Retro Diary – 12/11/11 – ""Grr, I’m angry" *Stomps*"

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Dear Diary,

On Friday, on the way to college, I bumped into my sister on the bus, she was on her way to Christmas, she asked me what I wanted, I said “Keep it a surprise.”, Why am I tell you this dear diary? Well, when I was home after college, my mum told me she spent £40 on my present, and that I’ll never figure out what it is. Great! Another mystery present! This is going to be an exiting Christmas indeed!

Later that day, My cousin, Steven, and his brother, whom I don’t have permission to use his real name yet, came up to our house today.

Me and Steven played a few games, first of which was Half Life: Decay for the PS2, if you don’t know, the PS2 version of Half-Life came with an exclusive ‘DLC’ of sorts, called “Half-Life: Decay”, which is a co-op game.

We played the second mission, as we’ve completed the first, and we finally completed the second one.

Then we played out favourite game, WWE All Stars on PS2! We had a few games, a couple of normal matches, a couple of ‘Hardcore’ Matches, although they’re one weapon in the entire game, and a cage match, which was fun.

Then we played WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 on the PS2, to show him how good the WWE games were on the PS2 before All Stars, not that we actually liked All Stars because it was good.

We started off with a Ladder match, which actually started my wrestler -a CAW of Neo from the Matrix- interrupted Steven’s wrestler -Stone Cold Steve Austin- entrance, and then I did a finisher on Steven, grabbed a ladder, set it up and climbed up it, and tried to grab the title, however, Stone Cold got up and knocked me down, this repeated a few times before I won, the match lasted a record of 2 minutes!

Next, we tried an Inferno match, according to the instruction manual, forgot the wrestlers we played as, you had to drag your downed opponent to set him on fire, we tried that a good few times, but absolutely nothing happened, only once did it do what it’s meant to do! So we quit, the match obviously wasn’t going to end.

Last, but certainly not least, we tried a Last Man Standing match! We enjoyed this! I was my custom wrestler, named “Ricky Dateen”, and he was the Big Show.

Steven was on the floor for most of the match, and every time he got back up, I did a turn-buckle dive and got him back down, one time, while he was down, I said “I’ll go easy on you”, and did my signature move, which was a turn-buckle dive on him, and then a finisher, which was also a turn-buckle dive, it gave him enough time to get up, kind of a stupid move by me there, one time I tried to do a turn-buckle move on him, and accidentally knocked out the ref, stopping the countdown.

He got me down a couple of time, but, admittedly by a stroke of luck, I got up quickly every time. In the end, he lost.

Then we played Re-Volt on the PS1, I was busy writing notes for this Retro Diary, so I gave my little brother the controls, and told him, for a joke, that it was Square to accelerate, and left and right were reversed, and he fell for it, I did tell him in the end the right controls, and he was off, when I was done taking notes, I took over, and lost by a mile, because I gave my brother the wrong directions, he ended up a lap behind, wasn’t his fault, it was mine.

So I wanted a rematch, and for a while I was in the lead, until half-way the last lap, in a stupid move, I stopped to let him pass so I could hit him with a rocket, but I spun out of control, and lost the race.

Then we played Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar, we played the Tempest Duel game, which was 2-player game, where we had to take out each other, we tried a best of 3 match, I won 2 matched, but at then, another round started, so I won that, and it was 3-0 to me, and THEN I won.

We then tried a best of five match, and the game ended before any of us for 3 or 5, weird… Steven did manage to defeat me in a couple of rounds, the game ended when we were neck and neck. (2-2)

We were about to play Lylat Wars on the Nintendo 64, but Steven had to leave in 5 minutes, so I decided to play a quick game instead.

We played Lego Racers on the Nintendo 64 instead. During the race, Steven kept on bashing against the wall, well, not exactly a wall, but a blocked off shortcut, because of this, I won the race.

After that, he left.

Here’s a quick list of what we played:

  • Half Life [PS2]
  • WWE All Stars [PS2]
  • WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 [PS2]
  • Re-Volt [PS1]
  • Tempest 2000 [JAG]
  • Lego Racers [N64]

On Sunday, it was N64 week, and Steven had another Sunday shift at Asda! That sucks!

So I set up the N64 and popped in Lego Racers, built my guy, and went for a Test Drive, at that moment, my brother stepped in the room, not the one I gave false directions to on Friday, I showed him it, as he played it before, he wanted a shot, so I gave it to him, and he had a go of it for 10 minutes, during that time, he asked me “Do you remember I used to try to boost into the crowd?”, I forgot all about that! We tried doing that a few times, but failed. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, go get Lego Racers, create your character in it, and go to “Test Drive”, you’ll know what we mean then.

Then my cousin, Giancarlo, arrived, we had a game of Wrestlemania 2000, which I won by pinfall, then he had to leave, but he said he’d be back.

During that time, I created a wrestler for the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ Mode, and spent almost the whole day creating his move-list, they were 138 different types of moves to edit! Talk about creative freedom! Before I was done, Giancarlo was back, and I continued to modify the move life for another little while, then he made a comment on one of the available moves, which was called ‘Angry Kick’, he said, for a joke; “What’s that? Is it like “‘Grr, I’m angry” *Stomps*’?”, then he saw another moved called the ‘Cocky Kick’ and he was like “Is that like ‘I’m going to win!’*Kicks*'”. Then we had another game, which I won by submission.

Then another cousin of mine’s son wanted a game of Lego Racers, so we had a game, but since he hadn’t played anything outside of the Wii, he assumed the turned the controller to turn the car, we kept trying to tell him you had to use the analogue to turn the car. Then, me and Giancarlo had a game of Lylat wars, then I had to go. Hopefully, Steven won’t get a Sunday shift at Asda, so we can have a proper N64 week, otherwise, it’s Dreamcast week next week.



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