Retro Pick-Ups: PSP “3000” and some games

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Retro Pick-Ups: PSP 3000 and some games

EDIT: I just found out that it’s a 2000, not a 3000, so I’ve taken it back for a refund, and ordered that 3000 offer from eBay.

I got (Another) PSP today! It’s a 3000 model. I got it from CEX for £52, it came with a 4GB memory stick and a years guarantee! For comparison: On eBay, the cheapest deal on a working PSP I found is £80, and it comes with no memory stick or any guarantee, you do get a random game with that item, though…

“It’s not Retro, though!”, I hear nobody cry. Well, technically, it kinda is, it’s about as good as dead now, it’s in the same position as the PS2 was a couple of years ago.

Looking back on the PSP’s library, there’s surprisingly a lot of hidden gems, a ton of good reasons to own a PSP today, one of the games I got today is just one of them…

I was actually going to get an original model, until I found out that the 2000 and 3000 models can connect to a TV and you can play through the TV in progressive scan, and I thought that as awesome, they’re a little more expensive than the original, but once that feature is taken into account, ye got yersel a deal!

I got LocoRoco, the PSP’s “killer app”, I’ve only played it for a bit to test if it works, and it does, and so far it looks like it’s going to be a something great!

I also got Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix, it’s an extended version of the original game, with extra levels and characters. Although the quality has suffered, it runs a lot choppier, the textures look much muddier and there’s a lot of ghosting, even for a PSP game. On the other hand, you have the option to add a custom picture as your characters face, (It doesn’t have to be a real photo…) Something you could only previously do on the PC. The PS2 version only allows you to take a photo with the Eye-Toy and you need to upload it to Activision’s Servers and download it again, which is something you probably can’t so anymore…

My brother found an old copy of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on the PSP, with the UMD broken open… Fear not! I happened to have a second copy of Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars! So I eased it open a bit, carefully took the disc out of that, and put in the Project 8 disc, and the game started working again! So now I have Project 8 on the PSP as well! I’m building quite the collection!

2006-01-03 13.16.55

The PSP I had before could connect to the TV in theory, but it never worked properly, it was always either too bright, have colour bars going everywhere, or had a green tint, it only worked if you held the cable against the PSP in a specific way, and because of that, you can’t play any games, because your hand is too busy trying to keep the picture decent. I found that this was actually a common problem, all the problems I’ve seen reported online, were by people who had white PSP 2000s, and funnily enough, that was what I had.

Luckily, the 3000 model I have works, but I was a little disappointed, the menu is full screen, but the games are running on a tiny screen with a giant border! I guess it’s better than, nothing, though, but it’s hardly worth the hassle of switching cables to plug it in, also the cable isn’t very long, you have to be pretty close to the TV for it to work…

One last thing before I go, I started hearing about a new Rambo game that recently came out on the PS3, 360 and PC, and instead of following the trend of copying Call of Duty’s gameplay, which might have worked for Rambo, they created a Light-Gun kind of rail shooter, and to be honest, I think it looks fun, but didn’t bother with it since the PC version would probably use Steam.
However, I was at GForce today, and saw a copy of Rambo there, so I decided to look at the back to confirm what I suspected, and surprisingly, there was no Steam logo or any mention of steam AT ALL, there wasn’t even any mention of an internet connection being required. Could it be!? The PC version doesn’t use Steam, or any DRM of that sort!? Hmm…



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