Retro Diary – 18/3/12

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Dear Diary,

Hardly Anything Happened this week, apart from of course Sunday, but even then, we hardly did anything.

On Sunday, it was Mega Drive week, unfortunately, I brought along a bad display cable, to the picture quality was awful, just barely playable, though. It was so bad, it put off my cousin, Giancarlo from playing it, and he loves the Mega Drive.

Since it was Mega Drive week, I thought we’d pretend that it was the old years when we played it, 1998, alright, the Mega Drive was about dead by then, but that was when we had the Mega Drive.

The first thing we, or rather I played was Aladdin, and while playing it, I rediscovered an old cheat I used to use all the time to skip levels, just in case there’s anyone reading this playing through the game wanting to complete it without cheating, I won’t tell you the cheat code.

Then my brother played Sonic 1, then Monaco GP, both of which were on a 6 in 1 cart by Sega themselves, I also played Streets of Rage for a while, I got the furthest I’ve ever gotten in the game my whole life! Too bad I lost count how many stages I completed.

Then my other cousin, Steven, played Sonic 1 himself, he claimed he completed the game on Xbox Live Arcade version and was a master at the game. Problem for him was, this isn’t the Xbox Live remake, this was the original, no save feature, harder difficulty, and a proper controller, which he’s probably not used to. He didn’t get very far, I don’t even think he passed Green Hill Zone!

He then played Revenge of Shinobi, which was also on the 6-in-1 cartridge, he reached the first boss, further than I ever have, but then again, he activated the unlimited shurikens cheat.

Then he played Sonic 2, he had the same claims with this as with the first game, completed Xbox Live Version. He got a little farther on that than Sonic 1, but not by much, he only got Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 I think.

After that, the Mega Drive was just there collecting dust, so I thought I’d just pack it up and leave, as by that time, my family got the booze out, as it was my sister’s birthday, I left before anyone got drunk, I hate it when people do that.

It was disappointing this week, hopefully, next week will be better, where we’ll be playing the 3DO!


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