Retro Pick-Ups: 6 VHSes, and a CD Album for a total of £1.50!

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Remember a week or so ago, I got a US Longbox version of PGA Tour ’96 from that charity shop near my college? Well, I went there again yesterday to see if I could find any more games. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any of my interest, but I found something else, something I’ve always wanted but never came around to getting from Amazon.

I found a copy of Lilo & Stitch on VHS, I used to love that film as a kid! I thought I wouldn’t have enough money, because all I had as a pound. When I asked how much it was, and he said “It’s 6 for £1”, which meant not only did I have enough to get it, but also 5 other films! Assuming they were on VHS.

So I picked out Lady and the Tramp 1 & 2, 101 Dalmatians (Cartoon), Tarzan and Anastasia. Apart from the first 2, wasn’t very keen on those films, but hey, they were a pound for 6, why not?

So far, as I’m writing this, I’ve only tested 3 of them, the first 3 I mentioned, and they work perfect, I watched Lilo & Stitch last night, it wasn’t as great as I remember it to be, but it was still great!

Here’re a few photos of them all:

I went there again today, just because I had time on my hands before our next class started, I was searching through the CDs, just in case they mistaken a 3DO or even a CD32 game, as they usually come in the thin jewel cases, the latter usualy in a big box, but they’re rare and I don’t fancy the chances of anyone still having them, let alone give it to a charity shop.

I didn’t find any, but I found a couple of PC games, most notable Earthworm Jim, and also, the Matrix Soundtrack, I am a huge fa of the Matrix, I have the ultimate collection, and both Enter the Matrix and Path of Neo for Xbox, just so the Xbox’s Black and Green colour scheme matched the Matrix’s theme. So I thought I’d get it, I asked how much it was, just 50p, bargain! So I got it.

The disc had pretty much no scratches on it, or even any marks for that matter! I’ve got the songs imported, and I’m actually listening to the songs as I’m typing this.

I found out though that they were actually 2 soundtracks for the first film, the one I have is the first, so, obviously, it doesn’t have all of the tracks from the films, however, all the tracks I liked and wanted from the films are on it, so I don’t have any reason to get the 2nd one, except maybe for collectors sake and that I’m a huge fan of the Matrix.

Here’s the soundtrack itself:

Now that I think of it, I should’ve got Earthworm Jim as well, I mean, even if I doesn’t work on Windows PCs, it probably would’ve been 50p because they probably think it’s just a CD album, gutted! Ah well, I could just get it tomorrow…



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