Retro Arrivals: Panasonic 3DO

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

It turns out I was getting alot of stuff for Christmas, so much in fact that my mum gave me one early, to avoid making my brothers jealous, it seams I got a little carried away with the things I wanted, but they were all pretty cheap, being that most of them are old, so I thought that’d balance it out, especially since my youngest brothers are getting a 3DS plus a game each, but apparently not.

It doesn’t really matter anyway, I’m too fussed by that, as long as I still get the Sam & Max games, I’ll be happy!

So I was given my Panasonic 3DO, I was looking forward to getting that, so I got exited when I was given it early.

For those who haven’t heard of the 3DO, it’s a console released in 1993, 1994 over here, it was overpriced, but given the time it came out, the graphics looks really nice, it was the first console to have 3D textures polygon games, such as Crash N Burn, and Need for Speed.

The model I have is the Panasonic FZ-1, which I think was the first one, here are a couple of pictures:

As you can see, the power cable is hard-wired in, so if you somehow break the wire, you’re f*cked!

The model I have is an American model, so the plug obviously isn’t the same as the one we have:

However, because the seller who originally had it lived in Britain (not sure whereabouts, probably England.), he had a converter:

As you can see, the plus is huge! I can hardly fit it in with my Jaguar plugs, and that was the only spare socket I had left!

Because the 3DO I have is the American one, I would need a TV that supports NTSC, luckily, mines does!

The controller is pretty cool, it’s like a 3-button Mega Drive controller with shoulder pads:

Another cool feature with the controller, although I forgot to take a photo of it, is that it has a controller port at the top of it, the 3DO console itself has only one controller port, so the second controller would plug into the first controller, the 3rd player controller would plug into the 2nd controller’s port, and so on. You can daisy chain up to 8 controllers this way, well, theoretically, it can go on forever, but the console only allowed 8-players, I love this feature, it eliminated the need to buy a multitap!

Won’t you need to stay close together to play it? I hear you ask. No, you probably won’t get the impression from the photo, as I tied the cable up to fit in the photo, but the cable is massive! I could fully outstretch my arms while holding it and they’d still be some cable dangling on both sides, and I have before, just to see how long it was, so you won’t have to stay close to play it.

However, I’ve heard that the controller is awkward for fighting games, and it seams that the previous owner was a fan of fighting games, my 3DO came with Samurai Showdown and Super Street Fighter 2, and also, an adapter which allows SNES controllers to be used for the 3DO, as I don’t have a SNES, at least not as of yet, I have no use for it.

It came with a couple of games, however, they’re all burnt ones:

Some of them don’t even work! I suppose though I’m not the one in the wrong, the original owner was for copying the games, they came with my 3DO when I bought it.

I’ve tried out some the games that do work, and surprisingly, the 3DO has a pretty solid library of games, they are some gems in the pile I have, such as GEX, Crash N Burn, Road Rash and The Need for Speed, although most of the games for the 3DO were later ported to the Saturn and the PS1.

The only exclusive 3DO game I have right now that’s good is Crash N Burn, which is great! I’ve also heard the Shockwave games, with the exception of Operation Jumpgate, were never ported to other consoles either, and I’ve heard that they were good, so I’ll check them out in the future.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some 3DO to play!



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