Retro(ish) Arrivals: FIFA 12 [PS2]

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

No, that wasn’t a typo, there’s is in fact, a PS2 version!

You might be thinking “Why the f*ck would you get the PS2 version!?”, well, I have a few reasons:

  1. I don’t have any of the other consoles the game is on.
  2. It’s on the PS2! Name any other PS2 game that came out this year, the only one I can think of is WWE All Stars.
  3. So I can say: “I own FIFA 12 on PS2!”!

WWE All Stars, so far, the only other game to come out on PS2 this year, was a horrible port, the graphics looked like an early Dreamcast game, it couldn’t run at a playable framerate to save it’s life, and the buttons didn’t respond half the time.

Is FIFA 12 on PS2, any better… only slightly, I got the game brand new, sealed, meaning, obviously there’s not a mark on the disc. I’ve only played for an hour or so, and it has crashed 3 times! That’s right, it’s prone to crashing. The game itself is okay, it’s playable, and the graphics looked better than previous FIFA games on the PS2, but it freezes a lot, and every time I restart it, it didn’t recognise the disc, as if the PS2 lens was broken.

Another problem was, you need to clear up 2MB of data on your memory card, it may not sound like much today, but remember, PS2 memory cards only held 8MB, so the game takes up a quarter of your memory card, or so it says, the game file itself is only 200KB, so why did I need to clear up 2MB!?

Once you get past this, the game is actually pretty good, I mean, obviously, being that it’s EA, the graphics still look like crap, the players move like their robots and there’s no physics engine, despite the PS2 being capable of all this. It’s still a good game, although I wouldn’t recommend you get it for the multiplayer, because of the crashing problem mentioned above.

Overall, it’s nice that they made a PS2 version, but it wouldn’t hurt to put some effort into it, if you’re a massive football fan, unlike me, than just get any of the next gen versions, I’m sure that was your original intention anyway.

I played a game and a half with my brother, the half being it crashed the first time, and he was complaining how it was sh*t, I kept asking him why, and he said the controls were crap, and I asked how are they, and he mentioned because the “graphics and the animation were crap”, which doesn’t effect the controls at all.

I’ll admit, EA could’ve easily of made the graphics better while keeping the fast framerate on the PS2, but in terms of controls and gameplay, both the PS2 and PS3 FIFA games are exactly the same, and trust me, I’ve played both.

I’ll leave youse now with some photos of the case and screenshots I’ve taken:
FIFA 12 [PS2] - Case - Front Cover FIFA 12 [PS2] - Case - Back Cover FIFA 12 [PS2] - Case - Inside FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Title Screen FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Main Menu FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Load Screen FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Gameplay 1 FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Gameplay 2 FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Gameplay 3 FIFA 12 [PS2] - Screenshot - Gameplay 4

Forgive me for the blurry screenshots, it actually looks clearer in real life.

Well, FIFA 12 was a little disappointing. I’ve pre-ordered Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PS2, let hope that’s better, at least in terms of how good a port it is.



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