Retro Diary – 5/8/12 – "Sega of Antartica!?"

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Monday 30th June 2012

I’ve downloaded the TimeShift demo last week, and it didn’t work, no matter what I did, it turns out that it’s because my CPU is quad-core, the game was designed for Single and Dual-Core, and the company that made the game went bust, so there is no fix as of yet, I’m going to find a way to run my CPU on 1 or 2 cores to get this game running.

At that time, I cancelled the order for the full game, but just today, the idiots sellers dispatched it, they should have been checking their inboxes…

Tuesday 31st July 2012

Since it’s Dreamcast week this week, I decided to play a game on said console right now to make sure it’s in full working order, so I popped in Metropolis Street Racer and had a game or two on it, and the Dreamcast was working perfectly fine, thankfully. (Touchwood.)

Me and my brother watched Batman Begins on Blu-Ray, never seen it before, but I’ve seen The Dark Knight, and Batman Begins was brilliant, in fact I thought this was better, but that’s just me, everyone else seems to beg to differ.

Thursday 2nd August 2012

I finally got the TimeShift demo to work! Although if I wanted to play the game now, every time I do, I have to change my CPU to run on single or dual-core, reset my PC to make the changes, play the game, make the CPU run on all cores again, and reset again, it seems like a lot of hassle for just one game, I’m trying to find a better solution.

I watched a bit of The Dark Knight on Blue_Ray with my brother, but I wanted to go to bed about half-way though, seriously, that film is way too long!

Friday 3rd August 2012

I was going to see the Dark Knight Rises in theatres today, but me and my brother had a row (that he started, honestly), over a stupid sock, sound ridiculous, right? Well, tell my brother that…

I asked about the TimeShift situation on Yahoo! Answers, and I only got one answer saying that the method I did was the only way to get it to run, but mentions that the game is worth it, I decided that I’d only play it then if there’s nothing else to play… then I realised that, that’s kind of what happening right now, I want to play something, but don’t have a game at my disposal to play, except maybe Stranglehold, but that didn’t occur to me at the time, so I decided to set my CPU to dual-core, reset my PC, and played through the demo, and holy sh*t, was it awesome! I might go as far as to say it’s one of the best FPSes I’ve ever played! Seriously! I’m glad that full game has been dispatched, and arrived!

I played a bit of Soldier of Fortune on the Dreamcast, again, to check if it’s functioning properly, and it still is!

I found out that Telltale games made a game based on Wallace and Gromit called “Wallace & Gromit: Grand Adventures” and, like most TellTale games, had a compilation of all episodes (Yes, all 4!) on a physical DVD, so I decided to try out the demo of episode 1 before I get the full game(s?), and like all TellTale games, it was brilliant, so I’ll be getting it for my birthday!

I’ve decided to watch the rest of The Dark Knight, and it was just as awesome as the first time I watched it! While I was watching it, I thought I wouldn’t make through the rest of the film in one sitting and that very soon I was going to turn it off for another time, but nope, I sat still, and watched it.

Saturday 4th August 2012

I tried out the demo for Batman: Arkam City for the PC, just to see how it ran because according to both Game Debate and Canyourunit, I don’t meet the recommended requirements and wouldn’t be able to run the game on high settings, I put all setting on high, and it ran just fine! In fact at some points it goes up to 60fps! Maybe my CPU and RAM make up for the graphics card… ?

I played a bit of Le Mans 24 Hours to check if my Dreamcast was still in full working order, so I did a simple 3 lap race, which lasts about 10 minutes, and it was working perfectly fine the whole way though!

Sunday 5th August 2012

It’s Dreamcast week this week, however, for most of the time, we were just watching the Olympics.

I played a bit of Shenmue II, progressed a tiny bit further, as in I now know what to do and where to go, hopefully I won’t forget that, because I don’t play it often.

Me and Giancarlo played a few races of Metropolis Street Racer.

Then we played a game of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, which I surprisingly dominated, only got knocked down once, whereas he got knocked down constantly.

Then me and Steven played Metropolis Street Racer we played a few normal races, then we had a shot at “Pursuit”, where within a time limit, one player has to catch up with the other, I was the one running away, and he was to catch me, and I lost…

The we had a few games at the Kart races on Sonic Adventure 2, then a few Sonic/Shadow action stages, then we decided to give the Dreamcast a rest, as it was getting too hot.

As we were playing those game, I mentioned to them, that apparently there exists a Sega of Antarctica, no, you did not misread that, I mean that continent at the bottom of the world that has virtually no population.

There’s no website about them, but they are a few articles floating around recently about them addressing a rumour around SA3.
It’s probably fake, I mean obviously they wouldn’t gain anything from having a division in Antarctica, but I’ll probably pretend it’s real for a joke.

After the Dreamcast got it’s “rest”, all 3 of us had a few games of Chu Chu Rocket.

After that, Steven had to leave. Then me and Giancarlo played Virtua Fighter 3 TB.

Then finally, we played Re-Volt, we had 2 races, I won one race, he won the other.

Next week is PS2 week, what games do I have that we play on PS2?… Oh yeah, WWE All Stars!


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