Retro Pick-Ups: PGA Tour ’96 (US Longbox) [PS1]

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

It was a typical day at college, we got bored, had a break went down to the library to be bored, back to class to get bored again, lunch, then one last class of boredom.

Something very unusual happened on the way back from lunch however, me and my friend were walking past a charity shop, and I was looking in to see if anything caught my eye, or even if there were any games there, my friend decided that we should go in since we had nearly an hour until the next class, so we did.

I found something I can safely say I would’ve never expected, I found a couple of PS1 games on a shelved, and say one of them was much taller than the rest, I thought at first it was a special edition of a game or something, so I pulled it out and found it was a normal game in what people call a “longbox” even though it’s actually taller, (but I suppose “tallbox” didn’t have the same ring to it.) I heard that early PS1 games didn’t have this, but that was only in America, over here, we’ve always had the shorter cases.

I looked closer, and found that it WAS a US copy, how did it end up in Scotland!? I knew there would be no chance on earth I could get it running on a PAL console without modding it, but I was tempted to buy it, because it looked so cool, and I suppose if I wanted to, I could boast about it. I asked how much it was at the counter, it was only £2, I had £5 with me, so I bought it. I thought that was a fairly good deal, no matter how much cheaper it was on eBay, the postage will be £10 or more, it always is when importing something from America.

When I got home, I thought I’d put in my PS1, just to see what comes up, I might even get lucky and it’ll work, but there’s a very low chance of that, all it said was “Please Insert Playstation(R) Disc” with a red grid background, it didn’t even acknowledge the region, not as exiting as I had hoped.

That’s the story, I’ll keep it for collectors sake, unless someone from the US will for some reason want it, give me a shout, and I’ll send it.

I leave youse now, with some photos of it, I forgot to take a photo of it compared to a normal PS1 case, but it’s twice the size, just stack 2 PS1 games on top of each other and you’ll get a rough estimate as to how big they are:

I did manage to play game the game through the magic of emulation, I own a PS1, and the game, obviously, and there’s no other way to play it, so it should be alright for me, here are some screenshots I took:


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