Retro Diary – 25/3/12 – "You’ve landed on the challenge squa- Oh, it froze…"

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Dear Diary,

I’ve had a rather quiet week this week, apart from the obvious, nothing has really happened.

On Sunday, it was 3DO week, however, I ran across a few problems, on the main TV, despite it working before has all of a sudden stopped showing it in colour, it was in black and white, so I had to get another TV to get it showing properly.

The second problem I cam across was that a few games all of a sudden stopped working properly, at least in some parts, if you select certain cars in Need for Speed, the game wouldn’t load, and in Twisted, some of the mini games crashed the game. I have no idea why these problems were occurring, the discs weren’t any more scratched than before, and I’ve never really been “abusing” my 3DO, despite how frustrated I was at it for not showing properly on the main TV, maybe my 3DO is suffering from CD-rot…

Luckily, I got need for speed working properly again, it turned out the disc was just a little dirty, I cleaned it, and it worked a charm once again. Twisted, however, didn’t, the mini games that crashed the game before still done so, but less often, I checked the disc, and there were a few scratched, but not enough nor were they deep enough to cause reading errors, so that was strange, every other game works perfectly, and Twisted worked perfect before, strange, isn’t it?

So I can only conclude that it was the CD with the problem, even though it didn’t make sense, it was the strongest lead I had, so I’m getting myself an official copy (the one I had was a burnt copy) so we can play it properly, if it still doesn’t work, then I will really worry…

Anyway, the week started off with my little brother playing Need for Speed, unfortunately, the problem I was having before ruined it.

Then me and my cousin, Steven, played Twisted, then we encountered that error…

So we tried Corpse Killer to see if it worked, and it did, no problems, we had a laugh playing it because it was so bad, as usual.

Then me, Steven, my other cousin; Giancarlo and my brother; Riccardo all played a 4-player game of Twisted, hoping that the errors have been fixed, and we all went quite far before the game crashed, the mini games that were supposed to crash it, worked a few times during the game, unfortunately, my bad luck caught up to me, and crashed the game.

All in all, apart from the errors, we had an alright time. I swear, if these problems are going to reoccur every week, I’m going to stop the whole week thing.

Throughout the week, my two little brothers have been watching my Sam & Max cartoon series DVDs.

The surprising thing is: I never persuaded them to do so, they decided to try the show out, out of their own free will, and they love it, so much so that I’m always hear them talk about it and they always recite lines and moments from it, and they even downloaded trials of the games on Xbox Live, and sometimes ask me to play the full version on the PC, as I have all of the game.

I just thought I’d mention it here, as it’s interesting, and more importantly, proves that the show, despite many people bring surprised it got a PG rating and that was aired on Fox Kids, it’s still a perfectly good show for kids to watch. That alone in my opinion makes this show one of my favourites, it has all the humour that people my age would love, but kids can also watch it and find parts funny as well.

Next week is Saturn week, I would hope that I wouldn’t have any problems, but then if I do, I let my guard down, and my luck would ruin everything, it’s done that many times before.


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