Retro Pick-Ups: PS1 (Old Model)

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I was at that charity shop near my college today, the first time in ages, the first thing I noticed with an old PS1 model, I have no idea why, but I feel in a sense, attracted to the old PS1s, even though they have the dull grey colour, and they don’t last as long as slim models (they tend to go out after 7 years), I’ve always wanted one, so I asked how much it was, the shop keeper said it was £5… I only had £5, which would be enough, but I needed to keep at least a pound, just in case I lot my train ticket for when I go back home, to buy another.

The shop keeper then said “I’ll give you it for three.”, I thought she said “Free”, so I got a little exited, then when I was about to go out, she mentioned that I’ve still to pay, so I gave her the £3, then I realised, “Oh, she said she’ll give me it for Three“.

I looked up the same model to see how it went for, they go for around £10, so I didn’t get a bad deal! I also discovered that when I said newer models lasted longer, it turns out that that didn’t just mean the slim PSones, but also later versions of the original, and luckily, the one I bought was one of the later versions, so that’s good news.

The console didn’t some with any controllers or even a display cable, but I already had enough of each, so that wasn’t a problem.

If anyone wants to know, the model I got was a SCPH-5552.

So I’m going to give youse my first impressions of it and tell youse the advantages and disadvantages of this compared to the slim I already have.

Advantages include that it operates much quieter than the slims, I’m so used to heard the PS1 make noise as it loads, but this one didn’t so I assumed that it was broken, but when I flicked the TV to the PS1 channel, it worked fine.

Another advantage is that the memory cards load and save much faster than the slim, almost as fast as the Dreamcast! I know it depends on the game, but I remember the game I tried on it saving and loading slower on the slim.

Speaking of, the game I tried: Formula One Arcade, actually ran slightly faster on the fat model than it did on the slim.

Finally, this is minor, it has a reset button, the slim doesn’t, so that’s useful.

The only disadvantage, is that, obviously, it’s bigger, it just barely fit on my shelf of consoles, and had no room for my multi-tap, it’s not a huge problem, as there’s hardly room for 4 people to play in front of the TV.

Here are photos I’ve taken, excuse my awful photography:

Now I’ll be off, I have a date!

…I meant I was going to play the PS1, if course I don’t have a real date, I probably never will, especially not that I have all of these old games and consoles… it’s worth it though!


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