Retro Diary – 2/3/12 – "Game over Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Dear Diary, I’ve had a fun week this week.

On Thursday, as I mentioned then, I got Rayman Origins for PC a day before it was supposed to come out, and it’s great, the game’s good fun!

It was Sega Saturn Week this week on Sunday,

Surprisingly, this week at our gran’s house was mostly problem-free, I say almost, I mean we had a couple of minor problems here and there.

Me and my cousin – Steven – Started off by Playing Sega Worldwide Soccer 98, in world wide soccer 98, when I first played my brother, he accidentally scored a couple of goals just by running in with the ball so we made an in joke by calling that ‘pulling a worldwide soccer’ even though that was most likely just a one off, but it turns out, it’s a common occurrence and is very easy to do, to get past any player, even if it’s the goal keeper, just press the print button (L) as you approach him, and in order to shot, you have to hold A for a few seconds, by the time you’re about to score, the goal’s open, you you just run in with it, like I said, this is a very common occurrence.

Anyway, I beat Steven 3-0, we went as Italy and Germany respectively.

Then we popped in Sega Rally Championship, and we played 3 races, one in each map (They’re are 3 maps by the way, spoilt for choice!), and we noticed that when the race is finished the winner’s text is red, and the loser’s is green, is the game trying to tell us that winning is bad and losing is good? It doesn’t exactly help that the Game Over screen is so cheerful!

Then we played Daytona USA, and while we were playing that we were discussing the topic of companies re-releasing their old games onto Xbox Live, PSN and Steam, and how it was depleting the value of the old console by making their exclusives, no longer exclusives, it turns out, Steven agrees with me on that, he says he doesn’t like it when companies do that, and that he’d only buy re-released game if it one he really like e.g. Metal Gear Solid HD collection, and that’s kind of the same with me, I might consider getting Shenmue 1 & 2 if it comes out on Steam, but that doesn’t change my opinion on the matter one bit.

Finally, we played a few races of Sega Touring Car Championship, then we packed up and left.

After grans, when we were at home, we played a few “Robot Wars” matches on Gmod, since it was late, we only had a couple of matches, but it was fun as always.

Next week in Playstation week, I hope next week will be problem free, but knowing my luck, that won’t be the case…


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