Mystery Console Revealed

Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

Remember in my last Retro Diary, I mentioned that I was getting a new console, but never revealed what that console is? Well, it’s here, so I’ll reveal it, drumroll please…

…What, no drumroll? Ah, screw it! The console I got was…

That’s right, It’s a Super Nintendo! For those unaware, no, this is not a Japanese Super Famicon, the PAL SNES’ had same design, the differences I’m aware of, are obviously the name and the Super Nintendo logo on it, and that the cartridge door has “PAL Version” written on it. I’m thankful we got the Japanese design, because, I think the North American design is really ugly, and dull, no offence to any American SNES fans watching,

I am quite exited to have this, I’ve always been wanting to play the Super FX games on it, and this game happened to come with one of them, or should I say two of them…

…Ha, get it? It’s because I got two copies of Starwing (That’s what Starfox is called in Europe), that makes two, but it’s only reall- ah forget it!

For those who haven’t seen a SNES before (The SNES did poorly here (at least compared to Mega Drive), so people like that exist here.), you probably think the cartridges are pretty big, and you’d be right, they are, for those who make the argument of “They were small for their time”, the Mega Drive came out 2 years before and had much smaller cartridges, and I’ve heard they can actually store more, here’s a size comparison I made:

It also came with 3 controllers, although only 2 work, and only one of them had a functional start button…

Finally, here’s a photo of the SNES all set up, ready to play Starwing!

One thing I like about the SNES, is it’s eject button in the centre, it’s just so satisfying to push and watch the cartridge pop out!

So I’ve played the SNES for a bit, and it’s a pretty good machine, the controller feels great, and considering I can only view it from an RF output, it looks great on my TV!

So I’m going to play Starwing some more, BYE!



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