Retro(ish) Diary – 30/10/11 – "There are Trip Bombs everywhere!"

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

It’s been a fairly busy week this week.

On Wednesday, my 3DO arrived, although I wasn’t supposed to get it until Christmas, (I know it’s early to be Christmas shopping, but I found a really good deal on eBay, so I bought it before someone else did.) my dad accidentally put it in my room, like he usually does, he forgot he wasn’t supposed to this time around. I was thinking of testing it anyway, to get a preview of it, so I did, I played

  • Need for Speed
  • Crash N’ Burn
  • Gex

I only wanted to preview 3 games, being that they were just copies anyway, just to test if the console worked, and it did, however, some of the games didn’t, after trying out the first 2, I tried playing “Stargate” and “Samurai Showdown”, in that order, both of which didn’t work.

The next day, I found an Amiga CD32, the other console I’m after, for £50, unlike the previously mentioned item, it came with a controller and the UK power supply, and, you’ll never believe this, I still don’t, 1700 games! They’re all copied onto 3 CDs, apparently, they’re Amiga Computer games burnt onto a CD for the CD32, I’ll try them one just to see if the console itself works, then, I’ll perhaps throw them away… nah, probably not, and pop in Darkseed!

It was £20 more then the one I mentioned weeks ago (Including delivery), but if I were to buy that one instead, separately, I would have to buy a controller, which are usually £20 plus £2-3 delivery, and a plug converter, which is £2 with free delivery, totalling to £25! So I actually saved £5!

It was Xbox week at grans today, well, sort of, my brother wanted to bring his PS3, because it was the rare week when he wasn’t playing a match at Rugby, I decided we could bring both, and once we got bored of the Xbox, we’d play the PS3, very much to my surprise though, we wanted to keep playing the Xbox, so we did pretty much, here’s what we played:

  • Black
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
  • 007: Nightfire

Unfortunately, we forgot the one game we started playing the Xbox again for, Timesplitters: Future Perfect, so that was all we played, and only one of them was multi-player, that didn’t matter though, because we found new love for 007: Nightfire, we chose to randomise the weapon set each match.

Just so it’s easer for me to write and for you to read, we’ll label the players of the game, but at the same time, trying not to give out their real name:

  • 1st Player – my cousin – Stephen
  • 2nd Player – me – Cobra!
  • 3rd Player – my other cousin – Gay Gian
  • 4th Player – my brother – Retardo

The first match, we had the usual, a match in the snowy level with a burst sniper rifle, surprisingly, I dominated that match. However came last almost every other match…

The second match, the level was loaded with Golden Guns, which kills people with one shot, although for some reason, Stephen couldn’t find them, at least not for the first half of the game. I came last even with that advantage, but it was rather close.

The third match, and the first my brother, Retardo, joined in as the 4th player, we were all armed with a couple of trip beam bombs, and we all ended up setting them at this one tunnel, there were so many trip beams in that tunnel and some of them in the most awkward places, it looked like one of those security halls you see in films, with all the awkwardly placed beams. I always went into this one room, planted all of my trip beams there, so no one can get in, well, that was the theory, and took control of the nearby mini tanks, and killed a couple of my cousins in it, IN THE GAME! of course. However, when I did that a few times, Gay Gian somehow got in without setting off the trip beams I planted, and while I was controlling the tank, pushed me into the trip beams, killing me, that b*stard! In the end, I came 3rd, I think, and Retardo came last, with 2 kills and 22 deaths, what a record!

The forth match, we were armed with sniper rifles, all kills were caused by sniper-ing one another, so not much happened, but we enjoyed it alot, a moment I remember was that me and Gay Gian were at opposite balconies, we were both aiming to headshot each other, but we were both strafing, to avoid the other’s fire, it was hilarious, then I saw Stephen in the balcony blow, but he didn’t notice us, so I aimed for him instead, and before I knew it, Gay Gian shot me, great! We got ourselves in that situation a couple of times, and he always came out on top. I came last, again, but for a round with just sniper rifles, it was action packed, and fun.

The fifth and final match, and also my favourite, we were all armed with Remote Controller Missiles, There was so much going on, with explosions and all that, that the game slowed down constantly, it seams not even the powerful Xbox can handle the awesomeness of the game! I don’t blame it to be honest. I came out last in the end, but boy, what a match that was! I’ll be remembering that for a long time!

After that, we put the Xbox away and we started playing the PS3.

All we played on the PS3 was Driver: San Francisco, it was amazing how you can play multiplayer in the full map and still be playable, but for some reason, I had no interest of playing, I just wanted to play more Nightfire!

That was what happened this week, next week is Gamecube week, I hope as usual, that will turn out great!



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