Retro Diary – 15/4/12 – "That’s now how you USE a Fire Flower!"

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Dear Diary,

Right after I wrote my last entry, I was playing Garry’s Mod with my cousin, Steven, we made some new “robots” for our robot wars, I’ll make an article with more details.

On Monday, We went to grans because my gran had leftovers from the night before since it was Easter weekend, Steven was going as well, so I thought I’d bring along a console I wouldn’t normally bring, because we’re going on a day we don’t usually.

So I brought my Amiga CD32 with me, so we can play the game that redefined the fighting genre, Rise of the Robots! We played a bit of that, but we were a bit bored, and there were a whole pile of, albeit burnt, CD32 games that we haven’t tried, I haven’t even tried them, so we decided to browse through them all to see if there any fun multiplayer games, out of about 20 or even 30, we only found 2 that were multiplayer, or at least playable in multiplayer, and one of them was a football game.

The other game was Shadow Fighter, which was actually pretty good, it wasn’t exactly Mortal Kombat, but it was fun to play, although it only used one button, like many CD32 games, and you had to choose between music and sound effects. (although, if you choose music, you still get a few sound effects.)

So we were playing that for the rest of the time we were there, and like I said, it’s surprisingly a fun game.

On Saturday, there were keys given out online to download the new Garry’s Mod 13 beta, only 19,000 got it, and me and Steven were luckily among them.

My first impressions were mixed, I understand that it’s just a beta and it’s mostly for programmers to try out their new entities, props etc. rather than messing about.

The Toybox was absent, and a few stuff aren’t fully compatible, however, the steam workshop is pretty awesome, the menu’s improved in my opinion, and the new construct level is pretty awesome, it’s far bigger! I still prefer the original, because I think it has a better layout, but I love the new one as well.

I hope they get around to fixing these problems soon.

So we were messing about in that for a while.

On Sunday, it was N64 week, my other cousin, Giancarlo couldn’t be here, I don’t know why this time.

This is entirely out of recollection, as I might get some info wrong.

We (me and Steven) started off by playing Goldeneye (There goes the main event… ah well), we played a few game of licence to kill slappers only, as usual, and it was fun, especially since we haven’t played it in a while.

We then played wipE’out 64, we played a couple of races, first one I was first, and we was 13th, in the second race, my ship got wrecked, and he reached 11t I think.

Then we played Pokémon Stadium, we played the mini-games, I won the game we had, it was first to 5 wins.

Then we played Super Smash Bros. and we got my uncle, Steven’s dad, to play it because he played it with us way back in the day, and I remember he actually at one game scored as low as -34! The lowest he got out of the matches we played was -11 I think, he’s improved since the old days!

Then we played WWF Attitude, we had a triple threat match, I stupidly set the time limit to an hour, since I thought the match would end way before then, but as it turns out, it lasted half an hour, but was a fun half an hour, we had a great time!

Then my uncle had to leave, we decided to play a game of TEEEEEN EEEEIGHTY!(1080) Snowboarding, we played a load of games, first few of which I won due to him retiring from taking too much damage, then I say “Oh, Steven’s dead… That means Cobra!’s the winner!”, it’s an in joke we have. The last race he won.

Then we had a couple of races in Star Wars Episode 1 Racer.

Then we played RIIIIIDDGE RAAAAAAACER! 64, and had a couple of races of that.

Finally, we had a quick 2 minute/5 kills game of Perfect Dark, the match ended before either of us got 5 kills, I won due to having more kills.

Then they had to leave.

Overall, it was a fun week, and was problem-free, next week is Dreamcast week, my tied-1st favourite games console ever. (Tied with Playstation.)

Article By: Cobra!

Recall help provided by: Steven


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