Retro Pick-Ups: A bunch of PSP games

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Retro Pick-Ups: A bunch of PSP games

On the train home from college today, I was talking to one of my college friends about, what else? College work… Nah, we talked about games…

I told him I was getting a new console, I never mentioned it here, so I want to keep it a surprise, yep, it’s another mystery console! The only clue I’m giving is that it’s a handheld console, that uses cartridges. (Which only rules out the PSP, doesn’t it?)

So anyway, I was telling him about and he seemed surprised, and we talked about this handheld almost the whole trip.

We then talked about homebrew games, if you don’t know homebrew games are a term given to independent games made and released on older consoles, some people actually still develop for consoles such as the Atari Jaguar and Sega Dreamcast!

My friend then asked me if I wanted to develop a game for the Dreamcast, and I gave it a quick thought, and I thought that was an awesome idea, I would love to have Tengist and Rossies 3D be ported to the Dreamcast, the only problem is that obviously, the Unity engine doesn’t support the Dreamcast, heck, the Dreamcast came out before C# was created! Although, my friend pointed out that my model could be ported, and he made a good point, I mean the fbx format (which my models use), was around way before the Dreamcast became an idea, so surely the Dreamcast supports fbx files, so that’s some time saved! All I would need to do is learn to program 3D games, and off I go!

You know, I want to start developing homebrew games, I don’t like the direction modern gaming is going, it seems to be well on the path to becoming digital only, or worse, mobile only. There are also some companies, such as Collectorsvision, who specialise in developing and publishing homebrew games, so there must be a market for them!

Anyway, I was at CEX, again, to take back some Xbox games that I bought from them but didn’t work (One of them being Shenmue II…)

So anyway, while I was there, I thought I’d see what PSP games they had for sale, and they had some good deals, or so I thought before looking on Amazon… The only game I really saved money was on Mortal Kombat: Deception, and saved 70p on Outrun…

Anyway, I was expecting my PSP 3000 today as well, and I got it… and it was actually a 3000 model! Finally!

Sony PSP 3000 - Front

Notice the PS logo button at the bottom left, and the Sony logo on the top left…. only you can’t…

Sony PSP 3000 - Back

Notice the smaller ring on the back of the console

Here’s the interesting part, though, with this PSP came a random game for free, I knew this from before ordering it, and was exited to see what game I got. The PSP has 809 games, with 15 in the works, and by the time I ordered it, I had around 8 games, so it was a 100 to 1, a 1% chance that I would get a game I already had!

Guess what I got…

I got Ridge Racer, which I got today...

Son of a b*tch!

I should feel bad about this, but surprisingly, I don’t, maybe because there was a 1% chance of that actually happening, it’s funny when you think about it! What made it worse what that I got Ridge Racer today! What are the chances! I guess that shows my bad luck, right? So what I do with my CEX copy… ?

Anyway, I shall see youse soon, hopefully I will be revealing my mystery console tomorrow, that’s when it’s expected to arrive, until then, I must go, my planet needs me!



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