Retro Diary – 20/11/11 – I’m going to keep this one short… sort of.

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

I’d rather keep this weeks Retro Diary short this week, personal reasons, I really don’t want to talk about it. Although I’m sure everyone who has me on Facebook know exactly what the reason is.

Dear Diary,

On Wednesday, I got myself Earthwork Jim for PC for 50p, mainly because the place I bought it from thought it was just an Audio CD. It was built to run on Windows 95, so obviously, I would have problems running it on Vista, and I’d be right, the game itself works just fine, however, there are no sound effects, even when it’s set to full blast in the options. Still, the game is fun, as people say it was, but I think I’ll just get the Mega Drive version, because the absence of sound effects really bug me.

The next day, I got the Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “By the Way” for the same price, because it actually WAS an Audio CD. With the exception of “Californication”, it has every song I liked from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so that’s good.

The day after that, I got myself Actua Soccer 2 for PS1 for £1, the game is good for short blasts, but as a serious football game, it’s not very good.

On Saturday, my cousins came over to my house, I’d rather not mention why. I’ll say this in advance, I’ve almost totally forgot the order we played them, so bear with me.

We played Timesplitters first, there’s not much to say about that, all we did, was take something, and bring it back, that was always the objective.

We had a game of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PS2, I was FC Barcelona, I forgot who he went as, but I was beating him 3-0, then, for the last 10 minutes of the game, my cousin gave his controller to his brother, and he told me “I’m going to annihilate you!”, then he scored an own goal… yeah… so the score ended at 4-0 to me, and he said “Not quite the annihilation I hoped…”. In case it wasn’t obvious, he was joking about when he said he’d annihilate me.

Then we had a game of FIFA 12 on PS2, the game ended 4-2 I think. Then I asked him what he thought was the better game, he said he though PES was better, because the controls were smoother.

Then we played Tony Hawks Underground for the Xbox, we played a game of graffiti then we played a game of horse, and like we did with Pro Skater 3, we but put in random characters to make a word, this week, it was ‘BTHABBBBBBBD4’.

During the game, we discovered that shouting “LET’S DO THIS!” curses that turn and makes you bail, and funnily enough, it worked every time! Even when we said it in the others player’s turn.

In the end, it was my cousin who was the BTHABBBBBBBD4!

We played Half Life: Decay, which is a PS2 exclusive game, it’s a co-op exclusive as well, you can play it in single player, but it totally sucks on one player, because you have to control BOTH of them, you press select to switch between them, and you have to constantly move them to progress through the game, it’s just a pain.

It’s fun when there’s 2 players though, we played through a couple of levels.

Then we played a couple of games of Gran Turismo 2, we initially put Car and tyre damage on, and it sucked, it only took one bump and we struggled turning left, eventually not at all. So we turned them off, and we enjoyed it then.

We then played Resurrection: Rise 2 for the Saturn, even when the handicap was set so that he had tonnes of health, and I had practically none, I still thrashed him, although he DID win a couple of matches.

Afterwards, we played a game of 1080 Snowboarding, or rather, TEN EEEEIGHTEYYY!!! We played a few matched of that.

We played Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for a while then he had to leave.

In a nutshell, here’s what we played:

    In the order I think we played them:

  • Timesplitters [PS2]
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 [PS2]
  • FIFA 12 [PS2]
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground [Xbox]
  • Half Life [PS2]
  • Gran Turismo 2 [PS1]
  • Ressuection: Rise 2 [Sat]
  • 1080 Snowboarding [N64]
  • Star Wars Episode 1: Racer [N64]

Today, I actually found one of my old Robot Wars VHS recording at my grans today, it’d be collecting dust in a copboard for years, and surprisingly, the quality is pretty good considering what it’s gone through.

Well, I said it was going to be short, and I still got kind of carried away, although it’s shorter than my usual entries…


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