Retro Diary – 3/6/12 – "This-game’s-diff-rant!"

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Thursday 31st May 2012

My brother, presumably out of boredom, challenged me to a game of FIFA 12 on the PS3, since I was bored as well, I accepted.

Before I continue, I like to set my sliders to make the game fast paced and arcade like. In translation, shot and pass error to 0, speeds of both and acceleration to 100, and goalkeeper ability to 20.

It turns out, my brother did a similar thing with his game, so I would fit right in!

Surprisingly, in the first match, I was kicking his ar*e, I think I won 6-2! A fluke you say, maybe, he got one back, with 3-1 to him.

However, in our next match… He still won, but it was close, VERY close, I mean the he-scores-I-respond kind of close, the score was 6-6 in full time and the match went into extra time where he scored once more, and I failed to respond, to match ended, as you might have guessed, 7-6 to my brother.

Then we moved to FIFA UEFA EURO 2012 on the PC. Why? because we could! For all the matches, I went as Scotland and he went Netherlands, for some reason…

For some very odd reason, at that time, my eyes were watering, and my eyesight went really blurry, I could barely see the screen, I couldn’t just wipe my eyes or close them, because one eyelid hurt when I did, which only caused them to go worse, it’s probably just hey fever…

This put me at a major disadvantage, but despite this, I won the first 2 matches, then we won a third, which made us equal, with 3 wins each, so we decided to play a final match, however…

A problem arose, because in order to play multiplayer on the PC, I needed to get another Xbox 360 controller (I have a wireless receiver, oh, I’m so spoilt!), so I used my younger brothers, as he was away at the time, however, I forgot at the time that his Xbox 360 had a problem with recognising controllers, but he came back, he was raging, and it took me an hour to fix the problem he was having.

After all that, we went back to playing FIFA 12 on the PS3 to play that “final” match, we went as an El Classico, I believe I won 10-5! So he asked for a rematch, this time, I went as Celtic, he went as Real Madrid again, and I beat him 5-1!

Friday 1st June 2012

This morning, my mum brought some old Vinyl record from my grans! They were originally my dad’s. My mum said I could keep them! The reason for this is because I’ve had a recent fascination with Vinyl records, and was soon planning on getting a record player. (An ION one, to be exact, so I could put the song onto my PC, like I do with CDs!) My mum must’ve been aware of this and gave me the records.

Throughout the day, I was bored out of my skull, so I browsed through my games to see what I haven’t beaten, and I found the Timesplitters 1 and 2, and realised I haven’t completed them, but I completed Future Perfect multiple times, “That’s not right!” I thought to myself, “Time to (split, and) sort that out!”.

So for a few hours, I played through both games, it was a lot of fun, I got more the series’ awesome story, and it’s not that difficult, so why the heck did I not complete them earlier!?

Anyway, I successfully completed both games, and now I feel whole again!

Also, today, a game I got off eBay a few days ago arrived, chances are, you haven’t heard of it, it’s an E.T. point and click adventure game, simply called “E.T. The Adventure game”, it’s a PC point and click game by Ubisoft back in 2002, back then, I loved it, and and having recently gotten into point and click games, thanks to TellTale games, I thought I had to own this again, so I looked it up on eBay, and only one English copy popped up, there were other copied, but they were foreign, so I bought it before anyone else could.

I got it, and already completed it, the game is surprisingly short… I was a bit disappointed with the game, it was a great as I remember it to be, simply put, it was way behind it’s time, it was short, and in some parts quite frustrating. However, I like it for it’s nostalgic value.

Out of boredom, I decided to play Angry Birds Space, and I actually beat the game, well, I beat all of the “available” levels anyway.

Saturday 2nd June 2012

I was bored, so I decided to browse through the free games on Origin, and came across a game called Need for Speed World, and it didn’t say demo, or anything like that after the name, so they must be offering the game for free.

I thought “nah, it’s probably a crappy 2D flash-like game, either that or they say it’s free, but you have to pay to progress in it” but since it was free, I thought I’d try it anyway.

After downloading and installing it, and I played, and to my surprise, neither of the things were the case the game was 3D, it was pretty detailed as well, the graphics were very good, I never saw anything that asked for my money, you can buy in game currency with real money, but you can earn it by doing races, and after setting it up, I played the actual game, and surprisingly, it was a lot of fun! So I’ve been playing that all day…

Sunday 3rd June 2012

Well, that was the most boring party in my entire life!

I expected me, Steven and Giancarlo, would do nothing but play awesome multiplayer games all night, like the old days.

I played exactly one game, and only 2 levels, me and Giancarlo just played 2 levels in Co-Op.

After that, I was in my room for a few hours doing absolutely nothing except for writing this.

After that, Steven came in, and he seemed strangely enthusiastic about everything, I thought it might have been alcohol influenced, but upon secretly testing him by engaging him in a conversation, and getting him to enter a cheat code in Goldeneye, he seemed sober, well, sober enough.

So the first game we played was Mashed: Fully Loaded for the Xbox, we kept playing until at least one of us won, and that surprisingly took ages.

Then we played Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, we played a couple of annihilator matches and a couple of sumo matches.

Then we played Medal of Honour: Rising Sun, we completed the first level, and that was it, and… oh yeah, we did our trademark “Medal Of Honour Dance”, where we look up, keep spinning while constantly toggling between crouch and stand!

Then we played Goldeneye 007 for the N64, we played a gun match with turbo and paintball cheats on, it was frantic! Then we played a quick “You only live twice” game before Steven had to go.

Overall, I guess it was fun, but not nearly the party I hoped for, but I suppose it wasn’t my party, so my cousin couldn’t spend their whole time with me, I guess that’s fair enough.

Next week, it will be Wii week, where (hopefully) Giancarlo will bring the week. It’s time to dig up Wario Ware Smooth Moves!


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