Rant: Video Game Companies war against used game sales – My opinion

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

These days all I hear is about games companies attempting to combat used games, and I’m getting sick and tired of it, I, as well as many are totally against this, so I decided to make a rant on it, just to get it off my chest.

What’s wrong with people buying used games? I mean, you don’t see 20th Century fox throwing a fit over people buying used DVDs, or WMG making a big deal out of people buying used CDs, do you?

So why is it such a big problem for games, what makes the games industry so important, the industry’s even bigger then the movie industry now, which means generally, you would make more money out of games than movies, so you’d think games companies would be the last companies to be complaining about used game sales, wouldn’t you?

Once companies finally combat used games, the industry is just going to fall apart, game stores would end up closing, the idea of lending a game to a friend would be gone, and if you get these consoles and eventually feel nostalgic about them and want to play them again, touch luck, ya can’t!

Also, this would mean people would need a constant internet connection to play the game, what about those who don’t have an internet connection, and parents who are concerned about their children going online, and don’t give them access? they’re customers too you know, a 3rd of the world still lacks an internet connection, so that would estimate companies losing a 3rd of their sales.

Take the music industry for example, CDs still take up about 60% of music sales, and I bet a majority of those people did so because they lack an internet connection.

Also, there’s that problem with broadband cutting off on you, and just going slow, it happens to us a lot, what if that happened when you were playing a game? Would it cut off, I imagine.

Going into more detail with buying used games years after, they’re several problems that totally eliminate any possibilities of playing a game years later for nostalgia without modifying or hacking the console, one thing is that the game would no longer be in production, so they can’t play the full game, and plus, the internet service would be down, meaning even if they managed to obtain a new copy, they can’t play it.

Speaking of hacking and modifying consoles, people are already planning on doing either or both when the new consoles come out, from an company’s point of view, they would end up wasting money on overcoming their problems, when that happens, people would overcome that and so on and so forth and ending up wasting more money than you would probably make by eliminating used game sales anyway.

Have youse noticed that the two companies that are trying to eliminate used games the most, aren’t even games companies, Sony and Microsoft, and yet the only actual games company on the hardware market; Nintendo, aren’t fussed by it all? or haven’t said anything on the matter? At least nothing against it? I’m just saying… that raises a few more points I want to make about different matters, but I don’t want to trail off the subject, so, maybe for another rant?

If you ask me, to get more people to buy used games, I think the idea is rather than punishing those who buy it used, reward those who buy it new, rather than convincing them to avoid getting a used copy, convince them to buy a new one. For example, give them exclusive content, or create a premium account for your game’s online service, and give new copy buyers free trials, or even better, give them it free period, that would convince me to buy a new copy!

That way it’s a win-win situation, people can still lend copies to their friends, people can still play them in retrospect, yet if their friends want to get it and want the full thing, they’ll get a new copy, and if they get a used copy, they’ll get the premium account.

Not only that, but it would help maintain your reputation, or even raise it, making it all more profitable in the long run, think about that guys… forget it, it’s not like they’ll ever read this anyway!

Going into more detail on something else I mentioned earlier, if used games are no more, then game stores would be as well, as most stores get their profits out of used games. Most of youse who read this blog will probably know that I prefer to do thing digitally as little as possible, meaning, I’d rather get a physical copy from a real store, with physical money. So as you might have guessed, I’m not happy about this, usually, I would by from Amazon, but only because it’s cheaper, but whenever I’m out, if there’s one nearby, I’d go into a game store and browse around and maybe buy something, I love doing that, instead of knowing exactly what Amazon has, I’d love browsing through game stores and seeing what they have, that feeling will soon go and we’ll have to stick with boring old Amazon!

Also, again, what about those who don’t have the internet, they’re customers too, and once game stores close, how will they get their games? Answer, they can’t, so again, a big chunk of potential customers have been lost, so game sales will go down, eventually maybe even entirely ruin the game industry.

Alright, maybe that wasn’t my most angry point end with, but that’s my rant done, and I actually feel a lot better now that’s it’s off my chest, I hope someone’s learnt a thing or two, making my research for this rant worth it.

Bottom line: I couldn’t be more against it if I tried, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, it’s happening, and for that, I send my condolences to used media, you’ve served me well, you were always there when I didn’t have money for a new copy, and provided people like me the benefit of retro gaming, awesome games, arguable for the most part better than new games, but for far cheaper. I will miss going into a store and buying an old game used, I will have to cherish those memories, as I soon will never be able to create any more…

I have a few more things I need to get off my chest related to gaming, but you’ll have to wait another time, or if you’re lucky, it won’t come at all…


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