Retro Diary – 15/1/12 – "BEEEEEAAASSSSTTTTTT… Robots!"

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Dear Diary, sorry I’m late with posting this week, you’ll find out why later on.

On Tuesday, My sister came to my house to play my Mega Drive again, she was playing the one I found in grans the week before, like I said, it works better than my other Mega Drive, because it doesn’t need the power cord to be plugged in at a certain angle in order to play it.

You guys wont believe this, but she didn’t even know how to spin dash in the game! I can understand if she’s totally new to the game, but she played it when it came out all those years ago with our older cousins, so I would’ve though sometime then she would’ve learned, but apparently not. Oh well, she knows now.

She got to Oil Ocean Act 2 before she got a game over. She had 6 lives and 3 continues and managed to lose them all at that zone. *tuts*

She decided to play through it all again, she’s dedicated I’ll give her that.

She reached Metropolis Zone Act 2 this time.

Then she decided to play through it all again!

She reached Oil Ocean Act 2, the exact same spot – the boss – before her 3rd game over.

Later on in the day, she came back for a 4th try, this time she reached Green Hill Zone Act 2 before deciding to stop playing.

She later returned though for a 5th play though, well technically 4th, but whatever.

She reached a record of 15 lives! She reached Mystic Cave Zone Act 1 before she had to leave for the final time.

I think I can safely say that after all of that, the Mega Drive found in the closet/cupboard is in full working condition!

On Wednesday, me and my cousin, Steven, had another Robot Wars session on Garry Mod.

After a few battles, we decided to try and build new robots, but neither of us had an idea that worked, so we gave up. I swear Steven’s idea of connecting an office chair to a sentry gun with a 100ft pole was going somewhere…

On Thursday, my sister returned to play some more Mega Drive… while I was at college! She said she reached Living Fortress zone when I was away.

When I was there, she reached Oil Ocean zone Act 1.

Her goal it seamed from that point was to get as many lives as possible.

On her second attempt, or at least the 2nd I’ve seen, she reached Aquatic zone Act 1 with 15 lives before she had to leave.

On Friday, College ended early, but I didn’t have my mobile phone, so I couldn’t tell my mum that so she couldn’t pick me up, so since I had a couple of hours to kill, I went over to my friends house for a few hours.

We played a could of El Classico on FIFA 12, if you don’t know what “El Classico” is, it’s the Spanish old firm, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

Unfortunately, my friend had taken all of Real Madrid’s good players and put them on Barcelona, so I didn’t stand a chance.

So I went Bayern Munich (Spelling) and he went Milan, and you won’t believe this, but I actually scored not 1, but 2 goals against him! He did equalise in the second half and scored a 3rd goal, but I got him back with a 3rd goal from my team, then he scored again, then the matched ended, it was surprisingly close!

We had a rematch, and this time, he scored a goal against me earlier on, and then… no one scored since, and the match ended 1-0.

This guy has been collecting FIFA games for years, so he’s most likely an expert at them by now, I’m just a new comer, and I surprisingly came close on both of our balanced matches!

We then watched Aladdin on VHS, it’s my first time watching it believe it or not, and I really enjoyed it!

Afterwards, we decided to have another game of FIFA 12 again, but then I had to go.

On Saturday, my Sam & Max DVD boxset finally arrived, after 2 months of waiting! I watched it all at once, it was worth the wait! Brilliant show!

Steven came up to my house, we played a few games in my room, we first tried out Hi-Octane, and it was kind of fun, but it was drag, because the game’s circuits have too many laps, seriously, some even go up to 12 laps! They;re not short either, they’re pretty long! So it kind of drags on after a while, but for a game that only took 8 weeks to build, it’s pretty fun!

We might’ve played wipE’out 3: Special Edition, but neither of us are sure about that.

Then we played WWF War Zone for the Nintendo 64, like ECW Hardcore Revolution, which we played on the Dreamcast and which is also made by Akklaim, the game is so bad, it’s awesome! So we had a couple of matches of that.

We were going to hook up our laptops, he brought his over, to play Garrys Mod on multiplayer using LAN, but we didn’t have time, he had to go.

In summary, here are the games we played:

  • Hi-Octane [PS1]
  • wipE’out 3: Special Edition [PS1]*
  • WWF Warzone [N64]

* = We think.

On Sunday it was PS1 week, my cousin was playing a few games of Vib Ribbon, we were about to pop in Tekken to play it, but it wouldn’t load that or any other games since, my PS1 just died on me… and that was why I never posted my Retro Dairy on Sunday

Luckily though, I guess, me and Steven brought our laptops to keep us occupied, we wanted to try our Robot Arena 2 multiplayer, if know what that is, it’s a Robot Combat game released only in America, however, alot of people in the UK own it due to the popularity of Robot Wars, in fact I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if most of the copies the game sold are in the UK now!

Anyway, we found out that although you need the disc to boot it up, you can take it out after it’s loaded, and it would still function perfectly, so we ran the game on both of our laptops, connected each others laptops using a cable to play LAN multiplayer and surprisingly, it worked! So we had a few games, then we left.

In between games, we chatted in the built-in chat system in the robot selection screen, and we were quoting videos from KSIOlajideBT’s videos, but adapting them to Robot Combat, the most notable of these was parodying his “Beast” videos, where he talks about good but unknown football players in FIFA: “Shut up and welcome to BEAST! Where we talk about BEEEEEAAASSSSTTTTTT… Robots!”

On closer inspection, and recall, it turns out that I made a mistake, you see, I have 2 PSones, and I was bringing the other one every other week because the one I brought broke, the whole time it was broken, so all of my grieving and being a little mad and stressed all went to vein, well, at least there’s not much to be sad about.

I cleaned the lens anyway, just to see if I can bring it back to life, popped in Tekken 3, and it actually kind of worked again, I say kind of, it loaded the intro and menus just fine, but couldn’t load the actual game. At least I’m making progress, eh?

In summary, here are the games we played:

  • Vib Ribbon [PS1]
  • Robot Arena 2: Design and Destroy [PC]

So, next week is N64 week, the return of Slapper action in 2012!

Article By: Cobra!

Title quote provided by: Steven


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