Retro Diary – 10/02/2014 – All about the PS2!

Sun, Feb 16th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Monday 3rd February 2014
I was at college, during break in the morning, my lecturer noticed my ZX Spectrum bag, and we started talking about the ZX Spectrum, he showed my his ZX Spectrum Emulator on his Iphone, and even showed me some games he bought for that emulator, and he showed me a game on it, I believe it was called “Attic Attack” or something. He then showed me a HTML5 browser emulator, and I thought that was awesome! Since then, during breaks, when I had done all I can with my games, I opened the emulator, and played some Spectrum games, I’ve been playing Manic Miner and Batter!

Thursday 6th February 2014
After college that day, I went to CEX, and found a copy of Eye-Toy Play for the PS2 for 5p! That was not a typo or anything like that, it was 5 pence! I grabbed a 5p coin from my wallet and paid for it! Now I just need an eyetoy to play with… Luckily, they’re £2 on Amazon, brand new, with free delivery! So I got one! Did any of youse know that there was a redesign? Yeah, there was, look!

Official Silver Sony EyeToy Camera (PS2) by Sony

Isn’t it cute?

Saturday 8th February 2014
I got a component to VGA cable, I got one because I wanted to play my PS2 in Progressive Scan, my TV doesn’t have a component adapter, but it’s in the list of inputs when you cycle through them on the TV itself, I’m assuming it got a component signal from the VGA port, so I put it to the test, and it worked! The PS2 looks beautiful in Progressive move, not as nice as the Dreamcast’s VGA mode, but still stunning nonetheless. I am aware very few games in Europe actually take advantage of it, but I have a few, such as Mortal Kombat Deception and Armageddon, Jak 2 and 3, and also Rayman 3, I’ve tested the first 4, and they look beautiful, though again, not as nice as the Dreamcast VGA, but it isn’t a big difference, noticeable, but not big.

My brother was tidying his room today, and he found his old PSP, and he gave me it! He also found his copy of Cars on it, I already had a couple of old PSP games from when I had one myself, so I tested it out, it didn’t turn on, but then my brother found the charger for it, so I plugged it in, still nothing! So I fiddled about with the charger cable, and I finally got it to work, it was charging! So I turned it on, and hey presto! It turned it on, so I put in a game (Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play), and that started up no problem, so I started Mortal Kombat 3, a game that would use all 6 button on the PSP, so it was perfect to test if the buttons still worked, and they did! So I now posses a fully functioning PSP… the only thing is that the analog nub is snapped off, and this is a 2000 model, so I’d need to replace the whole thing, which means I have to open up the PSP and physically change the part! Screw that! I barely got it working in the state it was, I don’t want to risk it!

Sunday 9th February 2014
It was a late visit to Grans this week, rather than cooking something for lunch, we just all got pizzas and bags of chips at night, for our dinner. I brought my Nintendo 64 there, and a whole bunch of games, so much that they barely fit in my bag! Despite bringing all those games we just played a couple of games of Goldeneye… disappointed! It was a lot of fun, as always, but still, I wish we played more…

Fortunetly, my auntie said “That’s a shame that you brought all of those games, but only play 1, maybe you’ll be able to play more next week.”, which gives me some hope that we’ll be at grans next week, because we rarely do anymore, it’s a shame….

Monday 10th February 2014
I got my Eye-Toy, and it’s tiny! Even smaller than I imagined! I feels light, but it feels like it’s made of metal, which I like. Right! Now to test this b*stard out! The game works perfectly, and the Eye-Toy worked about as well as I remembered, it functions, haven’t had any problems with it. On Thursday, I hope to have my friend over at my house to play some Eye-Toy games, Eye-Toy Play 2 and 3 were also available in CEX, They were 15p and 50p respectively, so when we meet up in the town, I’ll go and pick those up as well.

I have made an amazing discovery! I was watching a video by MetalJesusRocks where he showed us hidden PS2 gems, and he mentioned Micro Machines v4, and I was watching it, and I thought “That looks a lot like Mashed!”, so I looked up the game, and as it turns out, the game was made by the same developer, Supersonic games! At that moment, I ordered the game from Amazon!

Thursday 13th February 2014
I got an Action Replay today, I got one because I wanted to unlock Klonoa in Alpine Racer 3, and I was able to, for that one time, but still. After doing this for a second time, however, the Action Replay stopped working, as if the PS2 became self aware, and realised what I was trying to load, and just refused to!

So I decided to play Alpine Racer 3 on the PS2, and try to unlock Klonoa, who was the reason I bought this game in the first place(Well, that and that the game was 75p!), the legit way! For those who don’t know, you need to complete a slalom level 100%, but you only need to do one level 100%, simple, right? Hehe, naw!! It’s really hard to do, but on the other hand, it’s so much fun! So I wasn’t as frustrated as I thought I would be! I finally did it, and unlocked Klonoa! It felt so rewarding! I miss the old days when characters were unlockable, rather than being paid DLC…

Friday 14th February 2014
I got a Titanfall PC beta key. I wasn’t expecting that… Oh, well, since I have one, I might as well try the game out…

Oh, Dungeon Keeper is free on, I’m not interested in that sort of game, but f*ck it, it’s free!

I also got a free download code for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on the Nintendo e-shop! Jeezo, these companies are being especially generous today! (I guess it’s because it’s valentines day?) I already have the physical Game Boy Colour Version, but hey, a free download is a free download, am I right? Besides, having another version of one of the best games ever can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Sunday 16th February 2014
Sadly, we didn’t go to grans today, like I hoped, but 2 amazing(ish) things happened that I guess is worth noting…ish…

As you may or may not know, I love the game Seek and Destroy on the PS2! Why? Two words… talking… tanks! It’s an action RPG set in a world inhabited by tanks, that talk! I’m usually not into RPGs, but I love Seek and Destroy! Some may find the idea of talking tanks stupid, but I think it’s awesome, and my friend from high-school, who recommended the game to me, agreed with me.

So anyway, why am I talking about this? Well, for years, I thought the game never went on to have a sequel or anything like that, but I just found out today, that it’s part of a very long running series! Called ChoroQ, which is based on a series of a micro car toy range, similar to Micro Machines or Hotwheels, (I’m starting to sense a pattern with these toy car games…), and there’s been an RPG based on Talking Cars, called “Road Trip Adventure” and “ChoroQ”, and a game based on Jets and Boats, which are sadly Japan Only.

There was a lot of games in the series, the problem is, in the west, they games came under different titles, and also, some of games were released under the same name, for different systems!
For instance, the first game in their series in the west was “Penny Racer”, which is available for the PS1, N64, PS2 and GBA, but they’re all different games! Same name, same logo and everything, but they’re different games in the series!
There was also Gadget Racer, on both the PS2 and Gamecube, again, both “versions” are different games, but under the same name, and even the same box art, talk about confusion!
Worse of all, they DID release a game called “Choro Q” for the PS2, you’d assume with a simple title like that, it’d be a remake or a relrelease or something, right? Nope, it’s the 4th game in the main series!

In Japan, just about every system over there in the late 90s/early 2000s got a Choro Q game, except for the Dreamcast and Xbox, the Saturn got a Choro Q game, though!

It’s hard to follow what came first so I made myself a list, and put everything in order, this is for future reference, so I know which to get first when getting these games, you can also have a look, here:

  1. Penny Racers [PS1]
  2. Penny Racers [N64]
  3. Penny Racers [PS2]
  4. Penny Racers [GBA]
  5. Road Trip Adventure [PS2]
  6. Seek and Destroy [PS2]
  7. Gadget Racers [PS2]
  8. Gadget Racers [Gamecube]
  9. Choro Q [PS2]

The other thing I wanted to talk about? Well I was watching yet another video by MetalJesusRocks, and he showed us a game called “Shogo: Mobile Armour Division” for the PC, and he mentioned that it was an “Anime Inspired First Person Shooter”.

I love anime or anime inspired style of games, but most anime style games are either turn based RPGs set in the distant past, Shoot-Em Ups, or Visual Novels (If you count them as games), and I have no interest in Shoot-Em-Ups, and I only like action RPGs set in the present or future (or recent past, like in Shenmue), and whenever I DO see an anime style game that isn’t one of those 3 genres, it dissapoints me in some way, for example, I love Oni’s visuals, but hate it’s gameplay, it’s like it can’t decide what genre the game wants to be, it’s got elements from an action game, and some from a stealh game, mashed together, it’s like mixing Cola with Irn-Bru, 2 good things mixed together don’t usually make another, I think Oni is a good example of that, at least in my opinion. (Key word: Opinion)

So anyway, I decided to try the game out before decide whether or not I want this. So I gave it a try and I absolutely love it! It’s a quake inspired shooter, and I love Quake! The only problem is that when I die, I go back to the main menu, but I think that’s a demo thing, at least I hope it is. Apart from that, Shogo seems like the perfect game for me, I think I’m going to have a good time with it! I hope the game has quick saves, though…

I also also looking for pinball games I can get for my PC, 3D Pinball is great, but I’ve played that to death already, I want something new, and little did I know, I had a pinball game, in a complication of games I already have, It’s called “Pro Pinball: Timeshock”, so I installed it, and gave it a shot, and it’s really good, it only has 1 table, disappointingly, but the game in in full 3D, has great graphics and physics, it seems a little dull, though, in my eyes. Still, I enjoyed it, and spent a bit playing that…

…and that’s it for my Retro Diary this wee-fortnight, a lot has happened, hasn’t it? Well, I’ll see you next time I’m ever bothered to make one of these!



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