Oh no…

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Remember that article I put up last month about my theory of the new Mortal Kombat on PC being DRM Free?

Well, I have a bit of bad news, I found a photo of the EU version of the game, look at the top right corner of the box…

“Requires Internet Connection to Activate”? This only means one thing… it uses Steam…

Why the f*ck did they makes us wait a f*cking month just to re-release the Steam version!? Why did they need an extra month to bring it out!? They already had the box art, and I assume they had the system requirements, a summary from the Steam page, and some screenshots, so what made them delay it!?

I am sick and tired of the PC platform DRMing every game these days! I promised myself that if Mortal Kombat Komplete game is DRM-free, I would stick with the PC for at least little longer, otherwise, I’m getting a PS4.

Sure, console game run slower, run on a lower-resolution, and aren’t moddable, but they have one important factor to them that, for the most part, PC games no longer have: Game ownership!
You actually own your games, you’re allowed to trade them in, buy a game used, and best of all, you will not be dictated by publishers! To me, the basics have higher priority than luxuries, sure, modding is fun, and I love my games to go 60+fps, but if you don’t own any of your games, what does it matter?

I’ll still get the occasional DRM-free (or dick-check) sports games and Telltalle games titles, like I always did, assuming they remain DRM free, and maybe the occasional indie off of GOG.com, and of course a bunch of oldies from the late 90s and early 2000s, but for the most part, I am done with the PC, it was once a fantastic platform, until Valve entered the scene with it’s Steam, and corporatized it, turning into a measly rental service, turned it into the equivalent of a dictatorship!
Valve have made some gems, don’t get me wrong, but the sad thing is, when Valve go, I won’t be able to revisit any of their games (except for half-life 1), treasured memories of their games will remain just that, memories, never to be revisited…

If I ever find a game that doesn’t use any of that DRM, I’ll be sure to post them here, for those who feel the same way as me…



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