Retro Diary – 4/12/11 – "I want to change my team formation!"

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Dear Diary,

On Thursday, me and my brother had a few games of FIFA 11 on the PS3 in his room, I don’t remember the results, I haven’t written them down, sorry, but I do remember scoring a few good goals in it.
Afterwards, we went to my room and played a game of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, unlike out games of FIFA 11, I took notes from it when the memories where still fresh, we only had one match and man it was a long match!

We had a 6-man Tag Team No DQ Best of 3 falls match!

I played as 3 of my custom characters, their names were Ricky Dateen, Chad Paiphin, and “The FAT! Guy!” Cobra!, the latter of which is an interpretation of the old, fat me!

He went as Kane, and our 10th and 11th Doctor Who CAWs, yes, we actually made them plus the 9th Doctor in the game, I made a Youtube video about it.

My brother was at the start dominating the match and got the first win.

I, however, fought back, and got the second win.

At this point, it was very tense, it was virtually neck and neck, momentum switching back and forth, we literally wrestled in every spot, every individual polygon of the arena, eventually, I cleared the announcers table, got my momentum up, and performed a table finisher, pinned him and I won!

That was a match that I will NEVER forget… Who won again?

On Saturday, we were told to wrap my brothers’ presents with the brother I played against in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. On the Saturday, I was playing FIFA 12 on PS2, and I told my brother to take over for a while, when he was done, he actually asked if he could play another game, I was surprised, I thought he hated the FIFA games on the PS2, I guess he wanted to give it a chance, so I said yeah, but unfortunetly, the next match was an international match,

‘Why is that a problem?’ you’ll probably be asking, dear diary.

Well, it’s because I was a defender in the international matches as opposed to mid-fielder.

‘Again, how is this a problem?’ you’ll probably still be asking.

Well, it’s because the game gives you goals that only apply to strikers, and they’re pretty persistent when your a defender, meaning you HAVE to stay near the back, yet it gives you goals like attempt at least 3 goal shots or score a goal from a cross… How are you supposed to do those!?

Anyway, My brother almost scored a goal from his side of the field, it was SO close!

After the match, he stopped playing, I imagine he’s p*ssed off, I’d be too, I’ve been there.

Today, it was PSone week, unfortunetly, my cousin, Steven, couldn’t make it because he had a 10 hour shift at Asda which lasted all throughout the time we were there.

For about an hour I was just sitting there, bored, playing Crash Team Racing, it’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re playing on your own at a time when we’re meant to be playing multi-player, it can be boring.

Then my other cousin, Giancarlo, came along.

Then I remembered that I forgot to bring Vib Ribbon, which was Giancarlo’s favourite game for the console, however, I bought along a game that isn’t as much fun, but will do to fill the gap left by forgetting Vib Ribbon, and that was a game named Sheep, he used to have it back in the day, and the intro brought back alot of memories for him, although he didn’t act like it, am I the only person who shows an emotion when something brings back my memories?

We played a few 2 player games, neither of us had tried 2 player before, even back then, so we assumed it was a co-op game, it was a 2D game, so the Playstation could handle it easily, but we were disappointed, it was just a game of football, we thought we’d give it a bash anyway.

What you had to do in the game is herd sheep to getting the ball into the other played goal.

It was okay, I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Giancarlo changed places with my brother, nothing to say about that match, then I switched places with the other cousin that was there, and he kept saying stuff like “This is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced”, and was also joking about by saying stuff like “I want to change my team formation!” and “I want to make a substitution!”.

After that, we played a few games of Tekken 3, even though it was my game, and therefore had the most practice, I lost most of the matches!

After that, we left.

Next week is N64 week, I hope Steven will be there next week, because N64 week is kind of boring without him.



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