Retro Diary – 12/2/12 – "Let’s NOT do this!"

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Dear Diary,

Not much has happened this week, apart from the obvious.

This kind kind of off topic to my usual stuff, as it’s not only about a newer platform, but about something I’m making rather than playing.

I’ve officially started production on my upcoming project, I’m getting someone (someone I’ve known for a couple of years, I trust him.) to do the 3D models for the game, while I model the environments for the game, once he’s done, and he says they shouldn’t take too long to make, I’ll start development on the actual game.

I’m going to try my best to make this a great game, although I’m trying not to go overkill, because this will be my first proper game, released on Steam and Xbox Live as well, I want to give off a good first impression.

I will be making a weekly development blog, but not on here, I’ll be doing it on the Gamerstorm website, when it’s back up, until it does, you should check out the blog, all updates are posted on that as well, be sure to check the now and again.

On Saturday, me and my sister decided to watch Spiderman and Spiderman 2.1, which is an extended version of Spiderman 2, as you might’ve guessed.

We never finished the second film, we’re going to finish it off another time…

It was Gamecube week at gran’s this week, the Gamecube is probably the only console all of us (me and my cousin, Giancarlo and Steven) have and have games, controllers, etc. for, so every Gamecube week, we have a vast amount of games to choose from!

We- or rather I first played a few games on the Game Boy Player, Super Mario Deluxe and WWF Betrayal, not much worth of note happened in either game.

Then we played F-Zero GX, originally, it was just going to be me and Giancarlo playing it, but Steven joined in the last minute, we played had a few races, all of which I came last in…

Then we popped in Mario Kart: Double Dash and again had a couple of races, both of which to my recollection where I came second, the second race I was about to win, but got distracted literally at the finish line, and Steven I think managed to overtake me and won.

Then we played the game that wouldn’t make Gamecube week, Gamecube Week without playing, and that game is Mario party 6, we wanted to just make it 5 turns, as our last game, which was 20 turns, lasted about 2 hours! However, the minimum you can have was 10 turns, so we went with that, we played a 4-player game; Me, Giancarlo, Steven, and my 8-year old brother. It lasted a long, long time, but not as long as it usually does, thankfully. I ended up last again, I see a trend coming on here…

Giancarlo had to leave soon after, so it was just me and Steven, so naturally, we popped in a Tony Hawk related game, and that game this week was Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2, the word was paab77ag8g!

We had a game before this one, but the game glitched out, and I had to hard reset it, not even the reset button worked! Thankfully, my it didn’t ruin my Gamecube!

In our proper match, it was surprisingly close, in the end, I got 9 letters, and he got all 10, so he lost. Steven is the horse of the week, a paab77ag8g! It’s 6-1 to me!

We left after that epic match!

Next week is Xbox week, hopefully, we’ll play the last of the obscure non-Tony-Hawk type of Tony-Hawk games; Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer! As I have it on Xbox, of course, not without having a game or two of 007: Nightfire first…

Article By: Cobra!
Recollection help and title quote by: Steven

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