Retro Diary – 6/11/11 – Am I turning… normal?

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

This week has been crazy!

On Wednesday, my Amiga CD32 arrived, like the 3DO, I’ve not to actually get it until Christmas, but I had a shot of it to test it, and I have alot things to say about it before playing any of the games…
I thought the Xbox 360’s power brick was heavy, I wasn’t ready for this, believe it or not, it’s even heavier! Honestly, you could probably do reps with it!

The console has the most awkward design ever, the controller ports are on the side, and the power switch is on the back!

The disk tray is massive too, almost the whole left side of the console lifts up, or rather, springs up, you could use it as a catapult!

However, the controller, contrary to what I’ve heard, actually doesn’t feel cheap or plasticy at all, it feels rather well built, actually, and you may not think this from seeing pictures, but the controller is actually pretty big, but fits pretty snug into your hands.

One of the games that came out was the infamous Rise of the Robots, so I decided to try that out, but it wouldn’t load, and I kept hearing noises from the disk tray, then I realised that the left side of the tray was a little bit up, it wouldn’t go down, when I held it down, it loaded the game, so that was the problem, I use blu-tack to hold it down, if I do that, it works fine, so I was hoping that the seller would give a partial refund, ad it does work, just not properly, but he said if I sent that one back, he’ll send us a replacement, so we did that.

Rise of the Robots was pretty much the only game I tried, as I wanted to keep all of the others for Christmas, it was just to test if the console worked anyway.

And Wow, if you thought the SNES and Mega Drive versions of the game were bad, play this, or rather, don’t! However, it seams so bad, that it’d be awesome on multi-player!

Overall, although the console has an awkward design, and it isn’t very powerful, it can’t even do textured 3D graphics like the other consoles of it’s generation can, or so I’ve heard, the console looks so cool, it has some better-than-the-original type ports of classic Amiga games, such as Darkseed and the Lotus Trilogy, and that why I bought one, it was like a best-of package.

Throughout the week, I’ve been playing FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and Call of Duty: Black Ops with my brother, and you’ll never believe this dear diary, I actually started… enjoying them…

…Yeah, I thought I’d never picture myself enjoying a Call of Duty game, at least not one that came out since 4, but I was introduced to the game modes, Sharpshooter, One in the Barrel, Sticks and Stones and Gun Game… gee, how original(!) Don’t be fooled by the names though, they actually add a touch of, get this… unrealism, to the game!

I won’t be going into detail about these modes, because I want this to stay as a retro diary, and talking about Call of Duty: Black ops isn’t exactly sticking to the title, besides, anyone reading this will probably know anyway.

At grans today, we had a change of plan because the cousin who makes Gamecube week as we know it had to do something for his charity group, so instead, we skipped to Xbox 360 week, and then back to Gamecube week when that cousin returns.

The only Xbox 360 we played was Portal 2, and that was to play the new DLC… but then it turned out you needed to complete the original Co-Op Test Chambers to play in the additional DLC ones.
I brought up some original Xbox game in case we got bored, and I have to say, that was good call, that was exactly what happened, we had a game of Tony Hawks Pro skater 3 first, we had 2 games of graffiti, where you have to trick on objects, and they’ll turn into your colour (Blue or Red), and is yours unless your opponent steals it by scoring a higher score on it, I lost both games.

We played a game of King of the Hill afterwards, you have to get a crown and keep it for the time set, in this case, 5 minutes, but your opponents can take it off you by bumping into you or skating past you when you’re down, I won that game.

We then played a game called “Horse”, where you take turns to beat each others high score, failing to do so, you’ll get a letter and whoever gets all the letters first, loses. You can change the name to whatever you want, we just typed random character, from recall, it was “cpccpQQcOz”! It was alot of fun, this round, my cousin, as he was the first player, started off, he bailed it, so I had to set the score, my brother said “Just do a Kickflip.”, so I did, but I bailed from doing that, talk about humiliation… In a funny way of course! For a while afterwards, we just played like normal, then one round, I cracked my knuckles, like a piano player and was like “Let’s do this!” like I was really determined, then I bailed the first move, and to think, I’ve played every Tony Hawk game up to Proving Ground, that’s how rusty I’ve become at these games! In the end, I won it, make my cousin, the cpccpQQcOz!

We then tried to play Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, but the game was too awesome to play on the Xbox 360’s emulator, it seams, bummer.

We tried Raw 2 next, and it worked! We played a match, and well, yeah, it was kind of like WWE All Stars, except the gameplay was much better, we just a laugh the whole way through, then we tried season mode, in 2-player, and it was the same there, just a laugh the whole way through! I asked my cousin, the other guy who was playing what he thought was better, he said that for a laugh, WWE All Stars is better, because of the exaggerated moves, but Raw 2 had much better controls and the graphics were better on it, I have to agree, actually.

After that, we went home. In a nutshell, here’s what we played:

    In the order we played them:

  • Portal 2 [Xbox 360]
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 [Xbox]
  • Robot Wars Extreme Destruction [Xbox] (Well, we TRIED to play it.)
  • WWE Raw 2: Ruthless Agression [Xbox]

Hopefully, our cousin will be back, so we can have Gamecube week!



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