take for example, the the film industry in the 1920s, there was no home format, and cinemas operated like they do now (or so I imagine), so it’s kind of similar to the “digital age”, isn’t it? Well, guess, in percentage, how many movies from that decade got lost? Go on, guess… 75%! That’s a lot of lost films, no copies are known to exist of any these films! If games go digital-only, history is going to repeat itself!

“Oh, but you could still have let’s plays and reviews!”, sure, but I’m also sure they had reviews of those lost films from magazines or newspapers, maybe even some trailers have been found, but the films themselves are lost.

I’ve just about given up telling people all of this, though, it’s clear that everyone, including my friends from college, are prepared to live in a throwaway society, where few games will be popular for a short time, then ditched and forgotten for the next big thing, no better than phones or TVs! I’m just going to enjoy the time the age of archive-able/collectable games has left, after the industry goes digital-only, I’ll go retro-only, I’ve done it once, I can do it again. I just hope retail games will still be around for a long time, though… I find it, ironic, though, that I’m the only one who’s actually thinking about the future…


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